Alter Bridge Announce New Album 'Fortress'

The band promises some of their heaviest material of all time on the new album, due in October.

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Alter Bridge have announced their first album in three years since the release of "ABIII."

The new record "Fortress" will be released on October 8 on EMI Records, and has been produced once again by Michael Baskette.

"It has been three years since Alter Bridge's last studio album, 'ABIII,' was released in the US, but it is clear their fans have been waiting for them to return," says the statement on the official website. "Now the rock juggernaut band comprised of Myles Kennedy on vocals, Mark Tremonti on guitar, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums return with their fourth album, 'Fortress' slated for release on October 8th via EMI Label Services.

"The latest record builds upon the sound that Alter Bridge has been known for with their uncompromised vocal melodies, untouchable dueling guitar work and pounding rhythm section. The album was produced by long-time Alter Bridge producer Michael 'Elvis' Baskette, known for his work with Falling in Reverse, Story of the Year and Incubus to name a few."

The band promise some of their heaviest material of all time on the new album, with softer moments and brooding epics to enjoy in-between.

"When we started pre-production on this album, we pushed ourselves harder and further than we ever have previously in order to make the most out of every individual arrangement. We wanted this album to be our most unpredictable and exciting one yet. From the early feedback we have received, it looks like we have achieved what we set out to do," said guitarist Mark Tremonti.

The band have only one US tour date booked for 2013, at Orlando's House of Blues on October 4. From there, they'll tour across Europe until mid-November, with an appearance at London's Wembley Arena where they previously filmed their stunning live DVD.

Alter Bridge tour dates are:

10/04 - Orlando, FL - House of Blues (Only US show in 2013) 10/16 - Nottingham, UK - Arena 10/17 - Birmingham, UK - NIA 10/18 - London, UK - Wembley Arena 10/20 - Cardiff, UK - Arena 10/21 - Glasgow, UK - Hydro 10/22 - Manchester, UK - Arena 10/24 - Paris, FR - Zenith 10/25 - Brussels, BEL - AB 10/27 - Berlin, GER - Huxleys 10/28 - Copenhagen, DEN - Vega 10/29 - Stockholm, SWE - Arenan 11/03 - Amsterdam, HOL - Heineken Music Hall 11/04 - Dusseldorf, GER - Mitsbishi Electric Halle 11/05 - Wiesbaden, GER - Schlachthof 11/07 - Vienna, AUS - Gasometer 11/08 - Munich, GER - Zenith 11/09 - Zurich, SWI - Hallenstadion 11/11 - Rome, ITA - Atlantico 11/12 - Milan, ITA - Mediolanum 11/14 - Barcelona, SPA - Razzmatazz2 11/15 - Madrid, SPA - Arena 11/16 - Lisbon, POR - Coliseum

How do you feel about hearing news of the new Alter Bridge record? Let us know below.

