Aerosmith Bassist Ready To Rock New Album

In recent interview to Boston Herald Aerosmith's bassist Tom Hamilton tells about new album, Steven Tyler, 'American Idol' and more.

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Tom Hamilton's a patient man, but even he has his limits when it comes time to rock.

The Boston Herald reports Aerosmith is itching to record its long-delayed new album, and the band hopes that lead singer - and "American Idol" star - Steven Tyler is finally ready to "Let The Music Do The Talking".

"Steven has been really good at selling the idea among his bandmates that the band is No. 1 and this is where his heart is", bassist Tom Hamilton told the Track this week. "I look forward to him demonstrating that."

Tyler has been rather busy with non-Aerosmith-related activities ever since he signed on to judge T's top-rated talent show this season - a move that had caused some dissension in the ranks, because the band has been promising fans a new disc for more than three years.

"I am bursting at the seams to do this and have been for a long time", Hamilton said. "Everybody's head is into it, and once Steven is done with his TV gig, we get to work and damned if we don't have a finished record by the end of September."

But even if the Bad Boys do pull it off, it's unclear when the disc would drop. The release has to be timed so that it's followed by a live tour to support the record. And Steven's schedule is rather jammed with "Idol" activities from about October to May.

Speaking of which, Hamilton said he's heard the buzz that the band will make an appearance on the show sometime this season, but no one's officially asked.

"In my mind, so many things would have to be right before that would be attractive to me", he said. "We would have to do something to bring the rock. Not middle-of-the-road stuff."

"I want whatever we do to be rock", Hamilton said. "That means a lot to me."

By the way, Tom said he's not surprised that Tyler has become the breakout star of this season's "Idol" and managed to make most viewers forget the name Simon Cowell.

"Before the show started, everyone thought he'd be kind of dumb", he said. "But Steven's far from dumb, he's a really smart guy. I mean, he's kind of a nut sometimes, but he's not dumb."

Check out Hamilton's full interview with the Boston Herald here.

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    Dr. Venom
    BLA BLA BLA enough of this crap!!! Get your asses in the studio and record the damn thing already. We have only been waiting for 7 friggin years already!!!