Alice in Chains: 'Teaching People That Being Gay is a Mortal Sin is a Huge Problem'

Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney talk about religious themes behind the new album title "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here."

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When grunge icons Alice in Chains first unveiled "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" as the title of their new album, there was a certain amount of fans, including a part of the UG community, that found the name a little odd. But as it turns out, there is actually a pretty interesting story hiding behind it.

In a recent Noisecreep exclusive, guitar mastermind Jerry Cantrell and drummer Sean Kinney explained that the new album title is referring to a religious fundamentalists' belief saying that Satan planted dinosaur bones into the Earth to confuse the believers and deter them from their faith.

"They're not wrong for believing that dinosaur stuff, but we aren't wrong for asking them to explain it either," the drummer said. "Are we supposed to believe that some little mythical dude with cloven hooves cruised around the planet hiding bones that were millions of years old to fool us for some f--king reason? It's ridiculous."

Cantrell then went on to discuss his views on religion itself, saying that he is tired of hypocrisy of the organized religion and that the time has come for the humanity to grow up a bit.

"We definitely didn't write the song to stir up a f--ing hornet's nest. No one in the band claims to be an expert on religion, but the title of the song comes from something that a lot of people actually believe in," started off the guitarist. "I think there's overwhelming evidence that things aren't working right now. We need to start growing up as a people. When you're teaching people that being gay is a mortal sin, yet a good portion of the people teaching this are f--ing kids, there's a huge problem."

"It's insane when a religion tells you it's OK to strap a bomb on yourself to blow someone else up because they believe in something different. If a religion is teaching you that it's OK to hurt somebody, exclude somebody, dominate somebody I have a problem with it. 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' just speaks to the lamer parts of how those things are taught and the sh-tty things we do to each other because of our different beliefs."

It is controversial, but this story has definitely spiced things up and added a dose of extra charm to the new record. In a time when a deeper perspective is often lacking in rock music, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" just might prove as the breath of fresh air we need.

As the fifth release in the group's catalogue, the new album is set for a May 14 release via Virgin/EMI Records. According to a previous statement from Cantrell, the record "has some real filth" and will be completely different from the previous Alice in Chains releases.

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    I think any one can and should believe what they want but it's when they're proven wrong and they come up with some bull shit like this that a 4 year old would probably think twice about saying, and these are grown men. Makes me wonder where world would be if religion had never existed.
    A huge less amount of wars maybe?
    Possibly but most leaders have used religion to galvanise support. If George Bush said lets start a war with Iraq because I want it even republicans would be put off even if its just to keep face.
    The wars would have still happened, they would have used a different excuse/premise.
    That's such a cop out. You can't just say that the wars would still have happened. It's too dismissive.
    I honestly think that, while the wars might have been less numerous, conflicts in general would be more common. Believe it or not, a large number of people would actually be much more malicious, much more likely to rape and murder whoever they feel like, if not for the threat of eternal damnation. It's actually pretty scary just how evil some people could be and just how silly what it is they believe keeps them from it.
    It's all about power, as long as you have a central power that people unquestioningly trust that power will use their trust to it's advantage, war for the most part has the same desirable effects (as long as you don't lose and you don't have to personally fight it's usually a net positive) regardless of whether religions there or not, the real problem people are talkink about when they're saying whats wrong with religion is the clashing of stubborn beliefs and people will come up with those as long as we continue to come up with beliefs and have any semblance of self assurance.
    Wars are fought for resources; land, fuel, water and occasionally egoes. Religion is just the excuse, but rarely the true motive.
    When it comes to our governments wars, religion wouldn't make a damn bit of difference. Power, money, and control is all our government cares about.
    I think the promise of life after death would have played a big contribution in most wars, maybe, ya know a sense of 'Gods gunna be well pleased with this when I see him later, boy I can't wait'
    Other than the Crusades and ancient wars in the Middle East...most wars are over greed and resources. Dumb Christians now days think that protecting "Israel" is biblical, and that we should attack anybody that's brown. But, if you think the "powers that be" are Christians, you're nuts. They're just playing them for fools.
    Are you saying that the struggle to control the most valued piece of land on this planet was motivated by anything other than greed?
