A7X: How Working With Tool/QOTSA Producer Joe Barresi Impacted Our New Album

Mr. Barresi is also known for his work with Clutch, Coheed & Cambria, Chevelle, Wolfmother, and more.

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A7X: How Working With Tool/QOTSA Producer Joe Barresi Impacted Our New Album

Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows recently discussed the impact producer Joe Barresi had on the band's new album "The Stage."

Some of the records Mr. Barresi worked on as a producer, engineer or mixer include QOTSA's self-titled album and "Lullabies to Paralyze," Tool's "10,000 Days," Coheed & Cambria's "Year of The Black Rainbow," and more.

Asked by Full Metal Jackie on how the boys managed to capture the live vibe on "The Stage," Shadows replied (via Blabbermouth): "[By working with] a great producer. Joe Barresi brought a lot of new things to the table. And one thing that I had never done was to do full-song vocal takes, where you sing from the very first lyric all the way to the end of the song, and as your voice starts straining, and as it gets a little more tough on the vocals, you get that live feel."

He continued: "In a live performance, you can't just stop because it doesn't sound right or your voice doesn't feel right; you've gotta go [and] you've gotta push through it. And so for me, just having that… you know, where the tape starts rolling and you start recording and you're not stopping and you're going and you start getting these moments where you get more of a live feel, because you're just going for it.

"We did that with the drums as well, and with the guitars as well; we kind of just sat there and said, 'As things start getting more strained and you start having to push harder, it's got more of that live feel.' So we went with that based off of Joe's recommendation."

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    Apperently he hides a triangle hit somewhere in each of the albums he produces.
    must be hard as fuck to track a whole song without a single mistake. I mean you can play cleanly but often times your hands create some unwanted noises sliding down the frets or while muting the bridge.
    Have you ever recorded before? I would disagree completely. You wrote the song you should be able to play it all the way through cleanly at least one time. Also he may not say it but I guarantee that if they had an excellent take with one small bit they fudged they punch in and correct just that spot.
    lol sure I did and thats why I have that opinion. You want your take to be 100% perfect and if you have to record a track which goes up to 15 min as they did on the latest record well then it is almost impossible to nail that take.
    I would be 100% shocked if they recorded an entire take and kept it just the same for a 15 minute song. Nowhere does he say that they used the full take, he just says that instead of stopping and starting they were encouraged to do it all each time.
    Yeah you get that live feel ya know?
    More of a live feel for sure, when you record this way everything works and you just get more of a live feel.
    Has anyone else noticed the bass guitar and kick drum are mixed WAY TOO LOW on the new album? Was this intentional? None of their previous albums have this problem. Other than that everything else sounds great.
    Irwin Navarro
    Personally, I don't consider it a problem. The volume of the kick drum and bass is what's needed for the album. A louder kick/bass would have been detrimental IMO