AC/DC Reveal New Album Details

The band have completed work on the follow-up to their 2008 album "Black Ice."

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AC/DC have revealed that they have completed work on their new album, NME reports.

Frontman Brian Johnson, who collected an honorary doctorate from Northumbria University today, has said that the band have finished work on the LP, which they have been working on in Vancouver. It is likely to be released later this year or early next year.

"It was brilliant over there. We're done. I'm very excited and we've got some great songs," he told Metal Hammer.

It was reported in April that founder member Malcolm Young would step down from the rock group due to ill health. Rumours had circulated that the band might be forced to call it quits, but a statement published on AC/DC's Facebook page on April 16 said instead that Young will take a break from the group after four decades as a member.

Speculating on possible album titles, he revealed: "I wanted to call the album 'Man Down.' But it's a bit negative and it was probably just straight from the heart. I like that."

Johnson received his honorary degree from Northumbria University's vice chancellor Prof Andrew Wathey, who said that the frontman has been an "inspiration to the people of the North East and rock fans the world over."

Last month, Johnson said that the band were prepping a world tour for later this year.

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    Quite a bit of acdc hating going on here. I think their latest album was pretty good. The title track, rock n roll train and war machine were awesome. Yeah most of the fans will be older, because they're an old band, there still one of the most iconic rock bands going and when I saw them love at download they were flawless
    Rock n Roll Train is such a good song and the black ice groove is amazing, should be a good album! would go see them everytime, anytime!
    I've been a huge fan for years, but I hate to say, Black Ice was very disappointing for me. The only decent songs were Money Made and Rockin' All The Way. But hey, at this point in their career, they get as many mulligans as they want because they've already written like 16 classic albums.
    Metallica should take note, Didn't brian say like 2 months ago they were going to do the album... and now its done? Of course it can't be that hard for AC/DC All jokes aside, hope they do a big tour! or a festival *coughdownloadcough*
    who is filling in on rhythm?
    If it's a good formula then don't change it. It is samey but that's what people like. Metallica change their sound all the time and people complain, slayer's sound never changes much and people still complain.
    You're right about Slayer. South of Heaven was basically Reign in Blood part 2.
    A lot of Slayer's music has a sameness to it but Reign in Blood and South of Heaven are EXTREMELY different. It's actually been written about and discussed for the last 25 years how different the 2 albums are. The songs on South of Heaven are much slower overall than it's predecessor and Araya's vocals are (relatively) a lot more melodic than any of their previous albums. Haha sorry to be a stickler... just a big Slayer fan and I noticed your comment really went against common opinion about the two albums.
    C. Jasper
    I love how bands get slammed for being simple. It doesn't have to be complex to be good. AC/DC takes blues, throw in some loud ass distortion and now you have hard blues. The Stones did it and are highly praised. But that's all they are, good hard blues.
    I don't think they get hate for being simplistic, it's the fact that they do the same thing all the time. they've become predictable so people say "what's the point if it sounds like every other album they've released for the last 30 years?"
    I would LOVE to see you write 16 CLASSIC albums with three chords. Their skill is in songwriting. NOBODY else could write Back in Black. Nobody. So go crawl back in your hole.
    AC/DC is proof positive of that it's not what you play, it's how you play it. Anyone can rock out 3 power chords but no has done it and no one ever will do it again like AC/DC did and continues to do. There is simply no denying just how awesome (in the true sense of that word) AC/DC is.
    jesus saw them at download 2010- has it seriously been four years?! time flies.....
    You know you're a good band when you got Jesus going to your shows amirite?
    Eerm... do they really need to reveal details about the album? We all know what it's going to sound like anyway. Oh well, bring it on.
    No they actually decided to pull a "Linkin Park" and try for a new electronic "rock" sound. jk
    i am super ****in jazzed about this album. I have seen ACDC twice and they are easily the greatest live rock n roll act on the planet. Nothing comes close to the energy at one of their shows, I don't care how old you are or who you listen to that you think is better, you're wrong and that's all there is to it. I am glad they're almost finished their album. ACDC have always struck me as a band with a working man's attitude. When their original singer died, they soldiered on. Now Malcolm needs to take a bit of a rest and they'll still soldier on. Big respect for that.
    Does anyone actually listen to post-80's ACDC?
    Thunderstruck is probably their biggest single post Back in Black. (Came out in 1990 off The Razors Edge) Im sure most people have heard it
    I still think that Razor's Edge is one of their best records... right up there with the classics.
    I like a lot of songs on "The Razor's Edge," "Ballbreaker" and their two albums if the 2000's.
    The only AC/DC fans are 40+ year old semi-alcoholic bogan Aussies who sip VB or XXXX in their shed and drunkenly belt out the choruses to highway to hell, TNT, shook me all night long, thunderstruck and long way to the top.
