Alter Bridge Premiere 'Addicted to Pain' Video

artist: Alter Bridge date: 09/09/2013 category: new releases
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Alter Bridge Premiere 'Addicted to Pain' Video
Alter Bridge premiered music video for "Addicted to Pain."

The song is taken from the band's upcoming fourth album, "Fortress," due out on September 30 ahead of a UK tour.

As Classic Rock points out, Myles Kennedy and co call their 12-track latest work "unapologetic, searing hard rock."

In the most recent news the band axeman Mark Tremonti revealed that with this album the band was "proving" themselves:

"When I was growing up and I'd see a band's fourth album, I'd feel like, 'Wow, they're at the end of their career. I'll be lucky to have four albums in my entire career," Tremonti explains. "I guess since I'm older now I just feel like we're always trying to improve ourselves and trying to build upon what we've done in our past and make each record better."

"It's an exciting record, top to bottom," he continues. "It's got a lot of energy. There's only two songs that aren't really big rockers and are more midtempo, and two others that could be considered more epic-y but still have a really big rock sound. We pushed ourselves really hard to try and improve our sound with it and improve our boundaries.

Watch the video in the player below (via Classic Rock):

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