What Are Your Most Anticipated Releases For 2013?

Today we'll be asking what releases you are most looking forward to in 2013.

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As those of you who have being paying attention to your calendars will know, we're getting closer and closer to the end of 2012. She has been a good year, and we will miss her fondly. But, there are positives to seeing the back of 2012. Namely, that you, the Ultimate-Guitar faithful, get to contribute to putting together some crackin' best of 2012 lists, as well as looking forward to all the musical goodness that next year is set to offer. We'll be asking you about your favorite albums and tracks of 2012 in the near future. But today, we want to know what releases you are most looking forward to in 2013. A large number of rock and metal acts have been teasing the prospect of new releases next year, with Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath and many others promising albums. But what are the discs that you are salivating the most over? And, just as importantly, which are the albums that you would rathe floss with 2 year old guitar strings than listen to? The lists don't have to be restricted to rock and metal mind you. If, for example, there is an independent Bolivian folk trio, whose promise of a new release has you making noises like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, then we want to know about it! Comment on this article with your suggestions and then we'll compile them all together in to one of those list things that we often do.

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    Has to be Alice in Chains' 5th album by far. I've never been so excited for an album as much as this one. I wish there were more details about it though, they've been really quiet about it.
    Definitely. I thought Black Gives Way to Blue was an amazing comeback album...it definitely fits in with their other work, yet still has its own identity. I can't wait to hear more from these guys. And Will...sure he's no Layne, but he doesn't try to be. I think the dude is an excellent singer, guitarist, and he has stage presence. I just hope we hear more of this voice on this new record. Jerry kinda took the lead on the last one.
    I can't wait for Blood Fart and Satan's Anus albums to come out this year!
    I'm an Alice in Chains fan and I found personally that BGWTB had some of their best stuff on it. And honestly, if someone had never listened to AiC and you played older songs and newer songs for them, I really doubt they would be able to tell the difference in singers. As fans we do, but I don't think the sound is substantially different.
    I love AIC, but I just have a hard time being passionate about their music without Layne Staley. I'm still excited because Jerry Cantrell is an amazing songwriter, I just can't seem to get too pumped when they're missing that voice.
    Holy ****, they're making a new album? I'm a huge fan, and I havent even heard a wisper about this until now!
    LOVE Alice in Chains, but im afraid this has to be the no.1 excitement builder.
    Agreed, Heaven's Basement deserve to be big, But Alter Bridge's 4th album anyone?!?!?
    I like Heaven's Basement's first EP, but since they replaced their singer, they're not as good.
    black sabbath's new album
    Dave Homme Reznor oliveri Leeuwen Shuman and Fertita..can't F**king wait! Excited for Tool and Black Sabbath too by the way.
    TOOL Kvelertak Dillinger Escape Plan Alice in Chains Oh, and did I mention TOOL?!!
    Streetlight Manifesto's new album
    Just saw these guys a few weeks ago. Holy shit were they awesome!
    I've seen them twice, some of the most energetic and awesome concerts I've been to!
    I've seen them twice too, and agree with all of this. I also really like how they play a lot of smaller venues.
    Honestly might get a lot of shit, but Avenged Sevenfold's new album, I want to see in what direction they're going without The Rev included in any part of their writing process. But I'm also anticipated for Tool, and Black Sabbath.
    Yea, and I also heard the new single from Bullet For My Valentine, its pretty damn awful, but still wondering how theyll take this new album to.
    funny you mentioned black sabbath because avenged mentioned that theyre new album is pretty influenced by black sabbath and other metal acts of that era
    The new A7X album is gonna be badas from what I can see of the singles they've been releasing for the COD games. And I used to love Bullet for my Valentine until I saw them live and were pretty bad, It really turned me off to them.
    Bullet never used to be all that bad live, then they released fever and got a little bubble headed.
    Mr. Mashburn
    Every band goes through a phase like that. But if you watch recent concerts from the last year Matt has been really solid vocally.