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Fans of Motorhead can enter to win a brand new, limited edition collector's model of the ASG Motorhead guitar, which is currently sold out through ASG.

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Fans of Motorhead can enter to win a brand new, limited edition collector's model of the ASG Motorhead guitar (pictured below), which is currently sold out through ASG.

Motorhead's new album "Aftershock" garnered their biggest selling first week and highest US chart debut numbers to date! You can order Aftershock now in Limited Edition Digipack format via Amazon at this link. The album is also available in regular CD format and vinyl (gatefold – 180-Gram Single LP).

The new music video for the track "Heartbreaker" debuted in October via Rolling Stone at this location. Take a look! The video is produced by EPIGRAPHICS and features animated sketch art drawn by the man himself, Lemmy Kilmister. The video also features special live footage taken at several of the band's recent top performances at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods, Wacken Open Air, Rock in Rio, and more.

All you have to do to enter our giveaway for tickets is answer the following question:

"How did you become a fan of Motorhead?"

Post your answer in the comments section below the article and from all correct entries, the winner will be randomly selected.

Deadline to enter is January 17th at 11:59 pm PDT. Value of guitar is $649.

You must be a registered user of Ultimate Guitar, a U.S. Resident and 18 years or older to participate. Employees of Ultimate Guitar and their family members are not eligible to enter. Click here to read official rules.