    Relgion was quite useful to humanity for many years, much before the monotheistic relgions of course. It gave many of us a sense of hope or purpose/drive when we were still unable to fathom much of the world we know today. I do agree, its a waste of time and mind in modern society, especially now since we can understand much more of ourselves. But it had its place like any other mindset to bring us out of the mud. Only problem is, much like anything else - is humans learn how to exploit it.
    Your last sentence made me think of a scene in Family Guy where Brian and Stewie travel to a universe where religion never existed. If things would be as they were in there, or even slightly similar..
    I agree. It's ok that these ridiculous religious ideas existed thousands of years ago(before we had things like science) but it's time for the human race to move forward.
    Oh, so we didn't have science thousands of years ago? Are you saying that science and religion cannot coexist? Did you know that some of the greatest minds in history have been deeply religious as well? You need to know atleast a little bit about history before you make comments like this.
    Ugh. No I didn't realize that. "Thank You" for pointing out those super mysterious facts. BTW I didn't say religion in general I was talking about the crazy religious ideas that were mentioned in the article... The Devil hiding dinosaur bones, being gay is a mortal sin, etc.
    While science and religion can of course co-exist, they are opposites. Religion deals with faith and wishful thinking and putting aside rational thinking, logic and evidence where science only deals with demonstrable facts and evidence. Many great scientists have been deeply religious but most of that was in a time when it was almost unheard of to not believe in god.
    A lot of religious ideas are very similar to scientific thought. In brief: Consider karma, actions have consequences now consider Netwon: for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Thats essentially karma
    I think Science is starting to get more like religion, think about it, we've discovered most everything in our lives that we can observe directly, the scientific theory's we create from now on may correlate perfectly with the reality we observe but on the most basic level we never directly observe anything much smaller than an atom, our pictures of the "fundamental" particles where now detecting just consists of specific patterns in flashes the of radiation they degrade into pretty much the moment we make them. Then once you get into the human brain and quantum mechanics the idea of ever being able to even define what objective reality is go's straight out of the windows. We could create a model that perfectly represents are universe to last detail(thats all scientific and religious beliefs are, mental models that guide us through reality whatever the **** that is) and it could still be completely wrong because even though we can prove that it perfectly correlates with reality we can never prove at a fundamental level that it's the same. Any belief can be challenged and the only real test of a belief is what results it brings as Truthiness (Tm. Stephen Colbert) has proven to be an elusive quality. My biggest pet peeve is arbitrary dividing lines although it's readily observable that for the most part our religious beliefs are more outdated than our scientific ones when it comes down to it a belief's just a belief.
    Bach would have likely never wrote the hundreds of organ pieces, it would likely have a great effect on music considering how many of the great composers of the 1800s wrote for churches and were funded by them. I'd say that we have been given a rich art culture from religions. Much of the world's history has been preserved thanks to monks. There'd still be wars because people would still have ideas and discrimination. I believe organized religion has cons but it was still vital.
    Without religion or any kind of belief, what's the point of even living???
    The joy of friends, the happyness of a sunny day, the beauty of a newborn child, the hope in a lovers eye?
    The beauty of being alive. The world becomes a wonderful place once you know where to take yourself to. There's a whole world of joy you can experience... it's certainly better than the boring "nothing". Actually, I always thought the idea of totally needing a God to feel good (or hoping there's an afterlife so your existence can make any sense) way more desperate than the idea that we're all gonna die one day, but that's just my 2 cents, mate.
    Because most of us atheists believe this is the only life we're ever going to experience. We don't believe in some sort of heaven or reincarnation (at least most of us don't, I can't speak for all) so I might as well enjoy this life don't you think?
    I like having hope for something better than this crappy world we're living in.
    A lot of Atheists also use that excuse to live their lives in the most selfish, destructive way possible. People throw any morals right out the window because they don't think it matters in the long run. Who cares about the consequences of your actions, because hey, you only live once right?.....
    That's really quaint, and by quaint, I mean stupid. Do unto others is the simplest moral code to live by, and it predates religion. You're right though, I am selfish and ultimately looking out for myself, because treating people kindly, especially those I love, is rewarding and beneficial. There are lots of religious people that completely and totally abandon the moral code that is supposedly a driving force for them. It's so easy to turn your 'logic' around and say that religious people only have a moral code to get them into heaven.
