Anselmo Talks New Down Record: 'It Sounds Like Obscure Black Sabbath'

Singer cites "Technical Ecstasy" as new album influence.

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Phil Anselmo has been speaking with Phoenix New Times about the upcoming Down record. The singer notes that the album will be coming in the first quarter of 2014:

"I think I'm about 95 to 98% finished with the vocal part of the record, but then of course I will be a big part of the mix as well. We will be ready to release this next Down within the first quarter of 2014. That was something I was pretty dead set on. It's turning out pretty well so far."

When asked about the tone of the record, Anselmo noted that the band was taking cures from "Technical Ecstasy" era Black Sabbath:

"Well Down is Down, and the music we make isn't rocket science. You put us in the same room together, man; with Pepper and Jimmy, especially, you're going to get Down. But what I have caught on this record - it's kind of ridiculous to say - but the vibe I catch is a heavy heavy dose of Black Sabbath, almost like 'Technical Ecstasy' [Sabbath's seventh album]. Or something like that. A little more obscure Black Sabbath. And also Witchfinder General. It's a little ridiculous, because we did start the band because of our Black Sabbath-worship, and same with Witchfinder General. It influenced the hell out of us. But that's what I take away from this record. It's going really back to our roots."

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    When I think of "Obscure Black Sabbath", I think of the Tony Martin albums. Not the less successful Ozzy albums. XD
    Haha, yeah I also found it strange he would label Technical Ecstasy as "obscure". Not even by Black Sabbath standards is it obscure. TE is always a part of the "Classic Ozzy Era" whenever it gets mentioned. Also, Headless Cross is the best Black Sabbath album in my opinion.
    Why wanna sound like black Sabbath? Isn't the point making yourself sound like you?
    Down has always sounded like Sabbath. They just put their own twist to that sound by adding some good ol' southern groove to it. Anytime someone asks me to describe their sound I tell them "Sabbath mixed with Skynyrd and a dash of ZZ Top." To me, that's what Down sounds like.