Adam Jones Presents New Tool Music in Video Update

Not exactly the type of "new" you've been looking for, but it's something.

Ultimate Guitar

Tool guitarist Adam Jones has presented a new piece of music the band has written for the latest tour.

Although it's merely a fresh middle section for the live performance of "Hooker With a Penis" track, the new update marks the first new piece of Tool music in quite some time.

"Before the last tour we wrote a new part in the middle of 'Hooker' to play live," Adam noted via Facebook. "I often record new riffs and ideas on my phone to remember them right after the jam. Enjoy."

As far as the group's new album goes, no new updates have surfaced in quite some time now. In one of the latest interviews, singer Maynard James Keenan has pointed out that he's not to blame for the lack of progress.

"Do I seem like a lazy person? Then stop blaming me," Maynard said, becoming "increasingly frustrated with the slow process of making the new Tool album."

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    I like how UG used the term "new music" rather than "new riff". Sacrifice some accuracy for some attention.
    This just in.....Johnny Cash records new album in 2014 titled Out Among the Stars. Stay tuned to UG for an exclusive interview with the beloved musician.
    kill it
    adam is teaching the children bad habits with that thumb.
    I feel that most children will be hard pressed to actually listen to a song called 'Hooker with a Penis'. But I do feel a bit of pity for the technique of the rad ones that do.
    I would like it if they released a live album with the new content of their old songs.
    Sounds like the average 13 year old on youtube playing guitar to be honest ...
    really does when you listen to it on this video and many Tool riffs sound that way when you listen to them alone. You need to hear it with bass and drums and Maynard. That is some of it's charm, Tool ****ing rules.
    Why the downvotes guys? He did not say "z0mg To0l sucks a$$ trololololol" He actually told the truth.The video DOES look like your average youtube guitar player,but only because the video quality sucks.Obviously it isn't meant to be a proffesional recording.Adam just recorded it so he can remember it later and then decided to share it with us. It's the video that sucks,not the riff.
    I'll be honest, I'm with you man. I love progressive music, but I find Tool's music quite uninspiring. I love the Anima album but other than that there's only a handful of songs of theirs I really enjoy..."Hooker" is a great song but this riff doesn't excite me at all...
    You're supposed to listen to it a ear'raping volumes, with polyrhythmic bass riffs harmonising over the top and a nutsqueezing drumsolo crashing through to boot... Oh, and in the dark, a little wasted, with a thousand other people.. Then it's quite exciting.
    From a Mastodon fan? Don't get me wrong, I love Mastodon. But it seems there's usually a correlating fan base between the two.
    Tool, it has been eight years. It's OK if you are out of ideas. Maybe if you just call it quits then your fans will stop trying to recruit me into their cult and you can go out with some class.
    they wrote a new middle section to lateralis too, and schism.
    I saw Tool in 2006, with Kinsky opening. It was in Alabama, and the last show they were doing with Kinsky, so as a send-off, they had the guitarist and drummer from Kinsky come out on stage and have dueling solos with them during the middle section of Lateralus. It amazing. They made that section alone last over 10 minutes, making the whole song over 20. And for that entire time, Justin was just holding down that endless D note (dun dun dun dun.... dun dun dun dun... dun dun dun...), looking bored as hell. So awesome.
    Well, I'm happy that after twenty three years he's still not wizzdicking around on the fretboard. 4+ albums and his only ever 'solo' was on their first Ep. Here's to fighting the good fight. (Ps, I suck at lead)
    third eye, jambi, stinkfist, eulogy, to name a few all have solos...they may not be a bunch of complicated scales sweeps but they are solos none the less
    I'm guessing you're talking about the Cold and Ugly solo? It's a good one, and the only real example of Adam Jones playing a standard, cliche metal-ish solo. But he definitely has tons of solos. The vast majority of their songs have guitar solos, actually. Just not solos with endless shreds and sweeps.
    Best Tool guitar solos= Jambi, Pushit, Reflection/Triad, Lateralus, 10,000 days, and the extended solo when they play Stinkfist live. That live Stinkfist breakdown is unbelievable especially on drums and guitar.
    Parabola from Lateralus. What world do you live in where that song does not include a solo?