Alice In Chains: New Album Update

Alice In Chains give update about new album.

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In 2009, Alice In Chains fans were treated to "Black Gives Way To Blue", the band's first new album in 14 years.

Singer Layne Staley's addictions, and his eventual death in 2002, made it a difficult task for the remaining members guitarist Jerry Cantrell, bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney to pick up the pieces and get the band back on its legs.

The addition of singer William Duvall to the lineup in 2005 put Alice back on track, with the band returning to live shows with the full support of fans and fellow musicians.

Cantrell recently took part in an ESPN chat to discuss "Alice In Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League"; he was asked about the band's return.

"It was good. Geez, we started playing in 2005 and doing some shows," said Cantrell. "It kind of grew into something a lot larger than we anticipated. It was all good. Some of the best things in life are those that are unexpected. To recreate ourselves without losing our identity and having the fans support us through that and have the quality of music come out like it did. Transitioning from the old lineup of the band and moving on, it was a lot. It's a career worth of changes in 6-7 years. It's nice to have a second life and we're in the midst of that."

With the 2009 release behind them, Alice is moving forward with work on a new album, but are keeping their options open in terms of the timeline for the project.

"Whenever we're done," Jerry says. "Schedules in music, I know people have done it and say you need an album out by this date and you're talking about album tour, it can burn you out quickly. It did with our band. We've been fortunate to be partnered up with companies that respect the process. We're never really forced to make music. If it doesn't happen, then it doesn't. We've been writing a lot. I also had shoulder surgery earlier this year. I'm at the tail end of rehabbing that. That put us back a little bit. But we have some stuff. We'll do some writing. Hopefully we'll have it out next year. We'll put it out when we feel that it's worth putting out."

Alice recently played show in Chile and Brazil, and the guitarist raved about the experience.

"We did that a few weeks ago. We hadn't been down there since '93," says Cantrell. "We did two shows there. This time we got a chance to go to another country. The people there were so nice. The crowds were great. We played with a lot of our buddies and guys we admire. I got to go golfing in Santiago. It was beautiful. The course was right below the mountain range there. I didn't bring my clubs or shoes. People are shorter down there, so I'm just wacking it all over the place. I'm golfing in my Chuck Taylors. By the 13-14 hole, my feet are killing me. The shows were great, the people were exceptionally nice. I'd love to get back."

You can check out the full Alice set from Chile here.

Alice In Chains Check My Brain (live @ BBC, Later with Jools Holland, November 13, 2009):

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    I like "Black Gives Way To Blue", It's a great album! It's like the oldschool Alice In Chains - yet there is something new in the music, not just William DuVall... (that did an amazing job there!) I'm waiting to here more from them, mostly because of my huge appreciation of Jerry Cantrell's music. Until then, I'll buy "Jar Of Flies" and "Alice In Chains"...
    ArekuuHachi wrote: I think it's good that they can pick up after Layne died. It reminds me of AC/DC. This is, in a way, Alice in Chains' Back in Black album, so to speak.
    I don't know why this comment is getting downvotes; both albums WERE dedicated to their dead ex-singers. Aside from the fact that Back in Black is one of the greatest albums ever, I'd say this comparison isn't totally off.
    In that video, I hate the way the camera focuses on Cantrell 75% of the time, and Cantrell's mic is turned much higher than Duvall's mic. Such a shame.
    I think it's good that they can pick up after Layne died. It reminds me of AC/DC. This is, in a way, Alice in Chains' Back in Black album, so to speak.
    Kind of expected at least a mention of Mike Starr... Anyway, good news, Jerry is an amazing songwriter and could never fail. Definitely psyched. Layne was more than just a singer, people often forget how band members do a little more than just sing and play what's given to them, he was THE soul of AiC, it's the kind of hole that could never really be filled. So, talented though DuVall may be (and he is), whatever Jerry does it will be brilliant no doubt, but it won't be Alice in Chains.
    It totally is Alice in Chains and they rock now just as good as they used to. Sometimes times just need to change and move on. Even after a tragedy or two, it would have been further tragedy to lose Alice In Chains.
    This is certainly the best comeback any band has ever had, replacing a front man. Smartest choice in replacement by a long shot.
    I don't know if 'treated' is the right word. The album sounded like a bunch of B-sides from Jerry Cantrell from 1995+ that Layne Staley never got around to put any input into. The whole album lacks feeling. That's what happens when Jerry Cantrell is in the forefront (especially when DuVall is mixed so low that you can barely hear him). I still look forward to their next album, in hopes that they might not restrain William DuVall so much, or really just that it's interesting. However, my expectations are low. Like it was said earlier, Layne Staley was the soul of the band -- with him, they're one of my favorite bands of all time; without him, they're fairly boring.
    We'll put it out when we feel that it's worth putting out." I giggled Excited though... I'm really anticipating this next album. Hope they take more risks on this next one though. I felt like Black Gives Way to Blue was a little too similar to the stuff they did in the past.
    RIP Layne Staley its hard to replace a musician as good as him but William Duvall is a pretty good substitute for him he may not be 100% as good as Layne but hes pretty damn close i loved Black Gives Way To Blue and i listen to it all the time. its a really good addition to the Alice In Chains i have i cant wait to hear their next album i hope its as good as or better than BGWTB
    I'll definitely be getting that the day it comes out, if it comes out RIP Layne Staley
    I really like the song "your decision" and still have to get the album. also saw some live footage of them at sonisphere or whatever at they sounded great. so I think its safe to say they still have it and should keep up the good work
    It took me a few spins to finally enjoy the album, but they were amazing live when I saw them at Soundwave in 2009. Cantrell had one of THE best live guitar sound I've ever heard. Not overly distorted, but a beautiful crunch that you could actually hear as if listening to him in the studio.
    William Duvall is mixed so low in Black Gives Way To Blue that it might as well have been a Jerry Cantrell solo album.