Anthrax: 'New Record is the Ultimate Thing to Do'

"Hopefully we'll put something together before the end of the year," says singer Joey Belladonna.

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Frontman Joey Belladonna of Big Four thrashers Anthrax confirmed that the five-piece is warming up to fully focus on new album work.

During a Nuclear Blast chat, the singer was asked to comment on future Anthrax plans. "A new album would be nice," he replied. "There are some music parts and pieces that people have. We're finishing up this run, this will be our last tour this year except for one more Maiden show in California in September."

Belladonna continued, "New record, again, would be the ultimate thing to do. Hopefully we'll have time to put something together before the end of the year so we get a little buzz going, throw some ideas to people and get together as a band. [To] make a great record again would - that would ultimately be the best thing for us."

Anthrax recently announced Jon Donais of Shadows Fall as their new full-time guitarist and a permanent replacement for Rob Caggiano who quit the band earlier this year. Back in April, bassist Frank Bello commented that the group is anxious to get some writing under way.

"You can see that we're getting the itch to write new music. Guys are starting get ideas recorded, which is how it all starts," Bello said during a Metal Titans interview.

The group's latest studio effort, "Worship Music," saw its release in September 2011 via Megaforce Records, scoring a No. 12 debut on the Billboard 200 chart with 28,000 units shipped in the US within the first week.

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    I absolutely loved 'Worship Music' so I'm really looking forward to hear more music of them again.
    1) Who's the guy on the right? 2) Take your time boys. Worship Music was great, we would rather wait for another great album.
    would LOVE a new Anthrax record. Worship Music was simply badass. I barely pay attention to thrash anymore, but that is the kind of thrash/just the right amount of thrash for me to absolutely love it. Keep it up chaps
    I want John Bush back.
    Yeah some of the Bush stuff was OK.... but that's all. Belladonna 'thrax is far superior... but thats just my opinion...
    not sure why you're being down voted so hard bro... Sound of White Noise was a solid album in my opinion..
    The reason I say this was because I grew up with Bush, WCFYA was the first album I ever bought and the first Anthrax album I heard. It blew me away.
    Jonny 25 93
    Anthrax seem to be on a masive upward trend atm and they deserve it. Cant wait for this, just please take your time and make it good
    Good to see so many positive comments on here.Never understood why they get so much slack.Solid Band.Would welcome new material with much excitement.
    Yeah, in my opinion I would pick Anthrax over Slayer in the big 4 but that's a matter of each one tastes
    Worship Music, was badass. I just hope they don't just slap things together and call it an album. I doubt they will, but I don't mind waiting another year or 2 for another quality badass album like Worship Music.
    Glad they got a new guitar player but it would have been cool if they held auditions :p give some young new comer a shot.