Alice in Chains Join Forces With Funny or Die for an 'AIC 23' Skit

The band releases a spoof documentary featuring members of Metallica, Pearl Jam, Mastodon and Guns N Roses.

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Grunge icons Alice In Chains have teamed up with Akab Poole and Funny Or Die to release their new mockumentary titled "AIC 23." The 11-minute film features Poole showing the group's new material and discussing it with a wide range of people, including the likes of a stereotype hipster, a Rastafarian and a brutal black metal fan.

It also features short appearances from various Metallica, Pearl Jam, Mastodon and Guns N Roses members, along with snippets of new tracks "Hollow," "Stone," "Voices" and "Phantom Limb." The likes of Lars Ulrich and Rob Trujillo, Duff McKagan, Pearl Jams Mike McCready and Brent Hinds of Mastodon all gave their hilarious comments on the band and their forthcoming record.

New Alice in Chains release, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," is set for a May 14 release via Virgin/EMI Records. As the band's fifth studio release, it will be the second one to feature vocalist Willian DuVall. According to guitarist Jerry Cantrell, the record "has some real filth" and will be completely different from the previous Alice In Chains releases.

You can check out the "AIC 23" skit below.

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    Jerry Cantrell as the country artist is just awesome.
    "What type of music do you play?" "We vomit" Oh God this is brilliant! All the guys from this band have a great sense of humor.
    Would've never expected this from a band like them. Cool to see they have a sense of humor
    Look at ANY interview or home video from AIC in the early 90's...YAH! they definitely are a bunch of goofballs.
    "What type of music do you play?" "We Vomit." *blinds open, light comes in* (in pussy voice) "****"
    im not mental
    "What is your band?" "Necrobotica." "And what kind of music do you play?" "...we vomit." I lost my shit here
    Its alot like the Nona tapes from the 90s, if you haven't seen it, I highly recomend it
    Loved it. Reminded me a little of the nona tapes. Can't wait for the new album.
    I actually didn't realise it was the guys from AiC until Jerry turned up on-screen. I honestly thought it was just random hipster/metal dude/jamaican guy. Needless to say, laughed my ass off. Can't wait for the new album. Hope they have a reggae version of Hollow just as a bonus.
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