Amy Lee's Solo Album 'Aftermath' Is Available for Streaming in Full Online

Though this may be unofficial stream, this is ... quite new. Go check it out before it's down!

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Evanescence singer Amy Lee's solo effort "Aftermath" is available for streaming online. Check it out below.

The album, written by Amy and Dave Eggar, is a score for the movie "War Story," which premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival.

As you may hear, this is completely not like anything Amy did with Evanescence. This album is an instrumental piece, featuring EDM elements, arabic tunes and string tracks.

"It's going to surprise my fans. It's not what you'd expect; the film is very dark, very introspective," she told MTV earlier this year. "There are moments of playing, and it's musical, but there are a lot of moments where Dave and I just built walls of sounds, out of blaring cellos and trombones and synthesizers and harp, all on top of each other. Sort of creating new sounds. It's not, like, a soundtrack. it's an atmosphere."

The album opens with Amy Lee's new song, "Push the Button."

"It's very different for me, it's electronic; I did it all myself," she said about the song, adding: "This whole process has been really different, and freeing. Doing my band, it's always been a big deal, a lot of pressure, a lot of hoops to jump through and things to live up to ... [this] wasn't about production and singles and worldwide success, it's about the integrity of the art piece we're creating."

Lee said that she would like to score more films, explaining, "Dave and I were already talking about taking a meeting for another film, and I definitely want to work with him again."

Well, enough talking, go check out "Aftermath" below!

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    God, people are so quick to bitch. It's a movie soundtrack, music for and inspired by a motion picture. It's not really a full-on solo album.
    That may be the case, but when I hear "Amy Lee solo album" I expect to hear Amy Lee's voice, not a bunch of bullshit. Thank God for sites like this who can expose garbage for free so I don't take a chance and buy records anymore.
    You guys are nothing but retarded 14 year old sexist losers. Amy Lee definitely wrote EVERY single Evanescence songs. And just because this album has electronic elements doesn't mean shit. I WOULD LOVE to see the electronic music you douches come up with. You still need to understand music theory. This album is awesome. Amy wrote every song. So anyone who says she can't play need to look no further than EVERY FUCKING SONG she has ever performed, plus all the instrumentals on this album
    This is even worse than the time Chris Cornell went electronica !
    Hey at least she will always have Fallen. Say what you want, but for it's type it was a pretty good album.
    I love how you guys think that playing guitar trumps writing, programming and mastering your own songs. It doesn't. PLUS Amy can play guitar, harp, piano better than any of you douchebags
    It's not very good (IMO). While not my cuppa tea - she does the whole goth rock thing fairly well, despite all the turbulence over the years. Perhaps now is the time for an Evanescence replacement band to come fill the gap?
    There is no "integrity" in electronic music...just a lack of ability and musicianship...This chick never could write or play it was always the guys in the band that did the writing & playing.....want to hear a woman worth listening to? Check out Kate Bush.....
    Aphex Twin, Massive attack, Crystal castles, New Order, DJ Shadow, Radiohead and Trentemøller want a few words with you...
    Really? Tangerine Dream, Kashiwa Daisuke, bvdub, Autechre, Amon Tobin, Venetian Snares etc. all have no talent? C'mon, don't be "that guy". Sure a lot of club EDM is phoned in (because it was written as background music. To y'know...clubs.) but to disparage an entire spectrum of artists like that makes you look foolish.
    I don't like electronic music and all that EDM or whatever, but I wouldn't say it lacks ability and musicianship. Maybe the live shows do, but to say the people who create it are not at all talented just isn't true
    There are some hacks out there when it comes to live shows, but there's also some astounding stuff out there too. As someone who has dabbled a bit with it, actual DJing and VJing is a lot harder than most people give it credit for.
    Isnt every evanescence album an Amy Lee solo album anyway? She replaces the band each time.