    I agree with you with religious people doing the same thing. My experience has been with both, but the majority of people I have encountered who don't believe in anything at all act the way I described in my first post. All you have to do is just look at what's happening to our country. A bunch of Jersey Shore wannabe trash is what people are striving to be now. No morals, no ethics, no belief in anything. You don't have to be religious to believe in something.
    I'm not a teenager and I try not to associate with *****s, so I don't know what to tell you. Maybe hang out with different people and don't form strong opinions based on such little anecdotal evidence. Selfish people are selfish people, and there are plenty of religious folk who are carbon copies of what you described. I'm not even sure what point you're really trying to make anymore, it all sounds like a wash. The cast of Jersey Shore probably consider them all devout Catholics anyways, so you're all over the place with your point. You're just another person complaining about degrading morals with nothing to really back it up. "Jersey Shore" is a piss poor argument against atheism.
    Edit: I posted essentially the same thing Iommianity did before I realized he posted it. UG, this edit button is really nice, but I think deleting a comment completely would be a decent option at times. Not asking for anything. You know, just saying.
    It IS possible to not have any beliefs in a religion. But still believe in being a good person... Not everyone is "selfish and destructive"
    But, seriously, it all comes down to personal preference. And Athiests, while I will not even think about disrespecting your belief (or lack thereof), please, please, would you guys stop trying to convert people to your absence of religion? I mean, in this country (The US, and probably others), we have literal groups of people that come together due to their shared 'religion' (or lack thereof). Is that not like church, in some ways? American Athiest Association? Atheist Alliance of America? Srsly? You are free to your right of believing in whatever you want, but please, don't shove it down our throats. (And I'm not saying any of you guys do. This comment section is mild compared to many I've seen that are geared toward religious discussion)
    That would be a good argument if organised religion didn't employ extravagant conversion methods over the years. Most atheists just go for arguments. Also, atheists never used religious beliefs to enforce law based on their beliefs. If you say that atheism is shoved down your throat what can a teenage girl getting attacked on her way to Planned Parenthood say?
    To p_a_morgan I think it's important for atheists to share their views as well. I've never in my life had atheism shoved down my throat. Unless you by "shoved down my throat" you mean a bunch of comments on the internet. I've never heard of anyone starting a war because of a non belief in god. I've never heard of someone blowing themselves and innocent people up because of a lack of believe in a deity. You're comment seems reasonable and I'm not trying to sound abrasive however it does irritate me that whenever a hint of atheism comes up you'll always get someone claiming that we're trying to convert people to atheism or that "the atheist nutjobs are even worse than the religious ones". We're aren't. We're just sharing facts and points of vies, the same as everyone else.
    Considering a pedophile would be elected president before an avowed atheist, why is there anything wrong with groups that advocate their interests? It's not even the same thing as religious advocacy, there's no real agenda here except creating a climate where atheists aren't disavowed as being godless heathens. Also, as an atheist who hates religion being shoved down his throat, I don't consider a private gathering of religious people to be infringing on me or shoving their views down my throat, so I have no idea why it's a problem to you. A religion with a specific belief system as decreed by a deity is not the same thing.
    @p_a_morgan "You are free to your right of believing in whatever you want, but please, don't shove it down our throats." You mean, like religious people never shoved it down our throats for hundreds upon hundreds of years? Like that?
    you deserve the medal, militant atheists and bible thumpers are one in the same both some of the most annoying people around.
    That's not the case with most atheists I know, and I know quite a few. Morality is relevant anyway, totally subjective depending on how each person thinks. This word is one of the most overused and out of context even words in modern times, usually by puritans who almost never practice what they preach.
    I don't believe in anything, I would much rather know I'm in control of my own life than think there's some guy planning everything out for me.
    With no fear of possible repercussions in the afterlife? With no moral code (ie Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, etc)? No believe in a reason for being here? We are evil enough to eachother WITH religion. I cringe to think how it would be if we had no spiritual compass of some sorts.
    If someone needs religion to tell them right from wrong they have a serious problem. You shouldn't hurt other people because you'd be hurting another person, not because an imaginary man in the sky tells you not to.
    The vague ethical sense is more likely to be abondonded than an ethical code hammered out through years of arguement and debate. -this looking at the value of Religion from a purely secular view. Not to mention the fact that obedience to religion is based on the belief that God knows more than us.
