Alice Cooper's New Album To Feature Original Band Members

Alice Cooper's new album will feature three tracks recorded with original '70s bandmates.

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Alice Cooper's new album will feature three tracks recorded with original '70s bandmates Neal Smith (drums), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Michael Bruce (guitar). Original lead guitarist Glen Buxton died in 1997.

As reported by, the disc is a sequel, of sorts, to Cooper's 1975 album, Welcome To My Nightmare.

Ironically, the original Nightmare disc was the first by Cooper not to feature the classic '70s Alice Cooper lineup.

Tentatively titled The Nightshift, the new album also finds Cooper reunited with producer Bob Ezrin, who played an integral role in the group's landmark '70s albums.

When I listen to the first Nightmare, I've got all kinds of things going on, Cooper said. There's a lot of hard rock on it, but it'll go way off in a weird direction in one song and then way off in other direction for another song. So where Welcome to My Nightmare left off, this one starts right up. When it comes out it'll have an entire new production around it, probably as big as the original Nightmare show. It'll be a big moment in my career.

The new album will be released next year on Bigger Picture Records.

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    My dreams have come true...Now Glen Buxton will be ressurected.It can happen you know!It happened in the bible!
    Glenn and Dennis were the only ones I knew of anyway, so I don't care much who is backing Alice.