Aphex Twin Unveils Album Artwork for 'Syro'

The artwork features costings for the making of the album.

Ultimate Guitar

After weeks of teasing fans with blimps, street art and whatnot, Aphex Twin has unveiled the rather incredible looking artwork and packing for his long-awaiting new album, "Syro."

Designed by the Designers Republic, the album comes complete with a list detailing every cost in the promotion of the record, as well as a "disinfographic" listing all of the equipment used to make it.

Designers Republic founder Ian Anderson told Creative Review (via Gigwise), "At the beginning of the process we discussed a few ideas Richard wanted to explore – one was the idea of pressing the album or a single track into the fabric of the cover, effectively as a deboss; a second was to use shots of the raw vinyl pucks albums are pressed from; and the third was to document in some way every cost involved in the production of the specific album format the purchaser had in their hands."

He continued: "The intense, and ultimately pointless detail of the list really appealed to me ... it was good working with James Burton and the team at Warp to stretch out this mantra that tells the reader everything and nothing about the creation of what I hear was an intensely personal album in the making reduced to the numbers of an album in the marketplace."

Take a look below.

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    Can't say I was ever a fan of his music, but I'm constantly blown away by the art associated with it. Anyone remember when he literally put a picture of his face in the soundwaves of one of his songs?
    i thought it was established that the pic in the cover photo was the cover but fair enough. i can dig it
    i find that picture bit disturbing.
    I find that really funny coming from a Tool fan.
    that looks like some weird face switching thing... the prison sex video was art... not creepy. not saying that that isnt art. im an artist i know everyone has there own inspiration.
    It can be art AND creepy. How is an obviously photoshopped "face switch" creepier than an eye with two pupils?
    I've heard of the band multiple times but never had a chance to listen to them, but after the "press release" and this I have to give them a try. This is the most awesome case of sheer insanity I've seen in ages.