    I am an atheist, but looking at civilizations throughout history religion was always used as a medium for common belief and interest. It was a quick easy way to create a feeling of connection within a community and i personally believe it helped formulate societies. Although now lots of negative things are being "glorified" doesn't mean these things we hate made the world the way it is today. So yeah, I don't believe in god but i don't think the world without religion would be very imaginable. The impact it had was too large.
    Nero Galon
    Totally with Jerry and the guys on this one.
    My Last Words
    I agree completely, except for this phrase: "Are we supposed to believe that some little mythical dude with cloven hooves cruised around the planet hiding bones that were millions of years old to fool us for some f--king reason? It's ridiculous." The existence of god is an unanswerable question, even if the background story sounds ridiculous. Sagan explains: (5:14)
    Just because it's an unanswerable question, doesn't mean it isn't ridiculous to believe in god. You can't possibly know for sure whether or not unicorn's exist, yet you would probably find it ridiculous for someone to believe in them.
    "Are we supposed to believe that some little mythical dude with cloven hooves cruised around the planet hiding bones that were millions of years old to fool us for some f--king reason? For the last few minutes I've been picturing a devil driving a coup de ville tossing bones on the ground
    As a christian I will say this...what makes anyone's sins any worse/less severe than mine? I tend to reserve judgement on things like that, and I agree with Cantrell on this.
    lol i have faith and believe that hating people is wrong and that dinosaurs were real..
    There is no such thing as sin.
    ...really, dude? Fuck off, that's all I can think of to say about your comment.
    Approximately 10% are non-religious and 2% are atheists.
    I'd think that far more than 2% of humanity are atheists. The trouble with the term atheist is that there is an ungodly (pardon the pun) amount of misunderstanding and misconception regarding it. Many people think that atheists claim to know that there is no god or that they hate god or that they worship the devil. All being an atheist means is that you don't believe in god. There are many people who are atheists and don't even know it because they've been given ill informed information about the word.
    There are certainly religous extremists with extreme religous views and practices. Please don't confuse those who misinterpret and misapply the Lord's word as righteous.
    Don't confuse them, even though they've existed just as long and basically helped shaped religion and the actions its provoked over the years. All of the decent religious folk out there basically supplement all the nasty parts of the bible with what the law and modern morality says is right, so they're basically saying they want their religion to be based on the good stuff they cherry pick. It's unfair to judge individuals for the actions and beliefs of others, and there are lots of people who are motivated by religion to do good, but that's one side of the coin. If you ask me, extremists and the people who are basically secular Christians are both doing a bad job of representing their religion. One uses it for evil, and the other ignores all the evil and wants the religion to be looked at through rose coloured lenses.
    I consider myself atheist but only in the very narrowest sense; I am fully open to the possibility of a higher power's existence, but I'd rather stick to my science guns without a hard reason to believe in such a thing. Hence, I'm open to and accepting of other people's beliefs, unless they try to use those beliefs to infringe upon basic rights, which I feel Christians tend to do, even though their religion preaches against judgment. Our constitution says much about seperation of church and state as well as equal rights. Therefore, it's unconstitutional to a) allow gay rights to be a seperate issue at all, and b) deny gays rights based on religious beliefs.
    It's a perversion just like any other...though maybe more destructive. But you cross the line when you try to teach people, and MY kids, that this sh*t is "normal". You can't attack someone because of being 'gay', and you shouldn't be an as*hole to them...but to try and force me to believe that it's right? Not happening...
    Uganda: the growing influence of American religious groups (Evangelical Christians)of which I was raised, has led to a movement to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death. Just Google "Missionaries of Hate", if you are interested in learning more.
    i have a friend who is very very very religious and when he saw the name of the album on a post on my facebook he said you're so right,so many stupid people believe in these ridiculous dinosaurs its disgusting and just flew off the handle. i replied with i am one of those dinosaur believers and when i expected a fight he just un-friended me, i lost it laughing. they want to give their opinions but dont want to hear the opposition or want to have to explain themselves.
    Damn... just when I thought I had reached the limit for my love of this band, they make this... All boundaries are broken, they just cannoned themselves into musical divinities from my view...
    Anything that preaches any kind of intolerance in the middle of the 21st Century will be summarily ignored by me.
