Anthrax Start Writing New Record

Scott Ian posts a snap of their "Fast and loud" new writing sessions, with a new record expected in 2014.

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Anthrax are officially working on new material to follow 2010's popular comeback "Worship Music."

Guitarist Scott Ian revealed (via Metal Insider) that the band were working on the new record from his house. It will be the first time that new guitarist Jon Donais, formerly from the Shadow Falls lineup, record with the band after he replaced Rob Caggiano who left the lineup in January this year amicably.

Tweeting on Saturday, Ian said:

today @skisum and @TheFrankBello are coming over to start writing for the next record. The few skeletons that are rattling around...

Scott Ian (@Scott_Ian) September 14, 2013

Within a day, Ian shared his excitement that their rehearsals were picking up the pace, much to the chagrin of his neighbours:

Corrected: New @Anthrax coming at ya fast & loud. Can ya hear it? Anyone within 5 miles of my house can.

Scott Ian (@Scott_Ian) September 16, 2013

What are your hopes for the new Anthrax record? Will Donais do a good job of replacing Caggiano? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    He looks like Serj Tankian in the pic
    Time will tell if Donais will do a good job, but I'm looking forward to the material either way!
    Worship Music was a brilliant album, I think Anthrax are in the right head space to make another killer CD. Where do you live Scott? I'll happily rent nearby whilst this is being made.