Aphex Twin Tweeted Cryptic Album Information Via Deep Web Link

artist: Aphex Twin date: 08/19/2014 category: new releases
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Aphex Twin Tweeted Cryptic Album Information Via Deep Web Link
Aphex Twin appears to have announced details of a new album via the Deep Web, NME reports.

Yesterday, the elusive producer tweeted a link ending in .onion – a URL typically associated with the Deep Web, a hidden part of the internet which is not indexed by standard search engines. The domain can be accessed by downloading a browser know as TOR, which prevents users' location or browsing habits being tracked.

As Stereogum reports, once the site is accessed it appears to announce a new album titled "SYRO" with what looks like a tracklist – as in the picture below.

A spokesperson for Aphex Twin's label Warp had not replied to press requests for comment at time of publication.

The tweet follows a flurry of recent Aphex Twin activity. At the end of last week, a blimp decorated with the Aphex Twin logo and the digits "2014" was spotted hovering above Oval Space in Hackney, east London. The same logo was later spotted outside Radio City Hall in New York.

Back in June, fans of Aphex Twin (real name Richard D James) were able to purchase digital copies of his rare album "Caustic Window" via a Kickstarter campaign. A physical copy of the record – which reached the pressing phase in 1994 before being scrapped – was auctioned on eBay and sold for £27,198. Money raised from the sale was reportedly split evenly between those who paid into Kickstarter, James himself and an unnamed charity.

Aphex Twin's last full-length album "Drukqs" was released in 2001.

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