    "They're not wrong for believing that dinosaur stuff, but we aren't wrong for asking them to explain it either," the drummer said. "Are we supposed to believe that some little mythical dude with cloven hooves cruised around the planet hiding bones that were millions of years old to fool us for some f--king reason? It's ridiculous." I don't think anyone actually believes that, unless they're both religious and special ed. If you look at Genesis, it certainly doesn't support the idea of the devil putting dinosaurs here. /shrug
    I'm going to give you a guide to something even stupider: Dinosaurs were here in the garden of Eden and were aboard the Ark. Step 1: Go to answersingenesis dot com. Step 2: Lose all faith in humanity.
    And Genesis actually supports the idea that Dinosaurs existed in the Garden. However, it's rather nebulous as to whether they were aboard the ark.
    Genesis is INTENDED to be a book of metaphorical stories, not to be taken literally. So anyone who actually believes that dinosaurs-are-satanic bullshit doesn't understand that.
    And what makes you think that A) dinosaurs weren't there according to Genesis AND B) Genesis was intended to be metaphorical?
    A) Nothing. B) Look it up. As I recall, it actually states in at least some printings of the bible that that was not literally how it happened (creating the world in 7 days, etc). Maybe not all "metaphorical", but definitely not "This is exactly how it happened."
    On your point B...That's nice. What you said literally doesn't mean a thing. People who print the Bible don't really determine those kind of things. Their opinion doesn't actually determine whether it was meant to be metaphorical or not. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that Genesis is meant to be metaphorical. If one considers the Bible the book to follow (which many do), then the opinion of the printers is irrelevant.
    Glad someone is finally talking in public about DINOSAURS. Their glory needs to be told. And glad Jerry is talking about something that needs to be said, rather than making fake ugly music like most of the rest of these *****s. Hey - dinosaur fans. The K-T extinction with the asteroid that crashed at Chixulub, no one talks about the SIVA IMPACT in India, nearly four times larger than the asteroid at Chixulub, which CAUSED the Deccan Trapps Eruptions by PUNCTURING THE LITHOSPHERE and allowing the mantle to WELL UP, was the decisive blow. There are at least SIX large impacts that occurred at the K-T boundary. So clearly one giant asteroid broke into pieces and pummeled the Earth repeatedly in a geologically short timespan. Look it up. I speak the truth. The controversy is ended.
    Well we know who won't be touring with Megadeth anytime soon
    I would imagine no one really wants to tour with Dave and listen to his conspiracy theories for six months on the road.
    It would seem more useful and productive in these fellows' lives if they focused more on how they can be more helpful to others in a personal way. People like this typically have little experience or education about what they're criticizing, which is obviously the case. Cantrell writes awesome music, but he's still a rock guy with a high school education surrounded by similar people, many of whom have substance abuse problems. Not exactly an authority on theology...
    You don't have to be an authority on theology to recognize hypocrisy and moral corruption being caused in society.
    Take a step back an review what you just posted, and educate yourself on who knows more about religion. On average atheists are more enlightened when it comes to religion than religious people. Those nearest in knowledge were the jews, who on average have a very thurough education on religion. But still atheists are more knowledgeable...
    Judgmental ever? "Rock guy with a high school education"? You sound like a condescending a**hole dude. Geez.
    In what way is Jerry wrong? There are in fact people who believe these sorts of things he's criticizing, and it's definitely a problem. For the most part, they're in the minority as I don't think most religious people are all that bad. But yes, there are definitely people who tell their kids that evolution is bogus, and that gay people are horrible and disgusting, etc. These are kinds of things that are holding us back from being a progressive and accepting society.
    "I have never let my schooling get in the way of my education" -Mark Twain People who learn on their own outside of school of their own volition will end up being much smarter than anyone who only ever learns in school and stops afterwards. For all you know he could be putting a lot of effort into educating himself on his own. You don't need college to be smart. You need to put the effort in.
    Another jackass who believes that you can't be intelligent without spending years in a college that sucks your bank account dry. You are a huge part of what's wrong with society.
    You're absolutely correct. They don't have one shred of understanding of how religion works. It's really amazing how they can sling mud at everything because they never looked into things. Religion is all about interpreting things in the correct sense of the time, place and purpose, and when people don't look into these things they're just completely wrong, and the fact the the world today is so anti religion and closed minded, they'll be the cute little sheeple to follow retarded arguments saying religion is wrong.
