Alter Bridge Planning New Studio Album, World Tour

Alter Bridge planning new album and world tour for 2013.

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Guitar great Mark Tremonti may have spent a good amount of 2012 engrossed in supporting his first solo album, but it looks like 2013 is all systems go for Alter Bridge.

According to a tweet posted by Tremonti (Dec. 11), the Alter Bridge brain trust of singer Myles Kennedy, drummer Scott 'Flip' Phillips and Tremonti met up with their management in sunny Florida to plan the immediate future of the band. Although specific details were not disclosed, their official website has confirmed that the band's 2013 schedule includes a new album and a world tour.

Had a meeting today with Myles, Flip, our managers and myself.Starting to plan 2013!

- Mark Tremonti (@MarkTremonti) 12, 2012

The only member seemingly missing was bassist Brian Marshall, who also had to duck out of touring with Tremonti earlier in the year citing personal reasons.

The news probably comes as a relief to Alter Bridge fans, providing confirmation that the band is alive and well. With frontman Myles Kennedy currently out on tour providing vocals for Slash while Tremonti tours Europe through February with his solo side project, it's been a busy time for everyone juggling multiple creative endeavors, Loudwire reports.

Alter Bridge's last studio offering was their third album, 2010's "AB III". Tremonti has also been working on a new album with his longtime band Creed.

