Alice In Chains: New Song 'Hollow' To Make Its Online Debut In Two Weeks

No official release date has been confirmed yet for the new album, it is likely that the disc will make its debut in early 2013.

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Alice In Chains has issued the following update:

"Every day for the next 10 days, a new lyrical phrase from our brand new song 'Hollow' will be posted at @aliceinchains on Instagram. We want you to create an image inspired by or featuring a single word or phrase from those lyrics. Next, share those photos on Instagram or Twitter tagging #HOLLOWAIC. On [December] 18, visit [this location] to see your photos and other fan photos from around the world, then hear and become 'Hollow'."

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has confirmed that the band has finished recording its fifth studio album and second without original vocalist Layne Staley. The new disc will follow up 2009's "Black Gives Way To Blue", which ended a 14-year gap between studio efforts for the group and featured singer/guitarist William DuVall. Cantrell said, "In my opinion, that record stood up to anything else we've put out in our career and this new one is right up there, as well."

Alice In Chains began working on new material in 2011, but the sessions for the album were delayed when Cantrell had to undergo shoulder surgery.

He said that the pressure in following up "Black Gives Way To Blue" was like "having to deal with the sophomore jinx for the second time in our career."

Alice In Chains all but faded from the scene after the release of its self-titled third album in 1995. Staley's death in 2002 seemed to seal the band's fate as well.

But Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Inez regrouped in 2006 with DuVall, first for several tours and then eventually to create new music.

Although no official release date has been confirmed yet for the new album, it is likely that the disc will make its debut in early 2013.

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    My thoughts are thinking. Soundgarden...Alice In Chains...2013. Make it happen.
    2013... Pearl Jam/Soundgarden Tour... Due to drummer in both bands... Maybe Alice should hook up and make it a triple header..
    Sophomore jinx? I'm absolutely positive this CD is going to be incredible. Jerry never, ever lets me down. All bow down to the Riff Lord.
    Absolutely true there, the man is incapable of releasing a dud. Even his two solo albums are great and completely in character with AIC. If anyone hasn't heard them, definitely check them out and it will tide you over till this new record. Boggy Depot was really, for all purposes, the first post-Layne AIC album, as he was the only AIC member not on it.
    Saw them live on the BGWTB tour and was blown away. William DuVall has an awesome voice, can definitely handle the back catalog and harmonises with Jerry perfectly. BGWTB was a superb album and I can't wait to hear what comes next from these guys.
    Its like the 90's are coming back again. Alice In Chains are releasing a new album next year along with Slayer and (hopefully) Megadeth. Anthrax are releasing a bunch of new cover songs! Hopefully this leads to a Clash Of The Titans reunion tour!
    Can't wait for the new record. If only STP will roll something out that'd be sick
    Thats unlikely my friend. If you hop over to a different article from today, you'll read that according to Slash, Scott Weiland was recently fired from STP.
    Its about time someone gave praise instead of criticism to Duvall.I think hes superb and fits right in.Cant wait for new material.