    The WORLD is anti-religion? I'm guessing since you didn't specify, you meant somewhere other than earth. Considering you can be executed for blasphemy, I'm willing to bet you're not in any place to call people sheep.
    So if you follow religion you're "correct" and if you question it then you're "sheeple"? Good luck.
    dr718: This goes to prove that the most hated comments on these pages are often the most truthful ones as well. Cantrell knows nothing about theology, other than clips of wack jobs that he watches on msnbc. I do have to say that I'm somewhat surprised that he made a reference to Islamic extremists with the bomb comment, as usually uber liberals like him stay safely away from that and stick with a much easier target, Christians.
    How the hell do you know what Cantrell (or anyone else for that matter) knows or doesn't know???
    lol, Jerry, an uber liberal. Right. You make a great point though, these uber liberals should care far more about an eastern religion on the other part of the world than the religion they live with, right? After all, your ridiculous standards of consistency matter more than practicality. I'm sure all these apologist liberals are just more afraid of offending Muslims than Christians, yes sir. Calling a guy like Cantrell an uber liberal is like me calling anyone with the smallest inkling of conservative beliefs an ass backwards, sister ****ing bible toting, gun toting maniac.
    Well, when the shoe fits... And yes, you are right about apologist liberals. Regardless of the sarcasm, you are ironically right. Like another poster said, Cantrell, while a great rock songwriter, still has a middle/highschool level education, at best, and has always been surrounded by these types of people, several of whom were terrible drug addicts and have since died from overdosing, so you can understand why it's hard for me to take his theological views seriously. As a matter of fact, after listening to some of the songs from their new album, they would of been much better off concentrating on the quality of the music, as opposed to the theme of it.
    Right, well there might be a discussion to be had there when you open your mind a bit. When a guy like Cantrell is what you think an 'uber liberal' is, there's a massive disconnect there between you and reality. Believe me, I'd like to write off everything you've had to say on the basis that we have ideological differences, because you somehow feel like 'liberals' are not only attacking religion, but being hypocritical about it. Your reasoning doesn't stand, and I'm not going to play that game. I'd like to see your reasoning as to why people have an obligation to critique all religions when only a particular one has any bearing on their daily life. I'm sure it'd be compelling. Please though, preface it with your theological and educational qualifications. If liberals are afraid of offending Muslims, conservatives are equally afraid of offending evangelical Christians. There is absolutely nothing easier and more acceptable in America than bashing the religion of the enemy, thousands of miles from any practical effect on people's lives. No one in America is infringed on because of Islam. It's not Islam that's shaping policy in America, so what's your real point? That liberals don't complain about Islam or Buddhism enough to even the score? Any one who draws lines such as yourself between ideologies is really just great at projecting. Cantrell didn't actually say anything factually incorrect, but he's lived a life you don't approve of, and that's enough to discredit him in your eyes. I think people like you are more concerned that there never seems to be a backlash against guys like Cantrell like there is against Nugent or Mustaine. It's funny that reality tends to have a liberal bias.
    By the way, not that Jerry Cantrell is anyone special, but if the company a person keeps and their level of education determines how qualified they are, Jesus Christ was not only illiterate, he spent his time with hookers, thieves, lepers, tax collectors and the lowest of the low. Some consistency from you would be nice Would you expect atheists in the middle east to give a **** about Christianity, or would you be okay with them just having a problem with their own religion?
    Education does not necessarily increase or decrease ones ability to comprehend things, I know plenty of intelligent, good people with a less than high school degree and plenty of stupid, terrible people with PHD's. Also, being a drug addict or being around drug addicts does not necessarily make you a terrible person either, it makes you have issues that need dealing with, like the rest of the world. No one is morally infallible, i.e. the child abuse issues in the Catholic church, Muslim/Jewish terrorism, the caste system being acceptable because of Hinduism, etc. Attacking people for being liberals is about as stupid as attacking people for believing/not believing in God, but there is absolutely something wrong with a society more willing to believe ridiculous, unverifiable myths over things backed by hard evidence. It shows a willingness to forgo the truth in favor of something easier to understand, as if a magical being in the sky that you can't comprehend is anymore comprehendible. tl;dr- Enough bashing people over beliefs, new AiC rules, everybody shut up and go back to talking about guitars
    "No one in the band claims to be an expert on religion [...]" Does anyone even read the articles?
