Alexisonfire Singer's Solo Album

Dallas Green, of Alexisonfire, is releasing a solo album on November 1, 2005.

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Dallas Green of Alexisonfire is to release his long-awaited solo-album on the 1st of November, according to the band's official website. His side-project, which goes by the name of City & Colour, has been almost a decade in the making, with many demos released along the way, with a good portion of the music dating back before Alexisonfire.

There are no current tour dates lined up in support of the album, and it is expected that he will be back writing and in the studio with Alexisonfire before too long.

Also, is offering an autographed copy of the album if you are one of the first 500 pre-orders.

The track listing is as follows:

01. ...Off By Heart 02. Like Knives 03. Hello, I'm In Delaware 04. Save Your Scissors 05. In The Water I Am Beautiful 06. Day Old Hate 07. Sam Malone 08. Comin' Home 09. Casey's Song 10. Sometimes (I Wish)

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    finally, but its not exactly news that this is coming out, its been a set date for the past 4 or 5 months
    Why is he soloing? oh dear god. this better not suck.
    you're an idiot. it's a solo PROJECT. meaning it's just him. he's not guitar soloing. but yeah, it's gonna be amazing. i'm so totally getting it.
    For all those who fear or so greatfully its the screamo guy, fear not, it isnt him. It's the other guy who sings well and plays the guitar, I just mite buy this album.
    Save Your Scissors is his biggest song. But yeah, he went to my high school and I saw him perform there last year. He's amazing live. His voice is so really real. Yeah, thank God its not the screamo guy. I loved the song No Transitory because it was based so much more on his vocals than the other guy's.
    dallas has an amazing voice and the album is a nice change from alexisonfire, amazing album to chill out with.
    yeah dallas really has some skills, he has an amazing voice, and i think the fact that even though he could have a really succesful solo career, he sticks with alexisonfire because he loves what he does, and he loves making the music that he wants to. It can't be denyed that alexis is a great band musically, its def not for everyone, but i think that dallas is someone we all can appreciate.