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    Can't wait for this! One of the best and more original bands around at the moment. I really hope Brian is still with them. It just wont be the same otherwise.
    mark & myles .. best guitarist combo in modern rock bands in this genre
    Clueless. Don't hold a candle to Thayil/Cornell. Maybe they can play scales faster. But their music is boring.
    Pope Toast
    As a heterosexual male I have no problem admitting to my man-crush on Myles Kennedy. He's such a dreamboat!
    I cannot wait for this album! I still listen to ABIII start to finish on a weekly basis, and Blackbird almost as often. They are amazing live as well, seen them 3 times now
    I'm really starting to wonder if Brian will be part of AB's future...
    He probably will. He dropped out of the Tremonti tour, but he's been touring with Mark and Scott for the Creed tour the last few months. There could be many reasons why he didn't attend the meeting.
    He dropped out of Tremonti for Legal reason apparently. Who knows though, he owns a guest house in spain or portugal or something? maybe personal things are a little rocky.
    With Myles taking a break from Slash, and Scott Wieland getting kicked out STP, there could be a Velvet Revolver reunion! On topic, I can't wait for a new Alter Bridge album.
    ABIII Changed my perception of music. It's just... perfect. Even the bonus tracks are insane. I cannot wait! Also, Myles is kinda sexy.
    Man. . . . Rush makes it into the R&RHoF, and now a new AB album . . . this week rocks! \m/
    I'm so wet right now. God damn I love Alter Bridge, proper metal guitar music!
    Can't wait for new album, hope they release it in argentina the same day as worldwide, can't wait!
    So nice to see you guys all digging Alter Bridge rather than jumping on the Creed bandwagon. Bravo!
    Sgt Killswitch
    If it weren't for this band, rock would be dead now. Looking forward to album #4!
    Are you kidding?!? "Rock would be dead" without Alter Bridge? There are plenty of great rock bands that are making some amazing music and pushing rock music FORWARD instead of just copying 90's radio rock and selling it like it's something new.
    Rock wouldn't be dead, but it surely wouldn't be something that I'd look forward to as much. Yes, there are a lot of great rock bands out there. Most modern rock bands use screaming nowadays and some people don't like that. I know that I don't like screaming in a song. That's just my preference. If it's a good song and has screaming in it, it doesn't mean that I'll be biased against the song. If a song sounds good, then it is good. If you don't like a song, then you don't like it. Alter Bridge and Creed don't just copy radio rock, and the way you phrased that comment made it sound like you meant that they do. If you think that they copy 90's radio rock, give more than one of there songs a try. Alter Bridge doesn't even sound 90's. If you think they do, give some 90's songs a listen, then listen to Alter Bridge. Hear the difference, you should.
    Isn't that what Creed and Alter Bridge did? Copy 90's music and pawn it off? I've said it before. Tremonti can shred but that's about it. His music is boring and Kennedy is pretty much embarrassing as a vocalist. I don't even know how to describe it. Why doesn't everyone just buy the new Soundgarden if it's 90's you want? Unless you're stocked up on sweet Affliction Tees. Then go nuts.
    No, bands like Alter Bridge are the reason rock is dying off. All of these shitty "radio friendly" bands need to stop making garbage and let the good bands get some recognition.
    Discounting Isolation and Ghost of Days Gone By, I really don't think their stuff is "radio friendly". Most of their songs don't go verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus. There's more to it than that. So what if they write music with catchy parts? That doesn't mean it's radio friendly...
    And even then, Ghosts of Days Gone By never plays on regular radio in Canada. It's sort of mainstream cus it's all soft but then suddenly it goes heavy. Kinda the way I think of AB, they're not really "Mainstream" in a sense. They think way outside the box and almost never play just 4 chords for song ya know what I mean?
    when did radios start playing alter bridge songs that are so lyrically deep and musically heavy that the average radio listener would turn off the station?
    Well, if you think they're radio friendly, listen to Blackbird, Ties that Bind, Metalingus, One Day Remains, even one of their softer songs, open your eyes has a shred solo in it, along with distorted(mildly for that song) guitar parts. Listen to those songs and then try to say that they're radio friendly.
    ZOSO <(")
    i despise myles kennedy.... serously, i just came here so i could say that.
    "Guitar great Mark Tremonti" WHAT?! Look, I like AB a lot, but Tremonti is good. He's not great. His playing won't change the face of rock guitar. 20 years down the road, people may remember AB, but they won't be holding up Tremonti like they do Eddie Van Halen or Randy Rhoads.
    Tremonti is great and will tell you why. I agree with you on the fact that he may not be remembered as much as Rhoads or Van Halen, but look, the guy writes great solos, great riffs, great songs and his arrangements are really sick. So yeah, he is a great guitar player
    I love Mark as a songwriter and his playing is top notch. But I'd say that Myles is a more expressive player and combining that with his own technical skills, Myles is a better guitar player. Hell, Slash has even said that Myles is better than him.
    OK, let me point one thing out. There's not much that we guitarists can do to change how it's played anymore. Unless you want everything to sound like the "solo" from a linkin park song(New divide). Yes, I do listen to linkin park and I like quite a few of there songs. Just thought I'd throw that out there. With this, I am a fan of Tremonti's guitar playing. Yeah, it's not ground breaking, although Blackbird is one of my favorite solos, no one can say that he's not a great guitarist. After all, would people like to hear theoretical jazz or good sounding simple rock. A prime example is rock you like a hurricane. Simple, but a great song.
    I agree. He's a decent player but definitely not even close to "great". He played in a big money maker (Creed) and has some good PR people who've sold him as a "guitar great" for a few years now and a lot of consumers have bought it. We need guitar greats today... but Tremonti? No.
    Find me someone who writes better riffs than Tremonti right now. I don't want no Djent trendy hardcore suggestions or any classic old has beens like Van Halen.
    That is way too easy to answer, off the top of my head Michael Keene from The Faceless. There you go, now please get off Tremonti's dick.
    I agree to an extent. I doubt in 20 years time people will hold up Tremonti as a guitar god in the same way as people go on about others, but equally I do think he will be remembered as a great player. He is no innovator granted, but he is gifted. I'll be happy with either/both bands releasing new material. I love both Creed and Alter Bridge, although I prefer the latter.
    just what we need, more mediocre, mainstream garbage.
    How are they mainstream? They play by word of mouth..... They've only sold out Wembley Stadium once...