AC/DC Begin Writing New Album

It's time to start getting excited about hearing new material from Australia's best export, according to bassist Cliff Williams.

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AC/DC have started writing material for a brand new album.

It's in the early stages according to bassist Cliff Williams, who revealed their current plans in a video interview which you can see below.

"The guys [Malcolm and Angus Young] are writing material, and when they've got some stuff together they'll give [the rest of the band] a holler," he said when pressed about the progress of new material.

Many bands write together, but Cliff says brothers Malcolm and Angus Young tend to kick off the writing process for AC/DC:

"They get a bunch of ideas together - some are more together than others - and then we'll all hit a studio, or a little rehearsal room first of all, kick it around with a producer, and get in a studio and record. That's how it runs.

"Malcolm and Angus have put their time in, but they're not ready for us yet."

Last August a friend of the band said they were planning to tour Australia behind a brand new album (via Music Feeds), but now it sounds like we'll be waiting a little longer before we can hear new material from Australia's best export.

"Something's going to happen at some point," Williams says. "Hopefully we'll get out there sooner or later. Right now, hang in with us and we'll be with you when we can."

Watch the full interview with Cliff Williams and Backstage Axxess here:

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    I wonder what kind of sound the new songs will have.
    Doesn't matter, still awesome. AC/DC and Motorhead are the only bands that never sold out and kept doing what they love to do. And even though it's always the same sound, it sounds pretty darn good
    Angus Young once quoted I'm sick and tired of people saying that we put out 11 albums that sound exactly the same. In fact, we've put out 12 albums that sound exactly the same. This may be one more to add to the list?
    Don't know you and we'll probably never meet but i'm gonna go out on a limb and say its 13 more albums than you'll ever write, record and sell.
    People expect way too much from bands that are 30+ years old today. Everybody wants every band to do an album then completely change up their sound for the next one or else it's just repetitive and crap. Not everyone can be Mastodon you know guys. But then you have Metallica who did change their sound and everyone hated it and it was undeserved hate at that (No not Lulu so stfu). I think people just like complaining.
    What made you start this rant exactly?
    3 and a bit lines is a rant? And nothing really, just that people expect way too much from bands these days. I'm probably just going to get down voted to hell now because the first few votes were down votes and people just seem to follow without actually reading the comments. I've noticed it happens a lot on this site. And this comment will be down voted as well because I mentioned down votes.
    Well yes, ACDC albums do all mostly sound the same, so you know what you're gonna get. I'll probably love it regardless, as they say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it! (Which is probably why Motorhead's my favourite band)
    Everyone complains about AC/DC sounding the same, yet everyone complained about Metallica and Linkin Park changing styles. WTF do you people want?!?!
    Battery Chicken
    Half of us like change, and half of us want everything to stay the same,the latter buy AC/DC albums, the former complain about them.
    Well AC/DC have always stuck to what they know and what they're good at, nothing wrong with that but I assume this album isn't going to be innovative.
    Exactly. They just need one new hit single, combine it with older classics and you still get one hell of a live show
    I want to hear new acdc. Sad thing is that acdc cant really win this. If they do what they have always done, ppl will say its the same shit again. If they do something new ppl will be mad
    True words. But what I like about AC/DC is that they keep their old sound without getting boring. Either way I'll be looking forward to this!
    Im glad black ice wont be their last album. Black ice was good, but they couldve made it better.
    Though hopefully they can make the new one quicker than Black Ice
    Well, I love AC\DC, but they're repetative as shit. I guess the new album will be exactly the same as the last 19 albums.
    Firstly, they arent repetitive they just keep writing music they are good at. And its rock n roll. Secondly, you shall look at their discography to find out how many albums they have recorded...
    "they just keep writing music they are good at" is pretty much just a euphemism for repetitive. It can be enjoyable repetitiveness, but there really isn't much variation.
    What's with the "look at my flowing hair" pose they got on the picture. Great job UG!
    I would like something like the Razors edge type of sound. Loved that record.
    it'll sound the same as all their previous albums but at least they release new music before they tour, not just a reunion or a 5th farewell tour
    "OK mates, we need a new song!" *Malcolm alternates between A and D for the verse and A and G for the chorus, while Angus occasionally shreds on pentatonic and the drummer plays a metronome beat. Bass, what bass?* "OK, next song, mates!". PS: I like their music, don't shoot me.
    Oh trust me, they have bass, it's just mostly open A. *rocks back and forth crying* I shall never cover It's A Long Way To The Top live again...
    Nothing wrong with keeping the same style. As long as it's authentic that's all that matters. That being said, I was very dissapointed by Black Ice. I like just abouut every AC/DC album up to Stiff Upper Lip.
    AC/DC The one & only ass kicking machine out there, truly awesome band & if you've never seen them live you don't really deserve to comment on this page, their live performances are tight as **** - what a show i can't wait!
    They should just remaster their old stuff and reissue would be the same as writing new music
    "they're repetitive" says the guy whose world-renowned band has fought on for 40 years. Bon kicks ass.
    We need the same sound to figth the shit that some call music thses days...
    If this means they will go on tour again then I am a happy man. ACDC was the greatest show I've ever seen.
    I don't care if it "sounds the same." I like their sound, and I liked it on the last album.
    Face R1pper
    I guess UG missed the part where Cliff said "nothing in the works right now".
    But he also said that Young brothers are writing new stuff, so I'm not sure what to think here
    YAY!!!!! but really, once their done with this new album, PLEASE COME TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!!