Alice In Chains Reveal New Album Title With An Anagram

Grunge veterans give fans a chance to decode the new release title.

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Grunge veterans Alice In Chains have decided to give fans a chance to discover the title of their forthcoming studio release with a special puzzle. All you have to do is decode the anagram given below.

The band also invites everyone to share their decoded messages on Instagram with a #AICALBUMTITLE tag.

"H V L E N T P S U S D A H I E E O E D T I U R R"

"Decode the past to reveal the future. Reassemble these letters to reveal the album title of the new Alice In Chains record. Share your decoded messages on Instagram, tagging #AICALBUMTITLE. Good luck."

The group recently premiered a video for "Hollow", the first single from the new album directed by Robert Schober, a.k.a. Roboshobo, an award-winning director known for his previous work with bands such as Metallica and Mastodon.

As far as the new album sound goes, guitarist Jerry Cantrell told Revolver magazine that he believes the album is unique, but has also added that fans won't be surprised with what they'll hear.

"I don't think you'll be surprised by anything you hear. It's us. But it's also really unique. It's got all the elements of any record we've put out, but it's unlike any record we've put out. Basically, it's the next chapter in the Alice In Chains book, and it's going to be a big one."

Back in December, the band has announced that the recording process is officially finished. The fifth studio release will once again feature singer/guitarist William Duvall, who had his debut with the band on their 2009 album "Black Gives Way To Blue".

So are you up for that decoding task? And what results have you come up with so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Our Past Hides Under The Veil!!
    ZOSO <(")
    It's "the devil put dinosaurs here" but yours was more bad-ass lol
    it had to do something with past or history so i took those letters out, thought it had to be it haha. still a pretty cool title. mine sounded like a shitty metalcore band name
    Even if thats not it, thats still a badass title, especially for a band like Alice in Chains
    This is so much better than 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here'. Anyway, I know this album is gonna rock. Cantrell never disappoints.
    I would actually be okay if Alice delayed the album for a short period to replace the title in marketing. Your title is too bad ass to ignore.
    Devilish Dope Treasure Hunt Hitherto Unpersuaded Evils(or Lives) This Endeavour, This Prelude O-Shaped Inherited Vultures This Previous Hunted Leader The Silver-Haired: So Tuned-Up This Deprived Neutral House Devil In Purehearted Shouts
    I got going and got "THE LAST ORDER" out of it, but then I had "PEED VUSHIIUN" left over. I give up.
    THE LAST DEEP SUN ORDER... That leaves just VUHII... Good luck with that!
    Almost as if they just put random letters down and chose a Instagram/Facebook comment at random.
    And whats up with one of my favorite bands supporting instagram? Instagram people are probably the greediest people ever. I wouldn't want anyone being proudly associated with anything Instagram. Seriously can't even use their app to upload pics unless you have an overpriced tablet.
    "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" really stupid name And its official now
    I think one of the words is HEAVEN, but I can't think of anything else with the other letters.
    I thought the dinosaur thing was a joke, then they did the banner and I knew they were serious.
    A Undeveloped Shittier Rush Inspire hot-headed vultures our riddles upheave hen tits thespian udders outlive her I'd heed their anus love spurt wow..
    I think "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" sounds like a massive sounding album title! It definitely will match the music, and sounds ridiculously awesome! It's cool to see UG users supporting the title, as opposed to the bashing and ignorant remarks I've seen elsewhere (Loudwire, Facebook, etc). It's all about the music anyways, so quit hating people...
    I might need an explanation of "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" from the band to get behind this title, because it sounds like something a creationist would say.
    I'm imagining a conversation between the band members: "Hey guys, did you read the album title UG commenters suggested? Our Past Hides Under The Veil is not bad..." "Shut the f*** up! The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is the REAL name!!!" "WHOA, MAN!!! Are u serious??? I thought you was kidding me!!! "It will kick a**, trust me!" "Nobody will take it seriously!" "IT ROCKS!" "If you say so..."
    according to wikipedia, it was confirmed that the new album title is "the devil put dinosaurs here," but who knows cuz its wikipedia!
    If you like Alice in Chains . . . which you probably do cause your on this page.