Adele Has 'Nothing To Sing About' On The New Album

artist: Adele date: 03/04/2013 category: upcoming releases

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Adele Has 'Nothing To Sing About' On The New Album
After winning an Oscar for her James Bond theme track "Skyfall" and selling over 26 million copies of her second album "21" worldwide, Adele seems to have done it all at just 24. But that doesn't mean she plans on stopping any time soon. However, in a recent chat with the Daily Mail, the singer has revealed that although she is more than eager to start working on the new record, she apparently doesn't have anything to sing about. "Tell me about it, so am I. They'll come when they're ready, and when I've got something to sing about," the vocalist said when asked to comment on fans asking for a new release. Adele has also noted that she doesn't plan on using other authors' songs, saying "I'm a writer. And Im going to write it." But this doesn't mean the vocalist won't be involved in other projects, as she was already once again tapped to sing the theme for the next James Bond movie, with the "Skyfall" producers expressing their delight over the current theme song success. "Producers are thrilled by how well the song has been received and hope Adele's presence on the next film will replicate that success. They want her to become as synonymous with Bond as Dame Shirley," an unnamed source tells The Sun. So what are your thoughts about this one, is she right for taking the time with the new record? And how about that second Bond theme song? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.
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