Alice In Chains: Two-Disc Retrospective Due In March

Alice In Chains' impressive legacy will be celebrated on a two-disc retrospective, "The Essential", due March 16 from Columbia/Legacy.

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Alice In Chains' impressive legacy will be celebrated on a two-disc retrospective, "The Essential", due March 16 from Columbia/Legacy, according to The 29-track album features familiar songs such as "Them Bones", "Rooster", "No Excuses", "Heaven Beside You", "Would?" and "I Stay Away", plus two contributions to the 1993 "Last Action Hero" soundtrack ("What The Hell Have I", "A Little Bitter") that have been remixed by producer Toby Wright. Also included are two cuts from the group's 1996 "Unplugged" release and the 1999 boxed set "Music Bank".

"The Essential" track listing:

Disc One:

01. We Die Young 02. Man In The Box 03. Bleed The Freak 04. Love, Hate, Love 05. Am I Inside 06. Brother 07. Got Me Wrong 08. Right Turn 09. Rain When I Die 10. Them Bones 11. Angry Chair 12. Dam That River 13. Dirt 14. God Smack 15. Hate To Feel 16. Rooster

Disc Two:

01. No Excuses 02. I Stay Away 03. What The Hell Have I (remix) 04. A Little Bitter (remix) 05. Grind 06. Heaven Beside You 07. Again 08. Shame In You 09. Over Now (unplugged) 10. Nutshell (unplugged) 11. Get Born Again 12. Died 13. Would?

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    About time this happened- AIC rock. Anyone not aware of their suff get off ya asses and go out and buy some- Unplugged is a good place to start Long Live Alice!
    I'd buy it if it had a DVD too, similar to STP's "Thank You."
    Alice in chains were not grunge, they were ***in metal, I'm ***in sick of them being compared to shit like nirvana and pearl jam. I doubt Slayer or Megadeth would ever want to tour with Kurt Cobain's whiny ass. ALICE IN CHAINS FUCKIN RULE!!!..
    dude laynes dosent right all the lyrics its mostly jerry who right all the lyrics
    Yeah, Godsmack got thier name from one of AIC's songs, which was abvioulsly God Smack.
    Cpt Crunch
    Man, Alice in Chains are just so good. Layne's lyrics are pretty deep, and he's got an awesome voice; you can really see it on the unplugged album especially. And Jerry Cantrell can really wail on his guitar man. Thats a band that deserved to be remembered.
    Does anyone know that one song that they made.. it was a cover of an old song, I think it was one of there 1st ones
    DJ Erik
    Heh, big deal...Columbia needs to stop rehashing these songs! I mean, AiC is one of my favorite bands, but they've already had 3 albums of re-releases(Best of the Box, Greatest Hits, and Music Bank which had the complete Dirt album on it anyways)...At least they put Love, Hate, Love on there and Shame in You, but where's Real Thing? And Brush Away and Sludge Factory? This is pretty much "Greatest Hits: Version 2, with songs you've already bought 3 times over, along with a couple other songs!"
    RIP Layne. can't wait to get a hold of this album. i haven't heard much alice in chains but from what i have heard i'm impressed
    dirt was a ***ing amazing album. like peatemark said...if you dont listen to AIC already, get off yoru dumb ass and listen up.
    where the hell is down in a hole? that song rules! besides that , it looks like great cd
    screw "best of" albums. Just get the real Alice In Chains albums, especially Dirt, Unplugged, and Jar of Flies. They're awesome and shouldn't be in this butchered form.
    Don't get me wrong, I love Alice In Chains But why are they releasing another Best Of Album. Music Box was enough in that department. Time for a Honest tribute album and not some half-asses song by Staind.