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    You must be a US resident and over 18, that's horseshit, especially considering that UG is owned by a guy in Russia.
    It's even more insulting when you consider Motorhead are a Uk band as well.
    Hosting a competition for all ages and worldwide is a complete nightmare for legal reasons. I find it funny people always think it's because companies are discriminating.
    nono but why the US its not like they have any band relations, but ye prob right ofc they need a age limmet do to legal issiues and so on, but why they cant make it a world wide contest is more a ? for me, its a guitar, not a space shuttle or a mounten they have to transport
    its a shame, but it's most likely have to do with rights and shit like that, i would love the chance to, but to me its all about the music, im bummed as hell, but not mutch to do, i do hope they alter this so the whole fan base gets a say, but doubt it, ROCK on bro, we will still be the importent ones, THE FANS love from denmark
    I was a young little lad. I believe Ace of Spades was on one if the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtracks and I fell in love with the song.
    I'm a 1970s/80s punk rock fan and though I wasn't alive during that time period, hearing something that was equal parts metal and punk blew my mind
    About 16 years ago (when I was 14) I was just discovering metal and I read in hit parader that Metallica were bug fans. I went to the store that day and instead of picking up the korn album that my friends were all talking about I explored for myself instead of following I chose my own identity and I'm glad I did.
    You may like this.. I remixed three recognizable tony hawk soundtrack songs on guitar pro and converted it into rocksmith and then made this music video ...
    When i was 3 years old, and was playing soccer with my cousin on the park. I remember it like it's been just yesterday, even though it happened back in 1989. It was a beautiful October day. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and there was a gentle, pleasant autumn breeze. All of a sudden, the sky turned black. Thick, grey clouds covered the sun like volcano smoke. A monstruous rumble came from the depths of the Earth, making the ground shake, as my cousin picked me up and cradled me in the safety her arms. A huge rock tower started to rise from the ground just a dozen meters from where we were standing. My cousin couldn't run, she was petrified, watching all these events unfold. When the tower was about 20 meters high, it stopped climbing. Then, a flash of light high up, and a ball of fire descended from the clouds in the distance. As it approached, you could hear the song “Orgasmatron” more and more clearly, the pounding bass hitting our insides with what seemed at the time like the strength of a thousand meteors. Then, we saw it. It wasn’t a ball of fire. It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. It wasn’t Superman. It was a 1927 Ford Model T, modded to Hell and Back, two 4.6-liter modular V8s and four superchargers, spitting fire through every nook and cranny. And at the wheel, God himself. We stood there in contemplation as He landed His magnificent chariot on top of the tower, and disappeared inside. We could hear His steps down the tower’s staircase at the rhythm of “Eat The Rich”, which was now sounding full-blast all around us. A huge drawbridge opened and slammed onto the ground, making the Earth shake once again. An incredibly tall silhouette appeared from the dark. Black cowboy hat, black leather boots, mutton chops – yes, God Himself had descended from His Olympus. Lemmy was here. Silence. He walked towards us. He put his giant hand on my cousin’s head and greeted her. “Hello, love.” She put me down and fell to one knee. “Your Highness.” Then, He said: “25 years from now, the guardian of my band’s guitar will hand it over to him. Make sure he’s ready by then.” My cousin replied, “Of course, my Lord.” He messed up my hair as He smiled, not saying a word to me. Then He turned around, got into the tower as the drawbridge closed behind Him and “Fire, Fire” started to grow. He got into His Hot-Rod, started it up with a roar. The flames engulfed vehicle and driver, and they flew back into the clouds. The tower started to return to the core of our planet, and in a matter of seconds the sky was clear again. The birds resumed their songs, there were people everywhere again (where did they go?), and it seemed like no soul noticed what just happened. My cousin took me home, turned up her hi-fi, and proceeded to educate me in the ways of Motörhead. I never strayed from the path. But I always wondered, “will the prophecy be fulfilled when the time comes?” Now that 25 years have passed, I guess I’ll know soon enough. And this was the event that made me a Motörhead fan.
    hahaha to mutch warriors of rock G.H story, but you are one hell of a story teller, if thats from just a briff idea, you shoul make something from that, and im not bull shitting at all or making fun, but actualy you seem to have a talent for capturing a simple thing and make it quite interesting even with this short tale, proff.... i read the whole damn thing.... twice... so damn main, u have a way with words
    Thank you very much for the words. I really appreciate it. I wasn't going for a "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" vibe, though; i was inspired in the "Brütal Legend" immaginary. In case you want to check it out, i'll send you via P.M. (i just discovered this comments section doesn't allow URLs) the link to a short story i wrote about 3 years ago set in the "Need for Speed" universe.
    I played Whorehouse Blues on my first Concert. A friend introduced me to it. Also I think it's really not cool that th competition is only valid for US residents -_-
    In Canada in the eighties there was a show on Much Music called the Power Hour. When I seen the video for Ace of Spades it kicked ass. All the bands were pretty at that time but not Lemmy and the boys!
    I became a fan of Motorhead Janurary 28th 2012. I saw them rock the hell out of Gigantour blowing out Megadeth, the band I had come to see. I couldn't believe how awesome they were.
    "Post your answer in the comments section below the article and from all correct entries, the winner will be randomly selected." Correct entries?
    Every rocker knows how big and important Motorhead, Sabbath and Priest are to the rock world.They revolutionalised metal music,they started it all. I've been a motorhead fan ever since the day I got On Parole,back when i was in school,and have never stopped listening to their albums every now and then.For me Lemmy stands out as a musician not only for his unique,special voice and music but mainly for his ability to come with brilliant lyrics. Lemmy is God \m/
    I became a motörhead fan about 20 years ago because they play the best rock n f*****roll in the world!!!! Hope to see Lemmy&co here in finland on may 14!! Get well u son of a bitch
    My first contact with Motorhead involved a retarded DUI incident with a bike when I was 14 or so. But since I don't live in the US, fook you, I'm not telling the whole story.
    Ok heres how i became a motorhead fan and it may sound funny but i will be honest. The first time i heard motorhead was in the WWE Triple H's theme song i liked it very much, but i never really knew what was the real name and band that perfomed the song. So years later i saw a video of lemmy with dave grohl and slash where they played ace of spades and after listening it to maybe 5 times i rememberd that voice form the wwe and yeah started searching for more motorhead records and thats how i became a fan.
