Aerosmith Returning To 'Weird' Roots With New Album

Aerosmith fans can expect an album that "really pays attention to all the different eras of the band".

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Aerosmith fans can expect an album that "really pays attention to all the different eras of the band" when "Music From Another Dimension!" - the Boston bad boys' first new release in eight years - comes out on August 28 according to bassist Tom Hamilton.

"It's gonna be, like, a 14-song album, so it's got a lot of range," Hamilton tells about the set, which was co-produced by the band's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry along with longtime cohort Jack Douglas, with additional work by Marti Frederiksen.

"I think it just kind of reflects all the eras of our career, everything we've learned over the centuries - the 70s era, just all-out riff rock songs, and then the later stuff that's more melodic, ballady stuff so that we can have girls in our audience. It's all there."

Hamilton says all five band members wrote for the album, although the Tyler-Perry team dominated, of course. Aerosmith also drew from "songs that have been written over the course of our lifetimes" - including the first single, "Legendary Child."

"We've had these songs that we've been really enthusiastic about," Hamilton explains, "but never have felt we had a producer or support from the record company for some of these more off-the-wall tracks that are very similar to what we were doing in the 70s. Jack Douglas was our producer back then, and he has an ear for the weird stuff and how the weird stuff turns into great Aerosmith songs. So that's the process that happened on this record."

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    Face R1pper wrote: SGstriker wrote: daverolston wrote: Aerosmith has not written a good song since Get A Grip fixed.
    New KISS material sounds better thanks to keeping the song writing in-house. Drop Marti Frederiksen already.
    Sick! Did you know Tom Hamilton is in a new movie with Parker Posey, coming out on DVD on June 19th??! It's hilarious! Check out the trailer: