AC/DC to Begin Recording New Album with Brendan O'Brien

Lead singer Brian Johnson says he's not finished yet.

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AC/DC are carrying on with plans to begin recording new music this month in a record studio in Canada, despite their recent announcement that Malcolm Young is taking a break from the group for health reasons.

Lead singer Brian Johnson revealed in a new interview promoting his upcoming TV series that the band will be entering the studio this month and they will once again be working with Brendan O'Brien, who produced their 2008 album "Black Ice."

Johnson made the revelation in a new interview posted on Youtube where he was discussing "Cars That Rock", his new TV series for UK's Quest TV, which will premiere on May 8th.

The AC/DC frontman was also asked if fans can expect to see the band on stage and he responded "I hope so" and added "I don't think I'm finished yet."

Meanwhile, has posted photos on their Facebook page on Tuesday and Wednesday of the band's gear arriving at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada.

There has been no word from the AC/DC camp what Malcolm's involvement will be in the recording of the new music. Their recent statement said that he "is taking a break from the band due to ill health" but also confirmed in the same statement that "the band will continue to make music."

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    Such sad news about Malcolm though, hope he can still be heard on the album.
    They wouldn't record without him. Even if he can't help write it, they'll wait until he's healthy enough to record the final mix.
    Agent 00Awesome
    I'm a little confused. AC/DC moves on without a critical member and they get praised, but when other bands do it they get a shitstorm? I do hope Malcolm gets better.
    Just one of the many double standards of UG. But, you just have to follow it in order to be accepted.
    I think the difference here is Malcolm likely gave them his blessing, and will join them if and when he is healthy enough to. Other bands, Slayer for example, just shit on former members and expect no one to notice. That leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
    Some bands are untouchable on UG. I agree with this one though, because god damn do I love AC/DC
    Sweet! They still rock and are still making quality music so there's no reason to quit now. I hope Malcolm is feeling better and involved but either way I'll be looking forward to new AC/DC music!
    In all honesty, I'd rather hear them retire the band if Malcolm is unable to perform or record anything, rather than continue without him after such a long, long time.
    I just failed my final exam and came back to this news. I'm instantly happy again. Though still sad about Malcolm, I hope he gets better soon.
    I don't know if liking this comment would make me look like an ******* or not lol
    Only a couple of weeks ago UG was saying they were pretty much over. Might as well retitle "News" as "Gossip". This website man... haha it's a ****!ng joke
    It wasn't just UG saying that, pretty much every music based news site asserted at some point that AC/DC were breaking up.
    UG is like a parrot, they just repeat what they copy/paste things from. Every other music site out there said that.
    They're just reporting from other sources man... it sounded like they were done anyways, I don't blame the assertions.
    I can't imagine AC/DC without Malcolm. That band so relies on every member doing their thing that I don't really think any of them is replaceable.
    Except all the drummers they've ever had.
    Phil Rudd is sort of the first that comes to mind. Scuse me, but AC/DC's sound relies on the fact that Malcolm has that low-gain, open-chord Grestch sound, Angus epitomizes that fiery rock n' roll lead thing, Bon/Brian both had that gritty high voice, and the rhythm section is totally a meat-and-potatoes, four-to-the-floor jam. I reckon it's pretty trademark.
    I hope Malcolm gets better. I don't care if he can still play guitar, just as long as he gets through this.
    I'm excited to hear what they come up with, but I didn't like O'Brien's production on Black Ice, it was very flat and thin. Also, Phil's cymbals were very overpowering. Hopefully he does a better job this time...
    We love you, Mal! You're a strong dude, brother and you will be well again soon, blasting out those chords on your Gretsch. \m/
    Brian presented the trophies at the last Bahrain F1 race, it was the best F1 race I've ever seen, it was so cool when he ended up being a presenter rather than a prince or something