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    Welcome to Ultimate Guitar, where we bring you yesterdays news, today.
    Yea, that's a picture of Tremonti's solo band, not Alter Bridge. And you left a huge part of the news out. Good job, UG! "From the opening acoustic guitar on Cry Of Achilles' through the other 12 songs on Fortress', it is clear ALTER BRIDGE are back to underline their status as one of contemporary hard rock's breakthrough bands. The four piece showcase some of their heaviest material ever in tracks like Bleed It Dry' and Farther Than The Sun', but also reprise their signature, softer side with songs like All Ends Well' and the epic title track Fortress'. Fortress' is 13 tracks of unapologetic, searing hard rock that ALTER BRIDGE has come to be synonymous with."
    (They changed the picture. Don't start to hate on me, plz )
    you havent noticed yet? UG doesnt come up with its own news. they copy and paste it from other sites. i usually get my news a day or two before its on here.
    You must be new here. Ug only copies half of the article so that they can publish a new one in 2 days with the other half. Welcome to ug ;
    "The band promises some of their most heaviest stuff yet..." I like Alter Bridge and all... but isn't that what they all say?
    Would you be psyched if they said . . . "Yeah, it's gonna be slow and boring as shit"
    No, but I don't get psyched when they see the opposite either 'cause that's what everyone says.
    Wish they would've said some things about the album, such as Mark singing lead on an entire song.
    Foundations of Earth are going to shake when this thing comes out!
    Am I the only one who was hoping for a new Creed album?
    i used to love creed. back in the my own prison days and before with arms wide open and higher got annoyingly overplayed. i still listen to them casually now any again, so id be interested if they put out another one, but i wont lose any sleep if they never do.
    Long live Alter Bridge and Mark Tremonti! Cannot wait for this album, these guys are so underrated its not even funny. One of the greatest rock bands out there right now who still give a damn about creating music. Long live the guitar solo!!
    I am looking forward to hearing this. When I first heard Alter Bridge I had no idea who the members were and I was surprised to find out a member of Creed was in the band...but I won't hate on them for it.
    Really UG? Can't you find a good picture, that actually contains AB? This is just sloppy
    There's already an album titled "Fortress" by Protest The Hero. This will be confusing.
    Not really. One is by Alter Bridge and one is by Protest The Hero. If you was to use the album in conversation you could just say 'Fortress by Alter Bridge'.
    Anxiously awaiting US tour dates. Though I understand why they hit Europe first.
    Already got tickets to see them at Nottingham! Can't effing wait, these guys keep putting out quality rock!
    Thrice Capades
    I saw the article refer to them as a "rock juggernaut" and I immediately checked the dictionary to make sure the definitions of "rock" and "juggernaut" had not been altered. (get it? altered?) (collective groan)
    "A" for effort.... not really..
    Thrice Capades
    Please don't encourage me. There was zero effort in that. I believe if they could give out worse than an F- then you could find a proper grade. Like... a score of -85%.
    It won't be confusing... all three "Fortress" albums mentioned above suck! What's the hassle?
    A lot of people on here can't get into Sister Hazel because they're not metal/hard rock, a lot of people like making fun of Alter Bridge, but Protest The Hero? Almost everyone I've talked to loves those guys.
    The only way to hate Sister Hazel is to have never listened to them.
    Agreed. I love them.
    I don't understand how anyone could hate on Alter Bridge, either. Myles Kennedy is one of the best frontmen in the world vocally and energetically, and a legend in the making. Tremonti is an incredible guitarist, and Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips are an awesome rhythm section. What's there to dislike?
    Just because they're good musicians doesn't mean people are going to like their songwriting...plenty of supergroups have failed spectacularly
    To be perfectly honest, I can't get into this technicality for the sake of technicality metal that's so popular in certain circles. I own one PTH album (it has Bloodmeat on it, whichever album that is) and I haven't spinned it in several years. I don't know why, but absurd speed and a million notes does nothing for me.
    Release a new album, tours Europe over America. Why can't America by first for these tours? Aren't we the ones who buy most of the records anyways?
    Not really, I think Alter Bridge tours Europe over States first because, well, Europe pretty much accepts them as Alter Bridge, one of the better bands you will see/hear today. In the States, I think general people pretty much sees them as Creed with another singer (who happens to be the singer for Slash) and that may bring negative connotations, for some reason. Although, that perception has been slowly changing and I always believe that they are always one album away to change that perception in the States. On top of that, AB can play arenas in UK and close to 5k-6k people anywhere else in Europe. In the States, AB can play only clubs, theaters, Houses of Blues, roughly 1k-2k people, and that is on a good day. As much as it pains me to see that as a States AB fan, I understand why they hit Europe 1st. That said, I can't wait for the album to be out, the 1st listen for me is when I personally buy that album because I know it is going to be worth it.
