A Perfect Circle To Release 'The Outsider' Unedited Video

artist: A Perfect Circle date: 04/22/2004 category: new releases
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A Perfect Circle's upcoming "Lost In The Bermuda Triangle" DVD, due in stores May 4, will include an extended and unedited version of the band's "The Outsider" video plus bonus previews for the upcoming Bikini Bandits feature films "The Golden Rod" and "Bikini Bandits Save Christmas". Co-directed by Steven Grasse of the famed Bikini Bandits films and web series, and Mark Kohr (No Doubt, Alanis Morissette, Primus), "The Outsider" video starring the Bikini Bandits lampoons the corporatization of America as well as the growing clampdown on free speech (check out the animated finale where executives at the so-called Vagina Records express dismay over the video). "The Outsider" video follows the Bikini Bandits, a menacing gang of four bikini-clad girls who get paroled from jail, wreak havoc in complacent suburbia and raid a convenience store owned by the fictitious corporate conglomerate G-Mart, before winding up back in the slammer. A Perfect Circle have a history with the Bikini Bandits. The band has provided music for their films and vocalist Maynard James Keenan played "Satan" in "The Bikini Bandits Experience". Maynard also voiced "Father Christmas" in the upcoming animated film "Bikini Bandits Save Christmas".
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