30 Seconds to Mars Reveal 'Conquistador' Lyric Video

No.2 track from the forthcoming album, "Love Lust Faith + Dreams," faced mixed reaction from the fans.

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30 Seconds to Mars have debuted their new track "Conquistador" with a slick new lyrics video, Gigwise reports.

The song is the second to be heard from the band's upcoming new album "Love Lust Faith + Dreams," following the release of "Up in the Air" - and both tracks were produced by Steve Lillywhite, who has also worked with Morrissey, the Rolling Stones and Talking Heads among others.

"Conquistador" is definitely more of a rock song than "Up in the Air," and a return to form for the band. Featuring lines such as "We will rise again," and "I am the best she claimed and more; a battle-scarred conquistador," the lyrics are cliche but Jared Leto's vocals manage to pull them off.

The song has already divided fans, with one commenting, "This new album seems to have so much energy. The evolution of 30STM has been brilliant. I don't love every song they've ever made, but each album delivers several pure wow moments."

However, a different fan wrote, "I find it hard to believe this could be liked more than 'Up in the Air.' The lyrics are just so forced and contrived. Guitar hook is decent, but the overuse of lyrics and general 'meh' factor of the whole track really makes me not so hot on this one. The 'This is War' album was great in my book, and 'Up in the Air' reminds me a lot of it. More of that please."

What's your opinion on that track? Take it a listen and let us know in the comments.

WARNING! Not metal!

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    Jared Leto should just stick with acting. He did a great job in Lord of War.
    Nero Galon
    After seeing Requiem for a Dream I thought his acting career would kick off, he was great in that.
    Fight Club wasn't a big role for him, but hell even that small part was better than 95% of his music career. His brother is a hell of a drummer though.
    My biggest complaint about Leto is that he's always been a lazy lyricist. 30STM seem to be one of those bands that just adapt their sound to whatever's popular at the time. I was a big fan of their first two records, but This Is War and the songs I've heard from the new record just leave me cold.
    I am the only one who is really annoyed by the auto-tune? And I'm not talking about the obviously tuned backing vocals in the verse. Listen to "Our Holy War" in the 1st verse. It's to obvious to use it as a pitch-corrector but too subtle to use it as an effect like in the backing vocals. There are no rules in music and mixing ofcourse but I think it's really weird.
    Yeah I agree, it doesn't add anything to the song, just makes it feel less genuine.
    Sounds like an attempt to sound like Muse.. Each of their albums has slowly gotten worse but each has still had something good about it, this album just doesn't seem to have anything decent on it. Oh well
    They've only released two songs from it, including this one. 'Doesn't seem to have anything decent on it'.
    I think Up In The Air was better, but this still gives me high hopes for the new album
    might be a stretch but the first thing I thought of after hearing the guitar hook was the bass line from money by pink floyd, just faster and a little different. personally, id like these guys to listen to their self-titled album and do a throwback, that was good stuff
    I hear the money tribute there. These two new ones aren't for me. Really liked all the other albums.
    I definitely like Up In The Air better than this, but this isn't a bad song by any means. If anything it's just an album track. There are plenty of songs of equal quality off A Beautiful Lie and even 30StM. This Is War was my favorite Mars album by far, followed by 30StM. I'm a little unsure of where this next album is going to go, if it's more like Up In The Air then I think it'll be great, more like this, maybe just decent.
    If I'm honest, they've gone downhill. 30StM was great, as was A Beautiful Lie, and This is War wasn't bad, but everything I've heard of the new stuff is just.... Meh...
    I wish they went back to A Beautiful Lie days! But i also love their This Is War album,and i would be happy with another album like that.
    Think about what you just said... IF you liked a beutiful lie and then this is war, woudln't it be possible that won would like whatever style they went to next? Its common that fans first get upset that an album is different that after a little time passes they have a new found ear for those songs... wierd shit.
    Oh yeah i see what you mean,there was quite a difference between A Beautiful Lie and This Is War,but if they went back to A Beautiful Lie days then id be happy enough.
    Nero Galon
    I know by now what to expect from 30STM. And as expected this sounded like a soundtrack that would go behind a film. I just don't see how this song could be heard in any other scenario. Thats my point of view.
    Sounds like somebody somebody forced Muse and Linkin Park to have unprotected intercourse and this is what came out after 9 months. It might not be horribly deformed but it sure as hell will be miserable for the rest of its' life.
    I think this song remind me of the style of the self-titled album which is a good think. and you people are a bunch of *****s
    Could be worse, could be much better. Leto's vocals haven't been the same since that tour.
    Over-produced pop music. Formulated synth (no one in the band plays that) and ripped-off hooks from here and there, sing-along backing vocals, all trying hard to sound "inspiring". Bleh EMO cliche lyrics. Will sell some records to fangirls for whom JL can do no wrong. Sounds like the label has taken over for the last two albums. Doubt if the band actually had much to do with the final product beyond JL's corrected vocals, maybe some of the guitar and drums, but really, it's mostly synth and repetition. Gave me a headache, actually.
    They released one great album followed by three beverage coasters. I hate what this band has become.
    They need to go back to the style of the first two releases. All this overproduction and excessive choir-style backing vocals is getting a bit cliche, not to mention these lyrics haha
    I feel slightly honored to have my Youtube review featured in this article :o Did not expect anyone to notice it considering how quickly the comments were flying through. I really didn't care for this one as much, as it definitely doesn't have more of the sweeping 'epic' scale, nor the darker, more-scarred sound to it that This is War, and to an extent Up In The Air had, so it really doesn't strike my fancy. I'm of course sticking around to see how everything sounds though!
    Honestly I've like this new song (Up In The Air much more though). This Is War I found almost unlistnable.