Andrew W.K. to Attempt World Drumming Record

artist: Andrew W.K. date: 06/18/2013 category: new releases
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Andrew W.K. to Attempt World Drumming Record
Andrew W.K. will attempt to set a world record by drumming for 24 consecutive hours this month. He'll make the record attempt during the MTV Music Awards on June 19 by keeping a beat going for a full day, and will be joined by surprise guest drummers during the event. "When the O Music Awards first told me about this event, I felt a combination of excitement and pure fear I began to realize that actually playing drums for a few hours would be challenging, let alone 24 hours non-stop!" said Andrew in a statement (via Metal Insider). He continued: "This feat of rhythmic endurance is going to push me to my party limits. Pounding out a beat for an entire earthly rotation will be a life-changing and life-threatening adventure! I'm calling upon all the positive party power I can summon from above and below, from inside my own soul, and from the generous energy of all the amazing drummers wholl be playing with me." If you're both very patient and a drumming fan, you can watch the entire event at from any device on the big day. Can you think of other fun rock-related world records? Maybe there's something the UG community can take part in? Share your ideas in the comments and we'll check them out.
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