Amy Winehouse: Two More Posthumous Albums Planned

artist: Amy Winehouse date: 07/06/2012 category: new releases
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Amy Winehouse: Two More Posthumous Albums Planned
Mitch Winehouse has revealed that there are plans to release two more posthumous albums by Amy Winehouse. In an interview with BBC 6 Music, the late singer's father said that there was more unreleased material which wasn't used on last year's "Lioness: Hidden Treasures" collection, but insisted he didn't want to disappoint his daughter's fans by releasing "dross". Mitch, who released his memoir Amy, My Daughter last month (June 28), said of the unheard songs: "I'm not sure that there is much more but I'm sure that we will get at least one other album out, if not two. There are loads of covers, loads of them, but the problem is we don't want want to rip anybody off. When her fans are so precious to us we don't want to put out dross." Earlier this week (July 4), Winehouse's posthumous duet with rapper Nas appeared online. The track, which is titled "Cherry Wine," will feature on the hip-hop star's new LP "Life Is Good". Read more at
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