Alice in Chains Won't Be Extinct After 'Dinosaurs'

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell hinted that their next record could be their last, but he's put fans at ease to say they plan to rock on.

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Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has reassured fans that their next album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" will not be their last.

Cantrell had previously worried fans when he said "I look at every record like it's your last ... I can rest happily with this being the last record, if that's what it was."

Now he's cleared the air, telling Billboard: "What I said was, I approach every record as if it were my last, trying to make it the best record it can be. That's what I meant."

He admits that some hardcore Alice in Chains purists who prefer albums fronted by late singer Layne Stayley will probably have no interest in the new album.

"It sure seems like some people want it to be [the band's final release], but I don't do this for what people tell me I should do with my life, or my band," he said. "I do what I want to do and what my band wants to do. We'll continue to do that as long as we f--king want to!"

Meanwhile, the band recently revealed their new video "Stone" which you can see in the player below.

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    Good music is good music. This sounds like Alice in Chains because yeah Layne fronted the band but Jerry has just as big of a role, maybe bigger because of his signature guitar style AND the fact that his voice is half of the whole. Do what you want Jerry. I'll buy it.
    The new line-up is killer. What made AIC so great for me, was the sludgy riffs, huge and ballsy riffs, the vocal melodies... the new stuff is killer. Cantrell kept it AIC. Even if Layne were still alive and in AIC, their sound would change a bit here and there over time.
    I still don't really get how people thought this was going to be their last based on what he said. I mean if people say "I could die happy after this" doesn't mean they're going to go die the next day.
    imo... AIC (inc. Layne) = One of the best rock bands of an era. AIC - Layne, in hiatus = Just plain sad, on multiple levels. Loss of a life, and too much talent and cohesion split in separate directions. AIC back together - Layne + William = One of the best rock bands currently making music. Now if only Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam would tour together... that would be sweet!
    big muff pedal
    That's good news. "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" is a great sounding title and Stone is a great single
    Layne or not Alice in Chains are still Alice In Chains...Jerry has always been the primary force behind this band and it shows. The newer stuff is still damn good. Hopefully these guys stay together and keep making albums for years.
    I sure hope they stick around for some years, Alice with Layne was absolutely amazing, now AIC are still awesome, just in a slightly different way. It would be a great loss to music should they separate again.
    Writing for UG would be sweet. You can write two to three articles on the same damn topic. Glad to hear AiC will be sticking around!
    I consider myself a die hard Alice In Chains fan. I'm not disappointed in the direction the band has taken. I'm glad they're still around making music. I'm sad that it isn't with Layne, but William is a great vocalist and deserves due credit. He has BIG shoes to fill. And I'm not gonna run around whining about 'it's not really AIC without Layne'. Don't like it? Don't listen to it. Real simple. Jerry is right, tho. It's his band and whatever he and the band want to do with their music, they do.
    I'm kind of neutral on current AIC. They're absolutely not bad. They're not that great either. I think Duval is really good but he's not Layne. They're sounding as good as they possibly can, all things considered.
    Sammy Mantis
    That's how I feel about them too. I'm not one of those who whine about how they should have changed the name, or how Duvall doesn't hold a candle to Layne either. I just genuinely feel that the songwriting isn't on par with what it was on during the classic era albums. It sounds like AIC trying their hand at vanilla radio-rock to me.
    So, basically... "We're not gonna do something a tabloid made up just to stir up the pot" Well, boo hoo.
    I can't stop listening to this new song. Somebody check my brainnnn!!
    Would really prefer he let AIC die, so I could enjoy his awesomeness in another band. This music isn't even bad, it's just not good enough for an Alice record.
    Does a Alice in Chains article go by without this type of comment?Duvall is doing a outstanding job.Cant wait for new album.
    It's like AC/DC. Should they have chucked it in when Bon died? Some say yes, some say no. I say no keep going AIC!!
    Get out of here. Their work with Duval is actually better (from a songwriting POV) than their work with Layne. Honestly, songs like "Last of My Kind" or "Acid Bubble" are quite good. A lot of people are just on a nostalgia trip about Layne still.
    MiKe Hendryckz
    "get out of here" --no you get out this is an opinion based comment board. If you cant handle a counter opinion **** off. As for your comments. I love the new alice in chains and I love the old; although I agree completely with sexasaurus. Whatever we think is irrelevant cause its Cantrell's band but I always feel like bands should change names all the time. If you were a rock band and you put out an acid-jazz album I feel like you should use a pseudonym (much like an author) Band names are a way of categorizing music and I feel like line-up changes, deaths, breakups, new styles and all the like should be reason enough for a name change for said record(s). I know it would be hard to keep track but I have no doubt the real fans would have no problem with it and it would spare people a lot of dissapointment. Perfect example: Metallica post-Mustaine/Burton. Cliff Burton and Dave Mustaine made metallica what it was. When Cliff died and Mustaine was let go they should have renamed themselves. Those of us who love old metallica would still love metallica and those who went on to love "insertnewnameforarenarockpophitmetallica" would also be just as happy. I think it makes a lot of sense (cents?) bahaha.
    So you would call them "Mediocrehardrockica"? This would fit for the music, but sucks as a band name
    That'd make it difficult for bands who've had quite a few changes in sound and / or lineup. Radiohead would be on at least their fourth name by now for how drastically different most of their albums sound from one another. Pearl Jam would be on their fourth, as they seem to change direction each time they get a new drummer. It's not always easy for every member of a band to agree on a name, so going through that process every time would not only put strain on a band, it'd also mean re-marketing themselves under a new brand, and wouldn't leave a lot of name options for emerging bands.
    MiKe Hendryckz
    this is very true. Once again I think it would just be a cool thing. I never said it didnt have tons of major flaws in the idea, its just a thought.
    So, every time a band changes their sound / or lineup, in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, they need to rename themselves? :rolleyes:
    I don't know how you could come to that conclusion... no song on BGWTB could touch the worst deep tracks off their old albums.
    wtf happened to jerry i didnt even realize it was him i thought they replaced that shitty duval dude
    you do realize Duvall is the black guy right? He shows up within the first 20 seconds of the video.
    You're not a fan or music and art if you can't appreciate what this band has done post-layne. They are making amazing music.
    What if the media purposefully exaggerated Jerry's original statement so that they could use this pun after he cleared things up... something to think about.
    Great band after Layne, undeniable. Epoch making band with Layne, undeniable. I can see why many people have no interest but I passively absorb their new stuff into my playlist. I like the new singer but currently other singers are changing my life in the hard rock/heavy metal world like Sponce from Periphery. Totally different but so am I to what I was in 1994, and the new Alice singer, great as he is, sounds a lot like Layne Staley. Which is what I what listening to in 1994...