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artist: Aeon date: 07/20/2007 category: new releases
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Finally! The new Aeon album "Rise To Dominate" is finished and to be unleashed upon mankind shortly! Be prepared for a technical Death Metal apocalypse! "Rise To Dominate" is Aeon's first album for Metal Blade Records and their third in total. According to the band, the new songs are even "more brutal and raw than ever before". With all this going for the band, it's no wonder that no other than Dan Swan (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity, a.o.), could be persuaded to mix the record. All hell's about to break loose around Aeon. What can possibly be a bigger honor for a brutal death metal band than having the godfathers of the genre, Cannibal Corpse, declare to be fans of this band and take them out on a European tour? That's exactly what happened with Aeon. As a matter of fact, Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster doesn't waste a chance to sing Aeon's praises: "Aeon's musicianship is among the best in death metal, but their songwriting is what truly sets them apart. It's rare to find a death metal band that is simultaneously crushingly brutal and infectiously catchy. Aeon is one of those rare bands!" "Rise To Dominate" will be released the 7th of September (G/A/CH/I) - 10th of September (Europe). Tracklist "Rise To Dominate" 01. Helel Ben-Shachar 02. Spreading Their Disease 03. Living Sin 04. Hate Them 05. You Pray To Nothing 06. Caressed By The Holy Man 07. House Of Greed 08. Godless 09. When The War Comes 10. There Will Be No Heaven For Me 11. Luke 4-5-7 12. No One Escapes Us Thanks for the info to
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