Adele Has 'Nothing To Sing About' On The New Album

The singer reveals she is eager to work on the new material, but hasn't got anything to write about.

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After winning an Oscar for her James Bond theme track "Skyfall" and selling over 26 million copies of her second album "21" worldwide, Adele seems to have done it all at just 24. But that doesn't mean she plans on stopping any time soon.

However, in a recent chat with the Daily Mail, the singer has revealed that although she is more than eager to start working on the new record, she apparently doesn't have anything to sing about.

"Tell me about it, so am I. They'll come when they're ready, and when I've got something to sing about," the vocalist said when asked to comment on fans asking for a new release.

Adele has also noted that she doesn't plan on using other authors' songs, saying "I'm a writer. And Im going to write it."

But this doesn't mean the vocalist won't be involved in other projects, as she was already once again tapped to sing the theme for the next James Bond movie, with the "Skyfall" producers expressing their delight over the current theme song success.

"Producers are thrilled by how well the song has been received and hope Adele's presence on the next film will replicate that success. They want her to become as synonymous with Bond as Dame Shirley," an unnamed source tells The Sun.

So what are your thoughts about this one, is she right for taking the time with the new record? And how about that second Bond theme song? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    "You can't manufacture Inspirado" - Tenacious D
    I don't see anything wrong with this. It's better to wait for inspiration than to come up with some BS songs for the sake of money.
    Someone buy her a big bag of weed a few shrooms and a pen and paper
    I'll take care of it. I'll call her, date her, then cheat on her and dump her. New album in a month.
    typical sensationalist ug news headline making the title sound way more radical than the actual story content. i respect the fact that she's not rushing a new album for the sake of capitalizing on her popularity and cashing in on all the money a new record would make her. quality over quantity is something all musicians should follow.
    No ideas for songs? Then don't make a new album.
    Thank god, Im so sick of her
    I know right? It seems for the last 2 years all she does is turn up at award ceremonies, win a bunch of undeserved awards and then sing one song.
    ADELE, PLEASE TAKE YOUR GODDAMN TIME. Need some years of Adele free music enjoyment
    I'm into all types of music, from Country to Prog Metal, and regardless of what style of music you are into, you cannot deny that Adele can actually sing, she looks like a normal human being, and speaks for herself not through a PR guru. There is a hell of a lot worse out there than her, and for her style of music, not very many better.
    Because what has she got to write about? She has a new man now, just wait till he leaves her and she'll be popular again.
    til I saw the bank draft saying $4293, I didnt believe that my neighbour woz like they say actualie taking home money part-time on their laptop.. there neighbor started doing this for under nineteen months and a short time ago paid the morgage on their appartment and got a top of the range Lancia. go to,
    She'll probably just release a covers album, or god forbid, a christmas album
    Adele.....Ultimate Guitar..... oh yeah, now I see the connection....NOT! WTF?! She's gonna go the way of mama cass, choke..... Sincerely, Joan Rivers