Alter Bridge Premiere 'Addicted to Pain'

The song appears to be the lead single from the upcoming album "Fortress."

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Alter Bridge have premiered "Addicted to Pain," the lead single from their forthcoming new album, "Fortress," Hennemusic reports.

Due October 8, the band's fourth studio album and first since 2010's "AB III" was overseen by long-time Alter Bridge producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Falling in Reverse, Story of the Year, Incubus).

"When we started pre-production on this album, we pushed ourselves harder and further than we ever have previously in order to make the most out of every individual arrangement," says guitarist Mark Tremonti. "We wanted this album to be our most unpredictable and exciting one yet. From the early feedback we have received, it looks like we have achieved what we set out to do."

Alter Bridge recently announced their only US show in 2013 in Orlando, FL on October 4th at the House of Blues, following which the band will then head to Europe where they will begin an extensive headlining world tour; the first leg runs from October 16th through November 16 and will feature Shinedown and Halestorm on select dates.

Check out "Addicted to Pain" in the player below:

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    Brilliant song. Not typical 'pop'wise if you listen carefully. Solo is very -start-stop-bluesy as well. I swear there is a John 5 type lick in there as well. Love it! roll Oct 16th Nottingham!
    It sounds like a blend between solo Tremonti's speedier stuff and classic Alter Bridge, and it came out great ;]
    This is my first thought when I heard it. I have absolutely no problem with this
    Awesome song, can`t wait to hear rest of the album! Meet & Greet With the band the In Sweden 29th October!
    Dare I say... generic. And the only riff that made me go "cool" was only played for 3 seconds...
    Yeah, but it is a single. I do hope the rest of the stuff is at least up to the level of ABIII, if not surpassing it.
    Generic! What did you expect? This band defines the word! Boring music.
    Killer track with Mark's signature sound all over it. Can't wait for the Full Album so I can just sit back for days and play it nonstop, just like the previous 3. Also was fun to hear Flip actually use a more aggressive style on the drums. Im pretty sure Garrett's drumming on All I Was had a lot to do with that. 9/10
    Expect dozens of covers to invade YouTube within the next week lol. I dig the track, it's not bad by any means, it's pretty typical Alter Bridge. Always been pretty indifferent to Myles' vocals though. He's got a very unique voice no doubt about it, I just don't particular like it that much and at times feels very out of place with the music AB plays, specifically some of the heavier songs. He sounds much better on slower rock songs rather than faster paced metal-influenced songs. Still really enjoy them though, really look forward to the album.
    The song started off interesting but didn't seem very original, especially the chorus - but then the solo came in and knocked me to the floor. Amazing.
    Amazing?.....maybe by todays standards.....good solo but not amazing by any stretch of the word....
    theres more to solos than speed. mark can play fast, but he never seems to lose the feeling and personality in a solo.
    Never been a big fan of AB (and certainly not a fan of Creed), but I have always recognized Tremonti as a great rhythm player. They guy has riffs!
    Decent song. Not something I feel the need to listen to over and over again. Cool solo though.
    I'm a huge AB fan but frankly this song didn't do it for me at all, very ordinary, modern rock like
    Such a great vocalist, and an amazing guitarist, as proven by "Tremonti", why is AB so generically modern?
    It is 2013 isn't it? AB has a lot more to offer, than the singles they put out. A lot of their music is borderline progressive and has a ton of variances. You just have to buy the albums to get the WHOLE product.
    I dunno. Myles work with Slash and Marks so stuff are both much better IMHO.
    This song blows every song on All I Was away imo. Not in terms of heaviness, but the quality overal is just a lot better. I like it better than most of the tracks on Apocalyptic Love too.
    no the earlier AB albums are awesome. I feel like Myles doesn't get as much input on the slash stuff. Like its anything slash has written in the past 10 years with myles singing. This song isn't the best but singles are supposed to be more mainstream sounding.
    Try finding ABIII (full album) on youtube. Also, listen to Blackbird (full album). Their singles are usually their safe songs.
    In order to sound as good as they do recorded, and to do world tours like they get to, they have to have a handful of accessible songs backing them. It's unfortunate, but when I hear Alter Bridge on the radio at work instead of some Three Days Grace bullshit, I'm happy.
    Man it's good. It's solid! I just don't like it very much. I liked the less heavy stuff, like Down To My Last, Open Your Eyes, Broken Wings, Brand New Start.. Not a fan of the speedier heavier stuff. But it does sound very very solid as a song. Great vocals, cool solo... very curious about the rest of the album, although I fear it's going to be heavier than I'll like. We'll see.
    This is definitely good, but I want to hear some slower songs from the album too.
    Myles is in rare form on this track. Truly fantastic, can't wait for the album. Is Creed dead again yet? LoL
    I hope not! I still love Creed ^_^ haha. Scott Stapp's second solo album "Between Lust and Love" was shelved, so we won't be hearing that And AB is going across the pond to tour for Fortress. So it looks like it could be a while before we get a "Creed V" (If we ever do) :/
    Love it!! It definitely sounds like "All I Was" could be a big influence on 'Fortress'...People saying it's's a single XD Can't wait for the rest of the album!
    The only good thing about Creed is that it allows Myles to work with Slash and perhaps finish that solo effort of his.
    Hmmm... Myles' lead vocal track in the Chorus seems muffled... Anyone else hear that? I don't know if it's an EQ (like cut highs are killing the articulation) or mixing issue, because the verses sound fine. Liking Tremonti's backing vocals in the verses.
    AB are great, I've supported them since 2004 and I will carry on supporting them. I'm going to get slated for this, but I feel that Creed just offers more in terms of feeling and spirit in their music. Que the raping...
    I agree.. Scott's lyrics are def more uplifting and personal. Myles seems to write more about certain subjects. Two different writing styles... I still prefer AB > Creed but love both bands..
    I just wish they'd revisit their earlier, darker years on their next album. I find post-grunge to have its greatest impact when the songs bleed pure sorrow, but maybe that's just me.
    I like AB, but sometimes I feel like MK is wasting he talents in this band.
    It's typical that you get downvotes, but I do understand your point here. He has such a great reach and in AB he sings a lot in his mid-range which is, he said himself, pretty tiresome for his voice. I always feel MK has to do concessions live (especially on the heavier stuff) to save his voice for an entire show. But he does bring a very unique sound to AB, and he still is an amazing singer with an amazing sound so well... Let's just say he chose the right band to 'waste' his talent on!
    Where is Wolfgang...????
    Wolfgang is the bassist of Tremonti's solo band. The amazing Brian Marshall is the bassist of Alter Bridge!
    This album is Tremonti/Projected/Slash. Which for me is an awesome set up. 3 different bands in the past year have such a driven sound that makes Alter Bridge, a pinnacle of rock today.
    Very good song but not my favorite. Its very Tremonti and not so much Myles. The thing I love about AB is Myles's influence. I have high hopes for the album though.