Animals as Leaders Announce New Album 'Joy of Motion,' Confirm Release Date

artist: Animals as Leaders date: 02/17/2014 category: upcoming releases

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Animals as Leaders Announce New Album 'Joy of Motion,' Confirm Release Date
Instrumental prog metal masters Animals as Leaders have officially announced their third studio effort "Joy of Motion," confirming March 25 release date via Sumerian Records.

The album marks a recording debut for drummer Matthew Garstka and was confirmed with a brief trailer you can check out below.

Guitarist Javier Reyes previously expressed a great deal of excitement about the "new technique" the band's been using. "There are definitely sounds from the first album, there's a lot of new stuff as well," he told Loud magazine. "There's a new technique we're doing, even some acoustic guitar stuff. We're going to have real drums that we haven't had in the past, so I think overall people are going to be as stoked as we are."

Discussing the band's approach to writing, Reyes categorically ruled out the jam session approach. "Considering the level of intricate parts and the weird odd meter stuff, to teach that in a jam session environment, sometimes you spend hours just doing it," he said. "A lot of the times if there's some crazy rhythm or some crazy technique, each of us has to go and sit on it for like a day before we're ready to play it along with everybody."

Animals as Leaders' sophomore studio effort "Weightless" saw its release in November 2011 via Prosthetic Records.

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