Ace Frehley To Release First Solo Album in Five Years

The record drops on June 24.

Ultimate Guitar

On June 24, founding KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will release his first new solo project in five years just over a month after being inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Appropriately titled "Space Invader," the project will feature at least nine new songs, as well as a cover of "The Joker" by Steve Miller.

As Ultimate Classic Rock notes, Frehley, who was in Kiss for 16 years over two tenures, notched a hit solo record in 1978's "Ace Frehley" before ever officially leaving the band. That album, which went to No. 13, also produced the Top 40 hit "New York Groove." The guitarist has issued four more recordings since splitting with Kiss - with the most recent being 2009's "Anomaly," which debuted at No. 27 on the Billboard charts.

"The body of work I've created over the years has withstood the test of time," Frehley said. "Today, I see no obstacles before me and my creativity has never been more fine tuned ... The best is yet to come!"

Frehley and the rest of the original members of Kiss will be inducted into the Rock Hall on April 10 - though, unfortunately for fans, the group will not perform. Frehley will also serve as a presenter at the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards, to be held on April 23 in Los Angeles.

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    Personally, I think he had the best solo album when they all released one the same day back in 1978.
    Everyone thought that, in Ace's book I think he said part of the hostility in KISS was caused by jealousy from Paul and Gene due to it's popularity.
    Guys, guys! The album will be titled... Space Invader. Like, how Tommy Thayer is now the Space-man, and he kind of... Invaded Frehley's spot in the band. That or he's just really hung up on space.
    He's actually "renting" the space-man look/makeup to Ace. It's weird but Ace owns the "space-man". And Tommy Thayer is on something like a year to year lease paying him royalties to use it.
    Ace and Peter sold the rights to their make-ups to Gene and Paul in the late 90's/early 2000's.
    Don't worry, I'm sure there are countless successful artists out there who claim SONOFGKEX as one of their biggest influences.
    i loved all his solo albums! this will probably be better than the last 10 years of kiss crap
    Ace is simply a badass. He plows his way through his songs and is nothing but pure rock and roll. He never said he was a great guitarist and in fact said he never tried to be one. But he's a great musician and his music is indeed timeless. That 1978 solo album could have been written last year because it is that fresh sounding. Ace is the man!
    Frehley is just horrible. Youtube "Ace Frehley live solo" if you need to feel better about your playing or just laugh for a while.
    I bet you can play cleanly lead in songs like Makin' Love and others from that era.
    In light of your harsh reactions I decided to give ol' Ace once more chance and listen to some more of his live stuff. I am happy to report that it was still hilarious. By all means post some videos of his better material and I will check them out, but until then... Also, I am genuinely curious about artists who cite him as an influence. I have never known of any. I would be interested in learning who you are talking about.
    I still think you troll but here it is:
    #t=106 Then songs like Fracture Mirror, Shock Me, etc. Songs from that period. Who Ace influenced? Tons of musicians and if you even have to that question you don't know much about music scene. And when it comes to Paul Stanley? He is not a lead guitarist and yes, his live soloing is terrible. But, check this:
    #t=156 Melodic, sweet and exactly what that song needs. In couple interviews it was said it is Paul playing this lead.
    Okay, cool. I see your point. I still think Stanley should step away from the guitar, but I will leave frehley alone. In the beginning I had them confused when I originally said what I did. That was my mistake. For the record this is the live solo I was speaking of. It is truly bad by nearly any musical standard. I don't know how to embed on UG so follow the link if you are curious enough.
    Stanley is a decent rhythm guitarist, he never claimed to be a good one and certainly he never claimed to be a soloist. And as I said above, yes, his live soloing is terrible. But again, he can play nice solos so comment like "[he]should step away from the guitar" is rather stupid thing to say. I never understood why musicians from famous bands, who are not technically very skilled, get so much shit. If everyone had your attitude; I'm not the best I better quit, there wouldn't be so many great bands.
    Oh, wait. My bad. i was thinking of the other one when I wrote this. That said, Frehley is still pretty meh as far as I am concerned. The truly awful one is Paul Stanley. My bad, guys.
    Paul is not a lead guitarist. For example Dimebag from Pantera was influenced by Ace. Also, music isn't all about technique. Listen to some of 70s Kiss songs and solos. People get old and you can't really tell how good they used to be just by looking at how they play today.
    I'm stoked for a new Frehley album! I love his solo stuff, he's actually been delivering quality material unlike his former colleagues.