Alice In Chains Confirm Album Title And Release Date

Their new album will be released in May - but what's the official title? See the answer here, alongside the funniest guesses from the UG community.

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After posting a cryptic anagram of their new album title yesterday, Alice In Chains have confirmed it as "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" and announced a global release date in May.

It will be their second album with vocalist William DuVall, who has fronted their comeback since 2007.

We enjoyed reading UG commenters having fun guessing the album title yesterday. Here's some of our favorites:



bifteksupernova: Our Past Hides Under The Veil

RobotSamurai: Rude Hour: The Devil's Panties

Omniphallica: This Endeavour, This Prelude

JephStiph: I'd Heed Their Anus Love Spurt

Here's the official answer:

AIC's forthcoming album, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" will be available worldwide May 2013.

Alice in Chains (@AliceInChains) February 14, 2013

Hear the first song "Hollow" from the new Alice In Chains album here:

North American tour dates (via Metal Insider)

Upcoming tour dates:

04/25 - Miami Beach, FL - The Fillmore 04/26 - Tampa, FL - WXTB Rockfest 04/27 - Jacksonville, FL - Welcome To Rockville 04/30 - Birmingham, AL - BJCC Concert Hall 05/01 - Augusta, GA - William B. Bell Auditorium 05/04 - Charlotte, NC - Carolina Rebellion 05/05 - Norfolk, VA - Norva 05/07 - Bethlehem, PA - Sands Event Center 05/08 - Pittsburgh, PA - Benedum Center 05/10 - Boone, IA - Central Iowa Expo 05/12 - St. Louis, MO - KPNT Pointfest 05/14 - Sioux Falls, SD - Lyons Fairgrounds 05/15 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom 05/18 - Philadelphia, PA - Susquehanna Bank Center 05/19 - Columbus, OH - Rock On The Range 05/21 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Embassy Theatre 05/22 - Evansville, IN - Aiken Theatre 05/24 - Lincoln, NE - Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater 05/25 - Pryor, Oklahoma - Rocklahoma