    Some of the most brilliant people I know have a high school education or less. "WTF!?!?! You can't be ****ing serious!?!? That's like saying, well he never had lessons so he OBVIOUSLY can't play guitar... you just made yourself look completely thoughtless, just so you know. Read some Nietzsche. You never learn to be a man if you always have a "father" who is in control. You shouldn't be a sheep or a shepherd.
    It doesn't seem as if my point is taken as intended here. By education, I don't exclusively mean a college degree, as they're not worth much for what people mortgage their lives to obtain. Based on the statement Jerry Cantrell made, it's logical to conclude his feelings are based on what he sees and hears from people (fallible, whom fall short..). By these broad generalizations formed from the press focusing on the fringe elements, he casts aspersions on the entire faith. It's the same kind of objectionable thinking he vilifies in the statement he makes from the other side of the issue.
    William DuVall's got a degree in philosophy with a specialization in religion, what credentials do you have? Cantrell grew up religious, he is probably as qualifified as the next guy (if the next guy isn't DuVall, obviously).
    Oh look, a bunch of *****s here in the comments blasting my religion because they think that they're all "cool" and shit by saying so. Listen, I'm christian, and I am 100% accepting of All (if not most) of people's beliefs and ideologies (or lack thereof). I also know that my religion has it's flaws. But don't throw all of us under the ****ing bus because a minority of the religion is way more outspoken than the vast majority. It's exactly like assuming that all muslims are terrorists. Well guess what? IT'S ONLY THE LESS THAN 1% OF MUSLIMS THAT ARE TERRORISTS. I'm out. Peace, mother****ers.
    Christians as a whole would openly condemn Christian sects who perpertually murder people worldwide and cause social unrest and provoke wars if there were such sects on the order of prevalence that there is within Islam. Muslims DO NOT condemn their suicide bombers, and thus the entire religion is complicit in their crimes against humanity. Time for humanity to grow up and dump religion entirely, we're about to self-destruct in plenty of other ways and praying isnt going to do a god damn thing about anything, except prevent you from taking real action.
    The Roman Catholic church doesn't teach that being homosexual is a mortal sing. It teaches that homosexual unions or practices are wrong. It encourages homosexual's to live a life of abstinence and welcomes them into the church. Get your ****ing facts straight.
    What does that have to do with anything? A lot of Christians don't particularly care about what the Catholic church has to say, let about gay marriage or what is or isn't a sin, and some flat out consider them wrong about most things. Fun fact, Catholics also endorse evolution. Funny how that doesn't make a difference for other denominations.
    What's your point?
    That telling someone to get their facts straight like they were only talking about the Catholic church is ridiculous. The Roman Catholic church might not preach that being gay is a sin, but that doesn't mean Christian churches don't preach that. He also referenced Islam (terrorists) and creationists, and last time I checked, neither of those things are Catholic. Catholics are Christians, not all Christians are Catholics. Plenty of different churches believe being gay is a horrible sin, and don't think being Catholic is that much better. They were talking about the whole thing.
    Just a minor point of correction. Although not all creationists are Catholic, Catholic doctrine does embrace creationism.
    Fair enough, I had no idea the Catholic church endorsed creationism, unless you just mean in the sense that God created everything. I thought favoring evolution made 'creationism' as a 'science' irrelevant since they believe a lot of things that make evolution impossible, whereas Catholics tend to believe in an old earth and evolution as a mechanism created by God.
    Atheists often forget how much more radical and murderous they can be - Hitler, Mao, Genghis Kahn, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Jung il
    You're just rolling off names, Hitler was a CATHOLIC who was NEVER EXCOMMUNICATED and the church pretty much supported him when he started invading everything. Genghis Kahn is an odd one to throw in there too. Christians often forget to use their brains, or at least Google.
    You could insert whatever religious descriptor you want in the that last sentence, and it would still fit. And I'm by no means anti-religious. My point is, every religion/group has dumb people. Why people hate on specific groups is beyond me.