    I also think that part of the problem is that here, in the States, our overall music taste (as in every citizen of this country is factored in) is absolutely inferior to that of other countries. While shitty pop artists who don't even sing live fill stadiums in the US, legitimate artists like Alter Bridge kill it in foreign countries. It's a sad time to be an American music fan, because it's those around us who cause people to think we're all morons when it comes to music. You know what's funny? It's the same thing with American politics. The problem is the general voter.
    Not really. It's the same 'shitty' pop artists that fill (much bigger) arena's where AB (or other hard-rock/metal bands) can't. But somehow AB hits the right spot for us Europeans, if it's because we don't associate them with Creed or not, I don't know...
    Would you not say that Europeans have much more interest in heavier music? Even if American pop still sells over there, at least Europeans still seem to go to rock and metal shows. There's also this problem Stateside where "bros" make up a large amount of the metal audience now, especially the newer stuff like TDWP (who are awful, mind you). Way too many Dbags at modern metal shows these days.
    This guy knows what he's talking about. Here in Houston they only played at house of blues. It's like 400 people max. In Europe they can easily fill stadiums. This was about 4 years ago.
    yeah the 2 times I saw them, were the main us tour for ab3 and it was a tiny club and a festival where they opened for stupid Theory of a deadman. Theyre so talented people over here just think theyre creed like you said. Im ashamed people here don't respect them for the musicians they are.
    I know its jacked up. I guess theyre bigger over there but theyre from here! we should get first dibs!!! I cant wait though. Marks solo stuff is good, Myles and slash are good, but Myles and Mark together, theres just something special that makes it awesome!
    Question: why is it popular to hate on AB? I used to listen to them obsessively, but I don't now. It doesn't mean they're that bad, though. Is it the fact that Tremonti plays in alternate tunings just for the sake of doing it? Whiny vocals? I don't get it.
    Most people who hate on them probably haven't even heard any of their songs except for "Ghosts of Days Gone By" (which is [imho] one of their weaker songs) played on the radio. Point is, there's always a bunch of idiots who are too lazy to even check out a band and for some reason think it's cool to say said band sucks.
    It is popular to hate Creed. Alter Bridge seems to be at least accepted.
    Hating on AB is fairly popular in recent years, though, mostly because they're popular is my assumption. Now, Alter Bridge is far superior to other bands who are popular to hate, such as the aforementioned Creed, or Nickelback, Coldplay, etc, but what stands out to me among this mess of unwarranted hatred is undeniable talent. Everybody at this site would feel accomplished had they written Creed's Bullets, Wash Away Those Years, or A Thousand Faces. Everybody at this site would feel accomplished had they written Nickelback's How You Remind Me, Photograph, or Fight For All the Wrong Reasons. Everybody at this site would feel accomplished if they'd written Yellow by Coldplay. We hate these artists so vividly that we bypass their talent. Alter Bridge may be far superior to these three acts, but they're starting to fit into the same category of unwarranted hatred--hatred that bypasses subjectivity in favor of "everybody hates them, so I will, too."
    This post is god awful. Those songs that you mentioned that everyone would feel good if they wrote them are all ear sores to me. Explain how it would make me happy to write a shitty piece of music.
    if i wrote how you remind me id feel accomplished to no end. sure you have people that hate the song. but look into how long that song has been around. how many times its been played on the radio, movies, tv shows.. not mention if youve ever seen nickelback live or watch them play the song live on youtube everyone is singing that song with the band. no matter what you say or how much you hate the band(im not a fan either) that song has stood its ground for 13 years now. id be damn proud of it!
    I hate Nickelback, but I happen to like How You Remind Me. It has become an anthem in it's own right and Nickelback is still riding on it's success (and the All The Right Reasons album). They have definitely gone downhill, but How You Remind Me has stood the test of time. In relation to the article, Alter Bridge is awesome, so to hear that they're putting out a new album is good news.
    Since around 2001-2003 when "Silver Side Up" and "The Long Road" came out, I've been a big Nickelback fan (Yeah I'll say it haha). If I had half of the lyrical (or guitar playing) talent as Chad Kroeger, I'd be on top of the world. They've sure gone downhill since All The Right Reasons, but hey, new album in 2014? I'll be buying it with hopes of a return to that sound...(Pretty damn high hopes, I know...)
    If you wrote any of those 3 Creed songs you'd be proud. If Wash Away Those Years is an ear sore for you, then I guess I think you're hating on Creed because they're Creed.
    So stoked it's being released so soon! Only saw updates on Facebook of them starting recording not long ago.
    Yes! Can't wait to hear this. But it looks like I have a long swim ahead of me if I want to catch them live...
    Holy hell I'm so ****in' excited! Alter Bridge is my favorite band! Mark Tremonti's singing lead vocals on a track called "The Waters Rise"! Gonna ****in' rule!