    It was when "No Remorse" came out: the double-LP with the leather jacket. I never heard anything from Motörhead before but I fell in love with the object. I even took an hour away from school to go and purchase the only one left with the money I got by selling my school restaurant tickets (3 weeks of hunger are nothing compared to the joy I felt). When I went home and put the records on my parents' stereo, I knew it was LOVE... of course, my parents forbade me to play this in their presence, so I taped it as soon as I could and wore it out several times in a defective walkman I had been given by a rich fellow scholard. Now, 25 years later, the LP still plays marvellously on my stereo and it'll always have one of the softest spots in my musical heart. For me, Motörhead is to music was Jenlain is to beer: it's the obvious choice when one's young because it's accessible and it's still in one's heart many years later because it's a classic. I wish Lemmy an easy and quick recovery. You are God.
    It was a dark and stormy night, i had travelled to the top of slieve bloom in Ireland! Thunder and lightning were crackling around the black skies, sporadically lighting up the world! When i got to the peak, a howling wind was tempting my chances of life and death when a bolt of lightning came crashing down! From the lightning rose a god of Rock! He called himself Lemmy! He showed me the way of the Rock! The Power of the Metal! The tenacity of a kick-ass Riff! He showed me, Motorhead!!
    Velcro Man
    It's a bit of a lengthy story, so let's just get into it! I grew up with a typical 80's metal guy for a dad and he'd always play music with my sister and I around (whether or not we liked it or not, guy loved massive stereos). He tended to lean more towards hair metal/power metal, stuff like Ozzy, Dio, Judas Priest and so on, the main acts, but every once in awhile, he would get into some early thrash and what have you, faster, harder music that really impacted me as a guitarist. But one group that really stood out to me was Motorhead, even as a kid I knew it was something different.The way the bass stuck out was a bit of an eye-opener, I didn't even know what bass WAS. That combined with Lemmy's liquor soaked growl was just it for me. The guitar didn't grab me quite as much from the beginning, admittedly, but mainly because Lemmy was so shockingly different did it take me awhile to realize the amazing styles of Eddie Clark and especially Phil Campbell. I actually started on bass thanks to Lemmy (and another extent The Who, but that's a different story.) but once I restored my love for fast guitars, Motorhead and Megadeth forced me to go back to guitar.My dad always had tons of stories of his various adventures at concerts in the 80's, but he never seemed to remember Motorhead concerts thanks to a little bit too much of the sauce and herb, but what better way could there be to experience the greatness? Unfortunately, thanks to various problems, I've been dirt poor most of my life, so I've never even been to a single concert, but I hope to one day make it to see Motorhead. I'll never forget that dusty, worn out vinyl of Ace of Spades that always sat next to the turn-table...Sorry if this was as inarticulate as I think it is, been a long night of drinking and I haven't slept in like...36 hours, gonna jam out some Ace of Spades for nostalgia and crash for awhile.
    I had gotten into Motorhead years before when I was 16 and had picked up a March or Die vinyl and when I turned 18 I was having a terrible year and was looking for a pick-me-up and then I saw Wacken Open Air's festival lineup and I couldn't turn down seeing Motorhead in Germany. My parents had never really let me do much on my own and were super against a fresh outta highschool girl going to Germany by herself to a huge metal festival but I was set on it and bought my tickets and off I went for one of the best experiences of my life. Sharing in amazing music with a bunch of amazing people was still one of the best decisions I made to this day and I highly recomend taking a vacation with only yourself. I grew a greater appreciation for rock and roll (Motorhead in particular) and freedom that I had never really experienced until taking a dive. Rock hard and ride free! -Katrina
    I saw "God was never on your side" on Facebook a few months ago and listen it. Vocal was perfect and music was really good. That was I'm searcing for.
    Jim J&V
    I went to watch em for the first time on 2010...At one point, Lemmy asked "Do you kids know what Rock N' Roll is all about?", and when we answered "Yeah", he simply replied "Well, you know nothing, you're all too damn young".What a badass!!!
    Best way to make a religious teacher and your parrents worried at age seven? Start listening to Motorhead.... So i did... 26 year ago : Finished school, moved away from home, but still i have motorhead as my nr 1 band!
    I first saw them one "The Young Ones" playing "ace of Spades" and I have been a HUGE fan ever since!
    Me decían que tenía que cambiar mi look, y que me tenía que dejar el bigote de Lemmy, y no sabía quien era; y al buscarlo, escuché algunas canciones suyas y me gustaron. Y así lo conocí.
    Borrowed the first album from the library when I was 16. I had just started playing bass and I just loved how Lemmy sounded.
    i think i was 11 years old at the time and i was on the bus going to basketball practise and i saw a guy around 20 years old wearing a leather jacket with spikes and patches everywhere but the one think that made me notice him was a giant patch on the back with the war-pig! and i thought it looked cool so i asked him what it was and he started talking passionately about motorhead and metal and that's how i became a motorhead fun and a metal fan at the same time!
    At 1980 I heard first time Ace of Spades track, I was a 10-years old punk rocker and it changes me somehow... Awesome
    There was a lot of glam coming out in the eighties (too much) I liked the old metal sound and some old punk. The Motorhead sound was perfect.
    Born to Loose - Live to Win. Saw him (and the tattoo) in a magazine in the early 80's. Without hearing them I knew it was honest, raw and true music. 30 years fan ever since.
    Ever since I was little I've been a huge Rock and Metal fan and when I was about 12 I heard Ace of Spades and from then on I've loved Motörhead! Lemmy Kilmister has a one of a kind voice and knows how to rock it!
    I first heard motorhead several years ago when a good friend introduced me to some of their songs, when I heard "Overkill" I was hooked!
    I was about 8 or 9. A friend of my brothers was into metal and he had Bomber on 7" single. What an eye opener. It was great! Loud and Fast! Then came Ace of Spades. It was shown on a British comedy programme called the Young Ones. Motörhead played Ace of Spades in their front room. Loved Head banging to them all. My brother bought me the ace of spades LP for me for Christmas. Other favourites are Motörhead, Overkill and I love the bluesy acoustic ace of spades too.
    I was a 10 year old. Kid growing up in London, a friends son who was older than me introduced me to Motörhead in 1981 with ace of spades and no sleep till hammersmith, been a fan ever since!
    I first heard Ace of Spades in the movie Smokin' Aces. Later, I bought HMV out of their Motorhead collection.
    Youtube. I was listening to some Iron Maiden and it was in the recommandation section of youtube
    Heard Ace of Spades at the school yard many years ago, then all i had was radio pop so i started listening to rock and metal thanks to Motörhead
    i accidentaly discover Ace of spades from a video on youtube and i liked it. After that i just keep searching and searching motorhead