Arcade Fire's William Butler: 'I Thought James Murphy Would Be a Hipster Douchebag'

Multi-instrumentalist talks working with LCD Soundsystem mastermind.

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William Butler of Arcade Fire recently discussed working with LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy on the band's latest effort "Reflektor." Butler confessed being overtly skeptic about the production collaboration, expecting Murphy to be "insufferable." "And he actually said the same about us - that people were talking so much about Arcade Fire before he had heard or seen us that he was like: 'Oh goddamnit ... why are these stupid bands doing stuff with xylophone?'" multi-instrumentalist told the Guardian. "And then he saw us and thought: 'Wait, that's Arcade Fire?' And I did the same: 'Wait, that's the guy that I thought would be this hipster douchebag that I wanted to punch in the face and the balls at the same time? Great!'" Will also discussed the band's goals and sound in general, pointing out the importance of not being conventional and getting listeners out of their comfort zones. "I think a lot of art and a lot of the stuff we make, we get people out of their comfort zones by being extremely confrontational," he explained. "And it's great that art's really confrontational, but there's something to be said about lifting people out of the day-to-day, that makes them excited about dancing instead of just feeling horrible about the government. But it's also valuable to feel horrible about the government." As the band's fourth studio effort, "Reflektor" officially dropped today (October 28) and was previously streamed in full on YouTube.

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    Two of my favorite bands of the last decade just love each other now. How cute.
    Downvotes? lolwtf I was being serious, LCD Soundsystem is amazing and so is Arcade Fire.
    Guys he said favorite, not best. Its just his opinion and taste for crying out loud, he never said anything stupid.
    They're both pretty great. Haven't heard all of LDC though but I'm getting around to it. Great to see them working together.
    It really is funny how artists' music can seem much more pretentious than they actually are. Especially when their nutso fans worship and read into everything they do, but it's not necessarily of their own doing.
    They toured together in 2008, how was he not aware of James Murphy's personality? Murphy even makes reference to the fact that both bands "became friends" on tour during their final show in 2011...
    Even if Murphy had been a douchebag, he couldn't deny that LCD Soundsystem is ****ing awesome. Can't wait to listen to Reflektor today.
    if you want some good old fashioned hipster douchebaggery, look in the direction of Andrew Stockdale. PS: I love his music.
    I actually listened to Sound of Silver the other day and it's an incredible album...I was skeptical seeing LCD lumped as a dance band but it had more in common with my favourite 80's new wave artists