Anthrax Offer 45 Second Teaser Of New Track

First music from new record emerges.

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Anthrax have posted a 45 second preview of a song from their upcoming album. The snippet of the as-yet-untitled track was posted in a studio update video. As Metal Sucks note, the track sounds pretty killer and has an almost Pantera-esque vibe to it at points.

The band's latest album is scheduled for release some time in 2015. It will be the second record that they have recorded with frontman Joey Belladona since he rejoined in 2011. Speaking with Metal Voice in November of last year, drummer Charlie Benante stated that the band has enough material that the record may end up becoming a double album. Comparing the record to Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti," he noted:

"We have such an abundance of songs. 'Physical Graffiti' was a double record. We have enough material to have a double record at this point too."

Excited by the snippet of new Anthrax material? Let us know in the comments.

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    It is about time for epic Thrash-Album...
    Worship Music is by far my favorite Anthrax record. Can't wait for he follow up it sounds good already.
    I'd like to reassure Scott that I will be paying for this album upon release and to not get discouraged that others may not.
    I'm totally buying this also. In fact, I hope so many people buy it that it sends a message to record producers everywhere to quit putting a bunch of crap on a record then getting upset that we're not paying money for it. that riff I just heard was friggin solid! you give me an album like that and I have no problem paying for it
    Extremely cool riffs.I'm not a very huge anthrax's fan but this album should be very interesting
    Love the 'Baldini' label on Scott's guitar neck! Dime lives on through everyone he ever met.
    its really an amazing ****ing song...can wait to hear the entire shit!!!!
    whats with anthrax' new material beating out all their debut shizzz minus ya know the classics, like worship music and this beat sound instrumentally rad
    Anthrax and Testament all in the same year? I can wait for Metallica and Megadeth!