90-Year-Old Legendary Actor Christopher Lee Set to Unleash a Metal Album Next Week

"Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" set to drop on actor's 91st birthday, full record preview available online.

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Turning 91 definitely shouldn't be an obstacle in releasing a heavy metal record, just ask Christopher Lee. The iconic actor, known for his roles in such cinematic classics as "Lord of the Rings," "Star Wars," "Dracula" and "The Hobbit," is set to celebrate his 91st birthday with the release of his second metal album.

Titled "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death," actor's sophomore record will drop on May 27 featuring a total of 10 tracks arranged by Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner. You can check out a preview video with comments from Lee himself below.

"The first 'Charlemagne' album is metal, of course, but what I sang was more symphonic," the actor said. "Now on the second one, 'The Omens Of Death', it is one hundred percent heavy metal. I've done my bits and pieces, and they are heavy metal. I'm not screaming or anything like that, but it is definitely heavy metal."

Faulkner also added his comments on working on the record, saying, "Most of the songs were already there, but they needed riffs, drum parts and musical parts that reflected what the guys wanted - which was a metal record with an aim to be played live by a band.

"Some of the tracks didn't have any music at all and were just Sir Christopher singing his melodies," guitarist said. "I remember how surreal it was sitting in my place at the time with Saruman blasting out over the speakers! I've no idea what the neighbors thought!"

Once Faulkner was forced to leave the project in order to join Judas Priest, the position of axeman was taken over by "Guitar Idol" 2009 runner-up Hedras Ramos.

"It was a lot of fun for me," Ramos commented. "I just had to listen a lot to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and all those guys - the old-school heavy metal, to absorb the sound and the flavor of this music. Composing the music for 'The Devil's Advocate' and 'The Ultimate Sacrifice' was quite a trip and tons of fun, because I was given total freedom to add my personal guitar approach to the album. This is a great album for all metal, fantasy and Christopher Lee fans!"

"Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death" track listing:

01. The Portent 02. Charles The Great 03. The Siege 04. Massacre Of The Saxons 05. Dawning Of A New Age 06. Let Legend Mark Me As The King 07. The Betrayal 08. The Devil's Advocate 09. The Ultimate Sacrifice 10. Judgement Day

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    I swear, Christopher Lee is the coolest guy ever. Over 60 years of great acting career, and sings metal past the age of 90.
    Don't forget his time as a British Special Forces agent in WWII, that just adds to the career diversity
    Don't forget he is an old Secret Service Agent.
    Also don't forget that he was in a faction which specialised in 'ungentlemanly warfare'.
    I want to see him in the next hobbit movie on top of his tower doing a sick guitar solo
    Holy shit, i didn't realize he was in his 90s. I hope i'm still going as strong as he is in my 90s.
    And, if I recall correctly, he was doing his own sword fights until well into his 70s - and even after that, he was telling his stunt-double exactly what to do - with everything he's done, it would be silly if he weren't an expert in fencing, right?
    Fun Fact: Christopher Lee is the step cousin of the guy that created James Bond, Ian Flemming So that makes him a lvl 91 metal wizard with the golden gun.
    Some of this is really cool, some of it's really lame, but it's kinda hard to knock an album put out by a level 91 wizard.
    as much as i want to be the dick who makes the joke of "near-death metal music" gotta say this guy is pretty awesome
    I belive that there is no one who will be able to copy Christopher Lee's voice. Just like Dio.
    Von II
    How old and awesome Christopher Lee may be, it sounds like a good record on itself, and I'm sure the other 'band members' did quite a share of the work too.
    When you think about it, he was already acting whilst our metal legends were still in their diapers. Looking forward to hearing Count Dooku's new album!
    How inspirational can a man be? I truly hope when (or if) I reach the age of 90 I will be able to still enjoy music and life in general as much as this man. To be able to still do what you truly want at that age is inspiring and humbling at the same time.
    He is older than metal itself... total badass
    He IS metal itself. Everything about this guy is metal as ****.
    Right down to the roles he chooses to play - from Dracula (before sparkly vampires were even a thought) to a Sith Lord. Christopher Lee = Metal.
    90 f*cking years old and making a heavy metal record... umm... amazing, is probably the right word to use here.
    this man is just the embodiment of badassry, making metal in his 90's? I mean even Black Sabbath are still in their 60's lol and they practically founded the genre.
    I don't often smile, but this... this is amazing. What an amazing man.
    "The first 'Charlemagne' album is metal , of course, but what I sang was more symphonic," the actor said. "Now on the second one, 'The Omens Of Death', it is one hundred percent heavy metal . I've done my bits and pieces, and they are heavy metal. I'm not screaming or anything like that, but it is definitely heavy metal ." I'm confused. Is it metal or not...
    He is such a dude, but I really don't like the singing. Just doesn't do anything for me :S