Alter Bridge Announce Expanded Album

artist: Alter Bridge date: 09/22/2011 category: new releases
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Alter Bridge Announce Expanded Album
Alter Bridge have announced that a new version of their third studio album, "III", is released on 17 October as "III.5". The special edition will include three additional songs - "Zero", "Home", and "Never Born To Follow" - making a total of 17 tracks on the album, as well as an extraordinary hour-long DVD documentary called "One By One". "One By One" is a documentary by award-winning filmmaker and "Live From Amsterdam" director Daniel E Catullo III, intended to be an intimate behind-the-scenes look into the rise of Alter Bridge. The DVD features brand new interviews and concert footage shot all over the world, plus special interviews with Slash, Alter Bridge's management team, and dozens of fans from every corner of the globe. Thanks for the report to
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