Alter Bridge: New Album Fall Release

artist: Alter Bridge date: 05/05/2010 category: new releases

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Alter Bridge: New Album Fall Release
Alter Bridge is nearly finished with their as-of-yet untitled third album, which is currently being mixed. In a post on the band's website, they said they are targeting a September release. "The next step in the process is mixing, which already began in mid-April, in New York," the band stated in a post on their website. "The mixing will probably take a few weeks and once that is finished, we will begin the difficult task of deciding which songs will make the album." The post also stated the band plans to tour Europe in October starting with dates in the UK. Last fall Alter Bridge lead singer Myles Kennedy announced plans to release a solo album, while his band mates tour with Scott Stapp and Creed. Earlier this month Kennedy stated that his solo album was put on hold to focus specifically on the new Alter Bridge album. Thanks for the report to Alternative
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