    Hey, that's wrong. I'm a 20+ year old semi-alcoholic bogan Aussie who sip VB or XXXX in their shed and drunkenly belt out the choruses to highway to hell, TNT, shook me all night long, thunderstruck and long way to the top.
    I got downvoted for telling the truth damn, a lot of drunk 40 year olds here. And Democrab, obviously born in the wrong era
    No, you got downvoted for trying to sound clever by making fun of the fans of one the best hard rock bands of the last several decades and failing miserably. "Democrab"? What are you talking about? Your comment went from sounding like it came from a naive kid with limited understanding of rock music and how to be funny to also making very little sense. Please don't be discouraged, keep trying!
    Democrab is the screen name of the guy that replied to him and that he in turn replied to.
    Nah you're just a kid that doesn't know any better. That's ok you'll learn when you grow up.
    Guns N' Chains
    That's just wrong. AC/DC is one of the greatest rock bands in history and will always influence the young and be loved by people and fans of rock/metal and music in general. The older folks grew up with the band and still can enjoy/appreciate the music today while younger people will discover the band and also enjoy their work too. That's just being stereotypical.
    I wouldn't call them "one of the greatest rock bands in history" but they're certainly great at what they do. simplistic high energy rock n roll.
    Your screen-name has the word "Ibanez" in it, so I am going to assume you're too much of an elitist prick to understand the simple joy of ACDC. I play classical piano, cello saxophone and can probably wail harder on my Flying V than you can, yet I can appreciate the raw power of ACDC just as much as an "40+ year old" you apparently have a hate on for. "black Ice" their last album was probably their most solid work SINCE the 80s. Too bad you're too much of a narrow minded twat to enjoy the simpler things in life. Go sit in the corner and wank on your ibanez. Nobody wants to hear your opinions.
    They've also got the choruses 2 back in black and dirty deeds (both quite difficult) down pat. \m/
    Who cares, it's just the same stuff over and over again.
    Actually Angus broke ground on Black Ice by using a slide for the first time. And Stiff Upper Lip was their most bluesy record. Every album has a unique vibe.
    Damn straight it is, and you know what? It's earned them millions in cash and in fans, it's gotten them touring the world constantly and it's given them hit record after hit record.
    eh, not exactly hit records these days.
    Black Ice made history by debuting at number one on album charts of 29 countries, and is Columbia Records' biggest debut album since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales data for Billboard in March 1991.[66] Black Ice was the second best-selling album worldwide in 2008, behind Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.[67] As of December 2008, it had shipped 6 million copies worldwide,[45] and earned sales certifications in 24 countries, with multi-platinum status in eight, platinum in twelve more, and gold in the four remaining. Just sayin'....
    album charts...biggest debut album ...second best-selling album .. He said hit records, I said hit records, you posted about albums. now, I might have misconstrued his post into thinking he was talking about singles when he said records, but generally people talk about hit singles more than hit albums.
    Sorry, what? I'm fairly sure that "records" has always meant the entire record and "single" just means single.
    I hope, if the are going on a world tour, that they dont do what most musicians do and skip out a whole friken continent! (Africa) but i'll keep my hopes up
    Malcolm's one of my great guitar heroes and without him it will not be the same. Nowhere near the same.
    Ok, the NME link in the above article is quoting from a Metal Hammer interview ( ) which reads thusly: "AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has revealed the band has completed work on the follow-up to Black Ice. The Geordie hero returned to his hometown of Newcastle today to pick up his Doctorate in Music from the city’s Northumbria University. And he confirmed AC/DC’s new album is done and dusted following a series of quickfire recording sessions in Vancouver. The 66-year-old says: “It was brilliant over there. We’re done. I’m very excited and we’ve got some great songs.” But Johnson admitted the continued absence of founder member Malcolm Young had cast a shadow over the band’s latest stint in the studio. He adds: “We miss Malcolm obviously. He’s a fighter. He’s in hospital but he’s a fighter. We’ve got our fingers crossed that he’ll get strong again. “Stevie, Malcolm’s nephew, was magnificent, but when you’re recording with this thing hanging over you and your work mate isn’t well, it’s difficult. “But I’m sure he was rooting for us. He’s such a strong man. He’s a small guy but he’s very strong. He’s proud and he’s very private so we can’t say too much. But fingers crossed he’ll be back.” Johnson admitted the band had discussed a number of album titles with the new release due to hit stores later this year or early 2015. And he added: “I wanted to call the album Man Down. But it’s a bit negative and it was probably just straight from the heart. I like that.” Johnson received his honorary degree from Northumbria University’s vice chancellor Prof Andrew Wathey, who says: “Brian has been an inspiration to the people of the North East and rock fans the world over. “His ambition, dedication and talent is second to none. His passion for excellence has propelled the boy from Dunston to the top of the rock world.” AC/DC are readying a world tour with Johnson hinting that the band will play UK dates at Wembley Stadium and Glasgow's Hampden Park next summer." \m/