What Is The Best Song Of 2012?

Does one song stand out as the greatest musical achievement of the year? Place your nominations here, and they could win an award.

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As part of our forthcoming UG Awards 2012 post, we're asking readers to vote in a new category each day for a special post over the holidays.

Today's category:

What is the best song of the year?

We want you to place a nomination in the comments and upvote the ones you agree with. The one with the highest number of up votes wins the award.


The song had to be released in 2012. It doesn't have to be a single.

Please place your nomination in this format: Artist "Song Name"

Voting tips

- Place ONE nominations per comment, or the upvotes won't count. You can place as many nominations as you want across different comments, though.

- Do a quick search of the page to make sure someone else didn't already nominate that song. Just scroll down to the bottom so all the comments have loaded, then do a search on the page (ctrl-f on a PC, cmd-f on a mac) for its name.

You're welcome to discuss the topic in the comments and reply to nominations, as usual.

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    Darth Wader
    The drunk guy who sings the flawless rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody...that came out this year, right?
    Come on people now! Shit on your brother, everybody get together, try to downvote one another! Right now!!!!
    Honestly I feel as though the mentality the people have that do all these downvoting is... "I haven't heard that song, that means that it's a Hipster song, all Hipster music is shit! Now I am going to jack off to a Green Day/Periphery fan fiction I am writing #YOLO #ANYTHINGBUTROCKANDMETALSUX!11!!!1!"
    The only one I downvoted was Gangnam Style because I can't stand it. I was also ready to downvote anybody that nominated Gotye -Somebody I Used To Know because it's actually worse IMO. But I was amused seeing everybody in negative number territory. No, I don't like Psy... go ahead and downvote me.
    I downvoted lots of things here, but only those I've heard and knew that I didn't like (which was almost every one that I recognized). Honestly, most of the songs here that are getting nominated as the best songs of the year are something I couldn't even stand to listen to. I really want to broaden the scope of newer artists that I listen to, but not by compromising quality in exchange for a modern soundtrack. Lists like these are really discouraging, because they make me feel like I'd be wasting my time exploring more new music if the things mentioned here are what many different people are referring to as the best of the year.
    Obvious troll is obvious. nice man, keep on hatin on Periphery. It suits yourself well even tho you yourself had told me that you like them.
    I'm doing it just to spite you now ;P Cause I actually do like Periphery.
    eh well i hate Green Day anyway...and i do like some underground rap, some reggae and blues as well, theres more to me than just Periphery and the such, and i will nvr say YOLO, nvr.
    All of these downvotes are why we can't have nice things
    We have a number 69 thumbs up. It's a good nice number I didn't break it. and maybe that is good on this awesome xmas best of list. Merry happy time of year for all!!
    Gangnam Style. Gentlemen start your hate engines.
    Tenacious D - Rize of the Fenix
    Rush - The Garden
    No freaking way. Are you kidding me? A chord strum-allong song the best of the year? NOOOOO
    Slash - "Anastasia"
    Legend Jedicsc
    Call Me Maybe
    No contest
    This is bad and you should feel bad.
    It actually is the best song of 2003 imo if we're talking about being catchy and popularity, sort like how "I kissed a girl" was back in 2008. It's just one of those songs.
    Tenacious D - The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage There's a recorder solo what more could you ask
    Muse "Panic Station"
    Hell yes, this song is fantastic. There were some decent songs on there, but this one single handedly saved the new Muse album for me
    The award is not for the most downvoted band, people! UG, get a better voting system. Some suggestions for album of the year: 1. Give the community a period of five days for them to enter all possible entries. Then compile them into one of those clicking thingies so that all this upvote/downvote BS dont have to be used. This is fun for comments but not for actually voting for band of the year and such. 2. Disable upvote/downvote for such news and just allow one comment per person to vote for their favorite. Some tweaking is required. Downvoting just doesn't make sense.
    Id say make a poll with the suggested bands/songs/whatsoever. Then let everyone choose 1-3 favorites and downvote 1 thing they REALLY dont wanna have in the list.
    Yeah that's good. But then the community will complain that their favorite band was not included. By giving the community time to enter their favorite band names the responsibility shifts to the community to put in their band names within the alloted time. Either way, it's doomed this time.
    Jack White - Freedom at 21. Or really, any of Jack's singles for that matter. Nothing else compares. Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling is a close runner up. Period. Bitches.
    Slow Motion Countdown - Graveyard This, sir, is some really rad piece of blues.
    That entire album was AMAZING! Though I liked Goliath the most thats easily my second favorite off of that album.
    Slash - Not for me
    Love that song, I don't get why this got so many downvotes though, what does UG have against Slash?
    what does ug nave against slash? well for one. ug is mostly made up of those music chodes who throw around band names GOD himself has never heard of and act like those bands are common knowledge. they hate on commercialy succesful music cause its not (brootalz) then go on about how they just did an 8 string emadd9th arpeggiated inversed open voiced sweep in 16/9 timing and they threw in some sh*t sounding notes to add extra color and texture cause they think it makes them artistic. they also hate metallica cause their incredibly succesful, have great songs, and are much better at music than these ug'ers will ever be. (now wait for somebody to flame my spelling on the internet where they will feel victorious until 20 years down the road when they realize it doesnt really matter cause its just the internet)
    I am so glad someone finally said this. It's like half the people on here are that one ***** you know that thinks he's a jazz guitarist. Gets old sometimes.
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Mladic
    I've seen you comment in about 3 articles, the first was hating on greenday, the second was about Death grips, the third was about Tame Impala and now you're posting GY!BE. Not that its a bad thing but you reek of /mu/, haha Plus your picture is a Swans album
    I dislike /mu/, although they have good taste alot of the time, they love some really ****in' bad albums, mainly metal: Liturgy - Aesthetica Pentagram - Relentless I tend to use Anthony Fantano, Sputnikmusic and Pitchfork to decide if I will buy an album, which of course /mu/ use mainly as well. I have had some good recommendations on /mu/ though so it isn't all bad, take care.