Andreas Kisser: 'It's Sepultura Album, but Like Every Sepultura Album, There's Something Different'

artist: Sepultura date: 07/26/2013 category: new releases
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Andreas Kisser: 'It's Sepultura Album, but Like Every Sepultura Album, There's Something Different'
Sepultura's axeman Andreas Kisser recently had a chat with and revealed some details about band's new album and working with producer Ross Robinson and drummers Dave Lombardo and Eloy Casagrande. When asked about working with Ross Robinson again, Kisser stated (via Blabbermouth) that the band "hadn't had the chance to work with each other" since 1996's "Roots." "We finally got the opportunity because we're signed with Nuclear Blast after Roadrunner went away," said the guitarist. "Many of those people that were with Roadrunner are now with Nuclear Blast. So, old friends that used to work with Sepultura are now working with the band again, and that's very exciting. Ross is one of the best producers around for this style of music. We know each other so well, and the stuff we are doing right now is really mind-blowing. I'm really happy with it so far." He also revealed the story behind ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo's joining the album making process. "Dave was with his dog and two kids walking around the beach, and he's good friends with Ross. He was in the neighborhood, and Ross said, 'Why don't you come by and play on the Sepultura album?' He said, 'Why not?' It was amazing, man. Two drummers, no cymbals. With just the drums themselves, it sounded very heavy. He's one of our biggest idols, and it's such an honor to have him with us on this album. And the way it happened was so natural, like friends just coming together." Andreas also spoke about the band's new album, "The Mediator Between the Head and Hands Must Be the Heart:" "I write stuff all the time - riffs or ideas on an acoustic guitar. But we really started working on this album in February of this year, so it was pretty quick. "We have Eloy Casagrande as our drummer, and he's 22 years old. The guy's a beast. One of the best drummers I've seen on the planet Earth. He has this metal blood that has so much energy and brings so many possibilities for riffs and stuff like that. "It is a Sepultura album, but like every Sepultura album, there is something different. I think the main difference now is the drummer. It's the first time we've worked in the studio with him. It's been almost two years [since the last album], and it's very exciting." The band's upcoming album is scheduled for release on late October 2013.
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