Adolescents Begin Writing New Album

artist: Adolescents date: 03/26/2007 category: new releases

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The reunited early 80s Southern California punk rockers Adolescents, a band made up by early Social Distortion, D.I. and Agent Orange members, have begun writing material for their fifth studio release, which follows their first reunion album, 2005's "O.C. Confidential". A question was posted on the message board of their official website asking whether the band will deliver a new album anytime soon. Bassist Steve Soto replied: "I just wrote a new [song] today... Tony's got the words: Frank, Derek and I need to start throwing around the music. We all have songs, we just need to sit down and show them to each other, so I would say yes, there will be a new record hopefully by the end of the year." The last Adolescents album, "O.C. Confidential", came out in July 2005 and is their first release featuring new material since 1988's "Balboa Fun Zone". The tour following the album would become known as the 25th Anniversary Tour. More further details regarding the follow-up to "O.C. Confidential" have not yet been confirmed and there has been no word on whether the band has started recording it in a studio yet.
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