    Yeah, I knew about Hitler being Catholic in the beginning. In "Mein Kampf" he said: "And so I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord." - Adolf Hitler
    Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh and Kim Jung il murdered despite their atheism. Atheism does not imply that without religion we would all be perfect moral beings. Evil people would still do evil things, and good people would still be good. Mao and Stalin committed genocide in the name of a corrupted form of Communism, attempting to create industrial and economic progress. This was by no means an atheistic incentive. The religious campaigns of the past however - the crusades, Inquisition, Witch trials, genocide of Iraqi Kurds, war in the Balkans, 9/11, 7/7 etc. - were all carried out in the name of Almighty God. Or Allah. Don't try to compare like for like, it doesn't work.
    Until you can prove that those people did those awful deeds they did BECAUSE they were atheists then that list is worthless. You might as well say that Stalin for example did was he did because he had a mustache. You can't just pick out a characteristic of someone and then claim they acted because of it without explaining how that characteristic could have motivated them. Oh and by the way. Hitler was a Catholic. But I'd never claim that Hitler did was he did because he was a catholic. That'd be silly.
    Not a huge problem, just an ignorant one that religious folks base off of their precious books story of Adam and Eve. Truth is if God created us all in his image then he created the gays too. Wait maybe god is Bisexual....???? Lol i love to kid. Seriously though nothing wrong with being gay, hell the more the merrier, leaves more hotties for us straight people. \m/
    Such hypocrites. How can an atheist support Islam? It defies the definition of atheism. BTW, glad to know that scientists don't support religion. I guess I ought to give up my science degrees then...
    I'm an agnostic but who cares?! OK so there's some devil references in the song but really, this is about a new Alice In Chains song from a new Alice In Chains album. Who gives a damn about religion? I can't wait for the album!! (also this a music website, not a "church of whatever the hell" site!)
    This article is all about the issues the song deals with. If you're not interested in this particular topic, there are many other articles for you to read and comment on. (Also, lyrics are a part of music, and always will be a part of music discussions.)
    Wow I didn't know Jerry Cantrell had so many revolutionary ideas! Where were they in the 90s?
    I feel like this title is meant to drum up controversy and album sales. Can't wait!
    Well, all anti-gay arguments have no logical basis and can be easily torn apart, so I agree with Jerry.
    The discussing addressing corruption of religion shouldnt be just limited to wars. How about the lack of respect to basic human rights? How about us paraphrasing a book written 3,500 years ago? How about religion being the basis and reason for mortality, instead of our common sense and human instinct? Religion has served a purpose during the formation of humanity; but now that we have a substantially better understanding of the world around us, we now know that we dont need a sky daddy to keep us from killing and pillaging.
    And yet, even though we've gained more understanding of the world, humans still have not outgrown "killing and pillaging", as you put it. We still engage in war, crime, and many other heinous acts.
    Thankfully in my small rural town the churches aren't ignorant and do not stuff their beliefs down others throats or crucify gay people. As a matter of fact they seem to be quite the opposite. The churches won't survive if they exclude homosexual people, and I have a slight feeling that they are beginning to understand that, at least on a smaller level.
    when someone shoots someone and blames it on rock music, every rock music fan knows it is not the rock music that did it. when someone blows themselves and others up and said it was because the koran told them to, every muslim knows it wasn't the koran. People see what they want to see. The Bible to me has only one message "treat others as you would like them to treat you" Rock music only has one message "enjoy life, have fun, love other people, enlighten yourself" I am an ATHEIST, albeit raised by christians.
    ...This is how I see it. Everyone should just leave each other alone. Christians shouldn't hate on atheist and vice versa. I know lots of preople who are atheist and they're not these heathens that they are made out to be. And not every christian is a fundementalist. Sadly though, that is whats being taught. Society just likes to pick on people who aren't 'normal'. On people who don't conform to what everyone in a region agrees with. I say who cares though! As long as no one is being physically or mentally or emotionally harmed then who gives a crap! Atheism isn't hurting anybody and those who are atheist shouldn't be picked on because they're different. It's because of those that deem themselves higher than others because they have a religion that some atheist act the way they do. We should all accpet each other for who we are. If you can't except someone because they're different because they aren't the same sex, religion, or race as you, then you're only hurting yourself... And if you don't like being hurt then stop being such a jerk and you won't get hurt!
    Yeah at least Dinosaurs don't bash you over the head nonstop in the media demanding their DINO-RIGHTS! and try to infiltrate every aspect of modern society with their shameless, relentless propaganda.