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    Cheers to bifteksupernova, when I saw Our Past Hides Under The Veil, I was almost certain it would be that, such a great album title, and not gonna lie, I like it more than the actual title haha
    i thought that had to be it too, took me so long to find something that made sense i thought that must be it. i couldnt imagine there was anything else that wouldve even made sense as a title with real words haha. cheers!
    can i use it for my band? haha if someday i will have that is....
    Maybe it's just me, but that sounds kinda formulaic and cheesy to me. I'm glad it's something a little more creative.
    i don't think they want to make the distinction to their past on every album, they've done that on the last one, i think they want to move forward, and it will be good for them to do that and create without the shadow over the band.
    I love Alice In Chains but that title is godawful.
    With you there! they're one of my all time fav bands and I've been listening to them for as long as I can remember. Hollow is a badass track and I got stoked for the album. Then the anagram idea was even cooler! But "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
    I think I can relate to this title because I in fact like Dinosaurs and their title has dinosaurs in it.. so there's like this connection going on
    Am I the only one who laughed at the title and liked it?
    No, its just that people are more likely to post negative crap/criticism than to post positive remarks...I like the title also
    I seriously love the title, but to each their own. So, Dinosaurs are in the title, why the fuss? It's fitting for their sound...
    That title doesnt seem very Alice in Chains to me. I liked Our Past Hides Under The Veil better.
    This album is going to be worse than their last one.
    I don't think it's gonna be worse than Black Gives Way to Blue, but it might not be any better, either. I really didn't like that album, but it wasn't horrible. It was just really bland and boring, unlike any of the albums with Layne Staley. It was a lot more along the lines of a Jerry Cantrell solo album, but I even liked those albums better than than Black Gives Way to Blue. So far, Hollow sounds right on par with where they left off on the last one, but as long as there's not even less guitar or even less of a presence from Duvall, I can't see how it could be any worse than the last one.
    No way, man! All Alice fan-boyishness aside, I think it's going to be better than BGWTB (and that has some really great tracks on it), and probably a little heavier, sludgier, and more doomy. "Hollow" was a great first release!
    It's called progression, they can't re-make Dirt every 5 years.
    ...but they could at least progress for the better not the opposite. BGWTB had what ONE decent song on it?
    Acid Bubble, Check My Brain, A Looking In View, Last of My Kind and Your Decision are all good ... One good song my ass.
    all of those songs were incredibly dull. Check my brain...worst lyrics ever, the only good song was "your decision" and even that wasnt spectacular.
    If you stop and think about it, the title still screams alice in chains. Think about it, they do goofy stuff like this all the time, even when they were with Layne, anyone remember "Love Song?" Hopefully they show a little bit more goofiness and take some risks on this album, Hollow is a great song but it sounds like all the best stuff from their last album thrown into one tune.
    Right. And they've had a really dark career, so maybe it's good that they lighten up a bit.
    Is it just me or does the video remind anyone else of Oblivion by Mastodon?
    Yes, but it reminds me more of the movie MOON directed by David Bowies son Duncan Jones Oblivion reminds me of a short anime film called Rose Red.
    I hope it's not all about creationism or something. That being said, I should really judge it by the music and Hollow sounds pretty damn good to me!
    Agreed, creationism is far too stupid to spend any more time harping on.
    What I'm really keen to see now is the album artwork. My prediction is that it'll be a picture of a fossil, possibly manipulated to look satanic.
    Says there's a confirmed release date.. Doesn't provide a release date.
    Quite an odd title, but was I surprised? No, not really. Alice in Chains has done some pretty weird stuff when it comes to album titles and song names.
    Odd title (Dinosaurs!!!), but I'm looking forward to it regardless.
    Dear AiC, how have you been, then? I'm not fine, **** the waiting For that new album you're sending Come soon May, for my heart mending
    This IS classic AIC. They love to do the very opposite of what people expect them to do. This is why they are well respected. They do whatever the **** they want to do and couldn't care less what people think of them! The title sounds like something Sean or Mike would come up with :p
    Dinosaurs are huge, AIC, and their sound is HUGE The devil is Rock and Roll, AIC are Rock and Roll 'Hollow as a Mountain'. A hollow mountain is a volcano, I've always pictured dinosaurs and volcano's together. So far the title seems to be backing up the music, I'm excited to see if the rest of the album, music, packing, all of it, fits the name.
    "Our Past Hides Under The Veil" oh man, SO introspective and deep dude.... Come on, AiC is in the NOW, not focusing on their past. They're a rebirth and that title would've been and IS terribly cheesy. "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" is clever and witty as ****. I think it's a great title.
    God I love me some AIC! These guys are some of my heroes lol Honestly, the only problem I've had so far, and it was the same with Black Gives Way to Blue, is that William and Jerry sing together waaaayyyy too much lol I know that the vocal harmonies have always been a huge part of their sound, and I love their harmonies, but it would be nice to hear just William a little bit more and not the two throughout the entire song. Other than that, Hollow kicks ass!!!
    I agree, man. Albeit vocal-harmonies are AIC's signature (one of them actually), there was a lot of solo/lead singing, and minor harmonies. I definitely want to hear more of William, especially after hearing him belt out Chris Cornell's vocal part in a live version of "Right Turn"!
    It was so hard in the first album to identify his voice, I too hope that he gets some good leads in TDPDH.
    Wow, there's a lot of people here getting bent out of shape over an ALBUM TITLE of all things. Who cares what it's called? Let the music speak for itself.
    I thought biftek's guess would have been a great title, lol. The real one is good too, sounds like a sarcastic reference to creationism. Anyway, I can't wait until May, I'm very agog to hear what they've come up with since Black Gives Way to Blue.
    While that IS an awesome name for a record, I would not be surprised if the real title ended up being as short as 'Dirt'. Black Gives Way to Blue has some gold on it, but doesn't hold a candle to any of their other work.
    Fuck all the people moaning. Sounds like a great title, and Hollow is a great song. Took me a little while to get into, but once that chorus kicked in, that was it. I love that about AiC, the fact that they can take really dissonant, dirty verse sections, then combine them with killer choruses. Video was cool as well. Alice does sci-fi. I like a lot. Bring on May.
    Don't really give a crap what they title is, I can look past that once the music is good
    Black Gives Way To Blue was pretty bad. I was embarrassed to call myself an AIC fan with check my brain all over the radio. That song makes me wanna shove knives into my eyes. And it doesn't help that William Duvall tried to sound like Layne a bit. I hate when bands do this. Just change the name and make as much crappy music as you want but this is not AIC period end of story.
    That new Hollow tune is lame and boring as shit...sorry but thats the truth
    *cough* The truth to you. Yes, I respect your opinion, but your opinion isn't "the truth".
    Atrocious title, but then again, it's just a title and doesn't mean jacksh*t if the music is great which it's expected to be.
    caged butterfly
    Sorry but, No Layne... No Chains.
    Losing Layne was a tragedy and the band sounded best with him but Jerry Cantrell has always been the main force behind AIC. "Black Gives Way to Blue" was their best album since "Dirt", I can't wait to hear the new one.
    ofcourse! your naivety is expected're a "caged butterfly"
    The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here was also an entry on the list from fans. Why can't anyone see that the tweet is a fun joke acknowledging a fan's creativity?
    Does anyone truly even know why the title created by AIC by for their new album is called "Devil Put Dinosaurs Here?" Seems everyone is a bit on the wrong track but it's a religious-hypocrisy related thing & there are several articles speaking of the origin of it but I could care less about the title or Jerry's hair-cut b/c Alice In Chains has & will always be the most original rocking awesomely talented musicians ever! I can't wait to get the entire album b/c it's been a while since I even wanted an entire album from any band lol! Rock on AIC! \m/
    Coming to Indiana twice????? Too bad they're both on school nights and too far away for me to get back in time to not be a zombie the next day
    Wow, don't like it. But then again, I didn't like the idea of Duvall fronting the band and still calling it AiC. Then Black Gives Way To Blue came out, and that was certainly AiC.
    Think about it, Maybe the dinosaurs- which everyone assumes without knowing them personally are great and friendly creatures(aside from the carnivores of course), they might just have been evil... ~Musidore Signing Out~
    The Devil Put Fossils Here would have been wittier and a better title...
    sounds good honestly, better than expected, but will any of it affect me as viscerally as the unplugged recording of "Nutshell," for example? remains to be seen (or heard), i suppose.
    Did April Fools Day come early this year? *Fingers crossed* Huge Alice In Chains fan, but that title literally made me go "you've got to be kidding me".
    True, a better title should've been along the lines of "Death Magnetic," or "King Animal", hell even, "Sap," or "Facelift"...
    I actually didn't like 'Death Magnetic' when it was first revealed to be the title, since it didn't sound very 'Metallica'. But then actually hearing the album and the common thread of fear/attraction to mortality made me revise my opinion on it. For now 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' sounds lame, but I'll reserve judgement until I hear the album before I start bashing on it on the internet.