Alter Bridge Streaming New Album 'Fortress' in Full

Check out US rockers' fourth record prior to October 8 official release.

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US rockers Alter Bridge are officially streaming their upcoming record "Fortress" prior to October 8 release through Roadrunner Records. Featuring 12 new songs, "Fortress" marks the fourth release in AB catalogue. Check out exclusive US and UK streams below (via Loudwire). Recorded at Studio Barbarosa in Orlando, Florida, the album was previously announced with lead single "Addicted to Pain" last month. In words of guitarist Mark Tremonti, the band is still in the stage of "proving" themselves. "When I was growing up and I'd see a band's fourth album, I'd feel like, 'Wow, they're at the end of their career. I'll be lucky to have four albums in my entire career,'" Tremonti explains. "I guess since I'm older now I just feel like we're always trying to improve ourselves and trying to build upon what we've done in our past and make each record better.

"It's an exciting record, top to bottom," he continued. "It's got a lot of energy. There's only two songs that aren't really big rockers and are more mid-tempo, and two others that could be considered more epic-y but still have a really big rock sound. We pushed ourselves really hard to try and improve our sound with it and improve our boundaries."

"Fortress" track listing: 01. Cry of Achilles 02. Addicted to Pain 03. Bleed It Dry 04. Lover 05. The Uninvited 06. Peace Is Broken 07. Calm the Fire 08. Waters Rising 09. Farther Than the Sun 10. Cry a River 11. All Ends Well 12. Fortress

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    How does this not get on the front page? Great album, everyone should hear this!
    Damn love that the acoustic opening of Cry of Achilles. F**kin love Tremonti distortion on and off!
    HUGEEE step up from AB3 IMO.. Heavy, melodic, and the guys all stepped their game up on this album. Mark's playing is top notch and him and Myles compliment each other perfect. UG this should be the headliner, more people need to hear these guys...
    Mark & Myles! Another amazing album, it's difficult to believe that Creed and Alter Bridge have the same guitarist(also the rest of the band)! So diverse, so freaking awesome!
    I listened to this three times yesterday, and I'm starting my fourth time right now. Cry of Achilles. Holy shit. Such an awesome track. Lover too. Lover surprised the shit out of me. The only song that I didn't find "amazing" was Waters Rising. But still yet, this is the best album they've put out to date.
    Waters Rising is close to being my favorite off this album. Anyways, the whole album is pretty incredible.
    I dunno. Waters Rising kinda sounds like something that Tremonti was going to put on his solo record, and decided not to. Maybe it'll grow on me. My favorites are Cry of Achilles, Lover, The Uninvited and Calm the Fire so far.
    Hats off to my fellow AB fans. No other fans are as loyal, supportive and yet honest. I am looking forward to joining you in Orlando next week!!!!!
    There seems a drastic difference in the guitar tone, but I like it. It's kind of raw; should translate to the live setting very well.
    Heres my question. Why does an American band have a cd launching in 3 other countries before we get it here?
    Because they are bigger and more respected in those countries, especially in the UK, than in the states which kinda sucks for us US AB fans that wants to buy it. Though I don't get what makes Japan special to get 1st crack at buying the album and, even with AB III, they got a bonus track, Never Born to Follow. I mean AB has never gone there before, but maybe, there is a great audience in Japan but not enough to justify the cost in going there?
    Actually, it's because they're on a different label in the rest of the world than in the US. FOr whatever reason, the US label is delaying the release.
    Gonna get slammed for this. Tremonti says "When I was growing up and I'd see a band's fourth album, I'd feel like, 'Wow, they're at the end of their career. I'll be lucky to have four albums in my entire career,'", it's almost like Creed and their four albums never existed. Gutted that Creed never came to the UK and gutted that there seems to be no movement with Creed. That said, Alter Bridge are incredible, waiting to hear this in my CD player!
    Alter Bridge > Creed. Nuff said.
    While that is true, Creed was really starting to branch out on FC and now they'll never have a chance to break the awful stigma that's attached to them.
    I love the rural themed cover art. Sort of speaks to the kinds of things I see out in the boondocks, where I live. It's probably a strange thing to say, but a connection the the artwork of an album can add to the overall experience.
    I can't decide what's more epic, the song titles or how good the album is. fantastic stuff
    Hmmm, is there something wrong with the comment section, atm? I'm trying to reply to a comment and I don't think it's letting me through for some reason. NVM, it's just delayed a lot.
    Great album as expected, don't know about Album of the Year (still think Sevendust's Black Out The Sun holds that title), but phenomenal nonetheless. Don't think I agree though with bands streaming their albums in full weeks before the official release date. Sort of defeats the purpose of a release date and most definitely will hurt sales a bit as people would have downloaded and streamed it enough in 2 weeks that there isn't a need to actually purchase it anymore when the actual release comes along. Sure, albums leak early all the time, but bands actually releasing their albums early on purpose is an odd way of promoting it.
    I thought Sevendust's effort was good, but I stopped listening to it after a week or so. I found it didn't quite have the lasting effect that Cold Day Memory had.
    It's pretty damn good. Murder Bar really gets me going for some reason. I love when Sevendust does a song like that!!! Or Strong Arm Broken!! But yeah I'd have to agree with your original statement. ABIV Is absolutely unreal and I'm only 4 songs in!
    I'm loving Sevendust as well. Definitely one of the best releases this year.
    Mr Winters
    Getting really tired of the whole "not available in your country" thing. God damn morons.
    Brilliant stuff. For those guys who can't listen to it then just goto and see the twitter feed with the link. It's a link that will take you to your part of the orld, they hooked up with many different web sites to stream it via soundcloud. Here in the UK it's Metahammer. Great album though, plenty of changes to get your teeth into.
    This album it's right up there with Stone Sour's "House of gold & Bones Part II".... WHAT AN AMAZING ALBUM!!!! AWESOME!!!
    Oh, it's better. I certainly think that Stone Sour is underrated by the snobby side of heavy metal, but they're not quite up to Alter Bridge's level, imo.
    This album is absolutely phenomenal! Calm The Fire, Bleed It Dry and Cry of Achilles are my stand-out songs!