Animals as Leaders Streaming New Album 'The Joy of Motion' Ahead of Release

Band's third record due on March 25, give it a listen now.

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Instrumental prog metal masters Animals as Leaders dropped quite a pleasant surprise by streaming their upcoming third studio record "The Joy of Motion" in full ahead of March 25 release via Sumerian Records.

From the very first listen, it's clear that the band took a major step forward, delivering a tight mixture of prog metal, djent and fusion jazz interlaced with some of the fresh techniques guitarist Javier Reyes spoke of.

The record consists of 12 new tracks clocking in at just under 55 minutes. You can pre-order "Joy of Motion" via iTunes here. You can also catch the band live on their current North American tour, dates and ticket info here.

"I think some of the new tracks are some of Animals as Leaders' strongest and musical material yet," Reyes explained, adding he's "extremely happy with how the album came out.

"Everyone who took part in this album - Misha Mansoor and Adam Getgood (from Periphery), Diego Farias (from Volumes) and Navene Koperweis - is extremely talented and I think we've done a great job of capturing it onto what is now the third Animals as Leaders album," the guitarist added.

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    Every single person on the planet should listen to this and feel how it's like to be a space goat.
    After my first listen through I was confident to say it's their best release. After listening another 5 times I'm now sure.
    What a beast of an album. The jazz fusion is what compells me to listen to AAL. The heavy riffs help too of course.
    It has a really cool vibe to it. The electronic parts are also much better in this record than in the other two, in my opinion. Great album.
    Loving the drums and also some great Javier moments on some tracks it's really driven by him.
    Good album, but I'm really bummed they toned down the heaviness.My favourite album still is "Weightless" but I love the self-titled each day a little more, maybe will happen the same with this one.
    When I heard the slap part in " The Woven Web ", I must admit that I destroyed my pants. This album is fantastic.