Arcade Fire Streaming New Album 'Reflektor' in Full

Check out the double record prior to October 28 release date.

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Indie rockers Arcade Fire are officially streaming their upcoming double album "Reflektor" in its entirety prior to October 28 release. Featuring 13 new tunes, the band's fourth record clocks in at just over 75 minutes and was previously announced with the title track single earlier last month and "Afterlife" tune this Monday (October 21). Produced by James Murphy, the album is influenced by Haitian rara music, as well as 1959 movie "Black Orpheus" and Soren Kierkegaard's essay "The Present Age." The band made sure to creatively stretch themselves towards the uncharted waters, so make sure to check out the album below, along with a full track listing and song lyrics. The group's previous studio effort, "The Suburbs," dropped in early August 2010, topping the US Billboard chart. "Reflektor" track listing: Disc one 01. Reflektor 02. We Exist 03. Flashbulb Eyes 04. Here Comes the Night Time 05. Normal Person 06. You Already Know 07. Joan of Arc Disc two 01. Here Comes the Night Time II 02. Awful Sound (Oh Erydice) 03. It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus) 04. Porno 05. Afterlife 06. Supersymmetry

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    I think it is a lovely record. Normally I think albums longer than 60 minutes become a bit boring after a while, but that's not really the case here if you ask me.
    You must not be a Swans fan
    Length has always kept me from getting into Swans. It's good stuff from what I hear but it's just so dense for such a long time it's almost tiring to listen to. One day I have to just commit to sitting down, cranking the speakers, and giving Soundtracks or Filth another listening.
    Well that's kinda true. I can listen to it for a while but definitely not a full album.
    Arcade Fire just keep getting better. This record is awesome.
    Thrice Capades
    I knew this was going to be solid, but I might have to give it album of the year. Hesitation Marks and Like Clockwork are worthy adversaries, though. Either way...damn fine year for music.
    I'd say this and ...Like Clockwork would be the top two, along with David Bowie's new record close by. Hesitation Marks wasn't that great to me. Good, but not great.
    In a year where The Raven That Refused To Sing was released, there can be no other "best album."
    Heard the whole thing. Still can't grasp the reason behind the hype around Arcade Fire. They are a great live band, but that's as good as they get. Their albums have been a constant downhill in my opinion. Oh well, as long as they're loved; good for them.
    I agree with this to a degree. Some tracks after hearing them live (Here Comes The Night Time for example) seem a bit "muted" on the album when you sit the tracks side-by-side. Granted it's my fault for spoiling it for myself listening to the televised version (and it speaks for Arcade Fire's ability as a live band) before listening to the recorded version but I still can't help but feel a bit disappointed that it's lacking in the live version's intensity. It's still a good album nevertheless.
    They are really solid live, enjoying the music they play or not. What I disagree with you (and with the majority apparently) is about the quality of the album. I find it really repetitive and "cold" if it's understandable. Arcade Fire has a lot of layers to their sound (Neon Bible is the best example of that) and their almost synth-pop-like approach is a downside for them. Many songs fell flat in repetitiveness soundwise for me, and in a really long album, it's just not good. Again, simply my opinion. Feel free to disagree.
    I guess minimalism isn't your thing, and that's a.ok, but who are you to say what's good and what isn't? Arcade Fire do repeat chord progressions for long periods of time on this album, but the songs go somewhere dynamically. Start soft, build to a climax, that sort of thing. So it's not like there's no structure.
    I really liked this album, but I get what you mean. I didn't really like Arcade Fire all that much before, but after I saw them on the Colbert Report (Which is probably the first time I've really given them a chance) I was blown away with their performance. They seem to be a really good live band. Aside from this, I kinda expected to be the album a little bit "leaned back" than the live performance, at least after what I've heard about the band. But I raelly enjoyed this album
    Great stuff. I'm liking it better than the Suburbs. Really long though so I'll need to give it more listens for it to really sink it.
    Thrice Capades
    I can definitely agree to that. Hesitation Marks really had to grow on me, but now I can't stop listening to it.
    No article on Lou Reed?
    UG rarely posts articles on weekends. Probably, there'll be one tomorrow. That being said... pretty sad news, I absolutely love his work with Velvet Underground and a lot of his solo stuff. RIP.