Arch Enemy Released 'War Eternal' Track

Check out how the new band's lineup did in the first taste of the upcoming album.

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Arch Enemy released the title track off the upcoming record "War Eternal." Whoever worried about clean vocals possibility in new Arch Enemy ... you can relax now.

"Thank you all for your feedback on the new Arch Enemy line-up," guitarist Michael Amott wrote yesterday via Facebook. "The Metal scene would be be nothing without your enthusiasm and passion!

"We have a present for you tomorrow ... (March 20, Thursday 18:00 CET). Who’s ready for a first taste of 'War Eternal?!'

"Cheers! "Michael Amott"

The song features the band's new singer, Alissa White-Gluz, previously the voice of the Agonist. She replaced the band's long-time singer Angela Gossow. "I am very honoured and happy to announce a new chapter in my life and musical career beginning now; I have joined forces with one of my all-time favourite and globally respected bands, Arch Enemy," said Alissa. As it's been revealed, Gossow will continue working with the band as the band's business manager.

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    To be honest, if I didn't know that Angela is gone, and someone would play this song for my without video, I would probably didn't even realize that this is different singer.
    I agree. I liked Angela for not being the typical goth-y girly metal chick though. Something I can't say about the new eye candy girl with awkward poses.
    The Chorus is really good, but the solos are predictable and the verse is too simple...At least Alissa nails it!
    I'd do her.
    Would you also do James Hetfield ? Sorry, I just hate the attitude. Metal fans are always so "trve" n shit, and when people start making sexist remarks because of a female band member nobody gives a damn. Even if she does good work in terms of songwriting or performing. I know there are singers that are supposed to be just pretty and attract testosterone-loaden 15 year olds, but Alissa and Angela from Arch Enemy should get way more respect then that.
    ... your comment make me think you also would do her.
    I would. Like most people with eyes. But this has absolutely no relevance to the music, and her performance. If I wanted to read about her looks i'd browse the Vogue and not ultimate guitar.
    Quite good indeed! I wasn't expecting her voice to command so well but it sure is hefty.
    Why did I get downvoted for saying this was good? lol I never understand some people's train of thoughts. Or lack thereof.
    The song isn't too bad, but I gotta say her choreography/general look in the video is pretty cheesy.
    I'm very glad there's no clean vocals, Arch Enemy don't need to go in that direction. But speaking of the opinion that the Amott brothers are among the greatest guitarists to grace the melodeath genre, this really hasn't improved on their last 2 albums a great deal, and is lacking in the melodic side of the rhythm that say..Doomsday Machine or Rise of the Tyrant had.
    Question! Why did they part ways with Gossow? Just wondering, this "new Arch Enemy" does sound pretty good.
    Sadly, it looks like they are missing out on a chance to become more than what they were. Like the dirty vocals? fine, keep 'em, but put some cleans in to make it more palatable for more people. Incredible music....forgettable vocals.
    I kinda agree with you. Also, im wondering if she will get bored in this band. She had all sorts of screams in the Agonist, and clean singing. Here she just does the same boring scream that they did for 15 years now.
    Loving the music. Loving that girl's looks. I just hate those vocals. I can understand others love them, but I cannot fathom this xD
    Totally unexpected. Digging this for sure except the solos. Totally lacking for me. I also wish they let Sharlee's playing stand out more. After listening to The Night Flight Orchestra, it's such a shame that he's buried in the mix.
    I completely agree with you. Until the solos i was thinking "hey, this song's instrumental is actually more interesting than the stuff they've been doing in recent times ". Then the solos kicked in. Amott's solo is extremely predictable, and being an Arch Enemy fan for so many years now, it's gotten to the point of boring. I could tell each note that he was going to play before even hearing it. The other guy's solo is pure fretboard wanking, with little musical value and of zero interest to me. As a fan of The Agonist, i already knew Alissa would fit Arch Enemy just fine. I just miss the dynamic between clean vocals and growls that was so awesome in The Agonist's music.
    "As a fan of The Agonist, i already knew Alissa would fit Arch Enemy just fine. I just miss the dynamic between clean vocals and growls that was so awesome in The Agonist's music. " That was what made her so good!
    the mediocrity of this song breaks my heart. vocals are work, the mix is a lot more powerful than on the last album...but it seems they haven't been very adventurous with their melodies or general songwriting since Doomsday Machine or even Rise of the Tyrant.
    Probably the worst song I've heard by Arch Enemy. Not because of the new vocalist (she's ok) but the song as a whole. Really boring guitars, drums... everything just sounds forced and uninspired. Their last good release was Doomsday Machine, and honestly I don't think they'll ever be as good as they once where.
    I don't really care for the singer, its pretty much the same as Angela. This song could be taken out of any of the last 3 albums, AA got stale, which worries me as it seems that Nick Cordle isn't bringing anything new from Arsis. People seem to forget its also the first original song they do with him.
    I'd say this is one of the best things Arch Enemy has released in a while! As good as Arch Enemy is, my problem with them was I felt they were sort of one dimensional sound-wise, but Alissa really shakes things up for the better while keeping that Arch Enemy aggression. Plus I got a chance to meet her last year and she was really cool to talk to
    First look at the video, I noticed that Angela looks like the frontwoman of the Agonist. Then I thought she sounds like her too. It's a pity Angela isn't there anymore, but the replacement seems to be doing a very decent job
    Some comments say that its not Alissa singing. Also I really miss clean vocals
    Not really into arch enemy but love death metal, her vocals sound a bit too metalcore or whatever it is for me personally. The main lead part at 049 sounds like
    This is bad. The scream comes so naturally from Angela. This chick sounds like shes trying. And vomiting.
    Well, that was awful. Vocals sound far away and the music is rather weak.
    Angela was cool because she was skilled at growling, i'm sorry but Alissa is just "hissing", not really growling. One of the greats have been replaced by a poser. Hopefully Alissa can work more on her singing and less on her makeup in the future.
    Great article, that song is so awesome. Jk, it's been taken down from everywhere due to infringement. Well done UG.
    Sorry about the multiple posts, obviously it wasn't intentional -_-
    For all the downvoters of my multiples - that's UG's bad coding, not my error so **** off, I was just providing a working link for the song for y'all - the official century media source as opposed to UG's shit sourcing so go suck a dick.
    And to think I was scared! Good know listening to Arch Enemy will still make my pants a little tighter.
    so,as a die-hard fan of Arch Enemy im pretty impressed with Alissa´s vocals,the guitars sound awesome and very dark(especially at the beginning),good drumming...all in all,looking foward for this album from my favourite band
    I had no idea Angela has left. Seeing the thumbnail I thought, "Huh, Angela has blue hair now? Kinda looks like Alissa..."