Agent Steel Demoing Next Album

artist: Agent Steel date: 06/29/2009 category: new releases
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California metallers Agent Steel recently entered the studio to record a few new songs for demo purposes for the band's label and management. The group writes on its MySpace page, "We tracked four new Agent Steel songs this week in North Hollywood, California. The drums, bass and rhythm guitars are mostly completed! One official title thus far: 'Leave No Trace' (a very dark and moody song; think Black Sabbath with a thrashin' speed metal part in the middle) Up next; the mighty Bruce Hall will be recording vocals, and then we anticipate Bernie's [Versailles] arrival to add his guitar wizardry, shreddin' solos, and additional rhythms. The drum sound is pounding; we will make sure the kick, and toms do not get buried in the mix. The bass sound is very heavy (props to Mr. Cardenas for layin' down the deep tones). Guitars need some tweakin'; mainly EQing and additional rhythm layers (work in progress always). We plan on posting a rough mix in the coming weeks, so stay tuned; this will be our 2009 pre-production demo; and the beginning process to follow up the 'Alienigma' (2007) release on Mascot. Hopefully we will begin tracking the official 'untitled" album when we return from the scheduled European live dates in August. Lots of work ahead..." Agent Steel's fifth album, "Alienigma", was released by Mascot Records on August 31, 2007. The band supported the CD by embarking on a European tour with Vicious Rumors and After All. Thanks for the report to
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